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Cirrhosis question

New to this, would be grateful for advice. I chased up some tests for a liver ultrasound, I had done in March, neither my GP or myself were given the results. It transpired they had never been sent, as a result I was given a very quick appointment with a consultant in mid July. He told me I had cirrhosis, I should have been called in previously and needed further blood tests Hep C & B, some kind of liver data test and a Gastroscopy. The latter is booked for 7 August. My concern is that my GP surgery have received no results of the blood tests, (I check my medical record online)j.

As I have abused alcohol, I am sure it is alcohol related. I have not drank since 2 May, (not a drop). I have been extremely thin for about a year, which I blamed on Anorexia. I am now getting my BMI up eating well and doing some exercise. I feel much better, but have awful pains through all my joints. Blood tests show nothing, even my LFTs are normal, I take no medication apart from Thiamin, Strong Vit B & Vit D. The consultant said my aches and pains were not to do with the liver problem, the GP said they probably were. The pains have been going for about 6 weeks, itches for a few months. I had cellulitus in both my ankles/lower legs in May, which was treated with antibiotics, it took a while to clear. Thank you if you read this and have any advice.

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Good morning scampi,

Glad you have come here for advice and support.

From what you have said, it seems that things are pretty much under control. Apart from the blip with the scan results getting lost, you have had or will have pretty much all the tests available. The results of one test might seem fine, but only your consultant will have the full picture and be able to give you a proper diagnosis. As for the recent blood results, they might have not been copied to your records yet. Give the surgery a call and ask if there was anything flagged up. Usually, if there was a problem, they would have contacted you.

The picture will become clearer after the August 7th appointment. By the way, like many in this forum, I've had several gastroscopies. Nothing to worry about. If you are particularly anxious, just ask that you have sedation. I had my first, thinking I was brave, without sedation and immediately regretted it. But its a matter of personal choice. On the British Liver website, there is a guide to the common tests in liver disease.


From your lifestyle point of view, you are clearly very aware of what you need to be doing in order to correct any liver damage that might have happened as well as preventing anything in the future. Keep to the zero alcohol regime, maintain a good healthy diet with low sugar and salt. Despite the aches and pains, you could increase your exercise levels.

In this forum you will see posts which can give you reasons to worry and think the worst. From your post, I get the impression that, as you are doing all the right things, you will probably be just fine.

So keep up the good work and take care.


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Thank you for wise advice.

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i was told i had cirrhosis in 2012 now my nurse is saying they had treated you for cirrhosis but you just have a inflamed liver so ive worried my self sick for the past five years my fibro scan came back 6.8 an was told that was good but there isno communication with the hospital and my doctor so i have asked to seemy medical notes iam so confused.


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