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My LFT readings versus normal

Hello again,

Hope you are all well as can be.

I have had a copy of the letter from my consultant and need help understanding the readings.

My readings have gone from abnormal to deranged!

Tests done on 16/04/2015

ALT 828 marginally better than original reading on 5/3/2015


Total bilirubin 36

MRCP liver is suggestive of early cirrhosis and associated splenomegaly.

I have also got a positive ANA titre of 1 .2560

Ferritin levels are quite raised but genetic test for mutant gene C282Y is negative( though I have just found out my father has been having blood removed over the years as it is 'too rich' he says!)

I am scoring on the autoimmune hepatitis score despite no serum immunoglobulin apparently. So it is possible I may have the condition. I find it all a bit overwhelming having gone from fine to this.

I have also had H-pylori and just completed a 2 week course of antibiotics and wonder if this has had an effect on LFT's as I was suffering with it for at least 6 weeks before diagnosed though guess they would take that into account.

A liver biopsy has now been requested.

What are the normal LFT levels? When I google it makes no sense to me at all.

kind regards


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Hello xx when you look at LFTs - make sure you are looking at UK lab results - as it can get very confusing if USA ones come up x from results you have given they seem very high 😓😓😓 bilirubin is normal at less than 16/17 xxx you mentioned your father having 'rich blood' = haemachromatosis !!! Which could of been passed on ?? I am expecting that you have been referred to a Gastro/hep consultant at your local hospital who should be keeping an eye on you xxxx hope you get to the bottom of it all - good luck 😘😘😘😘


Thanks for your reply Robswife. Yeah I am seeing a specialist and have my 3rd appointment at the end of May. My readings are high and obviously something is wrong but so far don't know what. I don't feel ill either!


That's good xx hubby had loads of tests before 'final' diagnosis - think the haemachromatosis one took a while - did they test for 'hepatitis' ??? Glad you don't feel 'ill' that's definitely a plus 😃😃 - keep us updated as you can be sure whatever they discover - one of us will have experienced it 😘😘


I assume you lead a healthy life style proper diet, exercise and hydration is the key.

No bad substances at all.

Do Not Worry Try to stay positive



Hope you get an answer soon , alt should be under 50 , mine were over 2000 when I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis , I had a liver biopsy to confirm diagnosis , I was admitted to hospital with deranged LFT 'S ,jaundice , anaemia ,blood not clotting , enlarged spleen , enlarged liver , main symptoms had been wanting to sleep all the time , unable to eat , heartburn. Hope you get some answers soon , the British liver trust has a list of liver conditions and there symptoms .


Just looking at my blood results , my normal limits are

ALP 30-130

Bilirubin 0-21 mine is usually over 30 now

Albumin 35-50

I tested positive for ANA at 1:100 (whatever that means!) and IgG 20.2 ( again I've no idea! ) hope that helps.


Ho Birty.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. It makes for interesting reading. ANA test is an autoimmune test I think. The igG is another part of it but nothing untoward showing for me on that. It does seem it could be AIH for me though. My lft's were discovered when I went to the doc's for what turned out to be Helicobacter pylori and I've just finished antibiotics for that. Otherwise I haven't been ill.

Were you unaware that you had it until you became so ill you were admitted to hospital? How do you feel now it's treated?

Kind regards


Hi , I'd felt really unwell on and off for the last 10 moths or so before I was admitted to hospital, I was going back and forth the GP with all kinds of symptoms and just got fobbed off, no one put the symptoms together until I was in hospital .


My liver is doing well now due the meds I take , some of which have unwanted side effects , I have something else going on too , not going to say anything about it yet as I'm waiting on test results , but I'm alive , im doing ok, enjoying life and packing in what I can when I can cos some days it's hard to get out of bed , I work , I've got three kids. Steroids can have awful side effects but if you need to take them worth remembering they are life savers . : )


Is it possible you have secondary hemochromatosis with those results and with a parent that has blood draws for health reasons? Presume the c282y test has ruled out genetic liver disease, but what about 'secondary' caused by medication and a tendency toward hemochromatosis


Hi Bolly,

I have felt it could be the iron overload especially since when I was pregnant with my first child(32 years ago) I was taken off folic acid as I was producing too much iron, my hamoeglobin count back then was 14.8/ 15. Also I have gone through the menopause so no more periods.I also have a diet rich in iron though have eased off just in case.When I asked about it they said as it wasn't positive for C282y they were putting it on the back burner for now. They seem fixed on autoimmune at the moment.

I have since found out my dad has polycythaemia which is thick blood, he takes warfarin and the blood letting was as and when but reading up on it it can be hereditary and can also affect liver but I may be googling too much;)

Thanks for taking the time to give me your ideas,much appreciated. I feel that at my next appointment I will be much more forceful and ask about all my concerns/ideas and try not to feel I shouldn't take their time up.

Kind regards.


Well your ANA is strongly positive for something autoimmune but not necessarily AIH. AIH is a tricky one to make a definite diagnosis, and your docs should add testing for SMA and LKM-1 before making a diagnosis. The liver biopsy, unpleasant and risky though it can be for some, should be able to diagnose AIH from the liver tissue but only IF you have other positive results for elevated iGg, positive SMA or AMA and a good response to reduction of ALT if you take a course of prednisolone. I was diagnosed with AIH a few years ago but very reluctant to go on medication until I, as well as the docs, was convinced it really was AIH. I had no dangerous symptoms such as jaundice, so could afford to wait, though of course my liver was still under attack while I dithered! If you are a 'possible' rather than a 'definite' then a good response to steroids would suggest you probably do have AIH. Your ALT and ALP are quite high and your liver will be struggling with inflammation while they are this high.


The only medication I have taken consistently has been over the counter hayfever tablets. Otherwise nothing of note, always pretty healthy in the past.


I wish I could supply you with this information but we all were admonished by the BLT not to do so. Please consult your Physician as they have a much broader interpretation of these results. Hang in there there is a lot of shared experiences posted by members.



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