Good news for a rainy morning??

Good news for a rainy morning??

I have just received a copy of a letter to my gp from my consultant with the results of my recent ultrasound. (This was back in Feb when I was jaundiced and have fluid retention again).

It says that the ultrasound shows an irregular looking liver with the enlarged spleen. Shows minimal ascites. Liver screen was negative. Informed gp I have been advised to stay off alcohol which will help my liver function improve and he will review me again in due course (six month intervals).

I am still taking spiro and various vitamin B compounds and am due to see my gp anyway this evening. I guess what I'm really asking is 'is it good news' ?? If I stay off the booze are the odds in my favour. ?? I know from many posts on here that blood tests can't always be relied upon but ultrasounds ?

Thanks for any advice

Lottie xxx (Good morning, by the way)

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  • Good morning Lottie, it sure is a wet and windy day 😐. As you know we can't give out medical advice on here hun, but can I ask why are you still drinking? Anyone who has any liver problem should abstain completely as each alcohol drink kills of yet another healthy liver cell. I was told to stop the drink totally in 2008 .I had ascites and was drained 3 times

    I relapsed after taking care of my dad with cancer after be passed. I drank for a year only to be admitted again with ascites but this time it was under control by spironalactone. No one can say even a dr in my eyes how anyone's liver is going to be. My results are up and down every time I visit the hospital of which I am due again this week and endoscopy in two weeks. Keeping off the booze totally and eating a nutritious diet is the way forward .😊xx

  • Hi Millie

    sorry praps that was badly phrased, it says in the letter that the consultant is telling the gp he has advised me to stay off alcohol, I haven't had an alcoholic drink for months and I have no intention of starting again, good news or not . Am making progress with my healthy diet attempts, didn't buy snickers bars this weekend, cherry yoghurt instead (believe me that is a huge effort on my part, I always considered an opal fruit as part of my five-a-day)

    Hope your visit goes well this week. Also hope weather is better where you are, absolutely lashing it down here.

    Lottie xx

  • Oh i see , sorry Lottie, my mistake. My liver consultant and gp said no more alcohol and I have been abstinent a while now and like you don't intend to every drink again . I was at a take that concert Saturday which was Amazing !! It made me forget my illness and has given me the drive to get out and do things I have been holding back from; to do all I have planned while I still can . We don't know how the liver will be really, well that's good πŸ˜‰.. no snickers ! I did have a large bag of Maltesers last night πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.but that is the first is packet all week .I eat healthy and I have natural low fat yogurt with fresh berries in it .I do allow myself some dark chocolate though. Lol, you make me laugh .. You can still have your treats as my consultant said in moderation .I still have naughty days and why not ? ..

    Thank you ! Well whatever the outcome I am in safe hands at the QE hospital. Oh it's awful weather here in Brum! I was going to go out but unless it stops it's a day for cleaning out my tropical fish tank 😣.. lovely pic of your dog by the way.. Linda xx

  • Glad you had a great weekend hon (I am a secret tt fan but would deny it if challenged), sorry to rub your nose in it but brightening up here, damn, means I have to take dog for a walk (she is in my baddish books as she was a dozy dolly this morning and had her breakfast and then half asleep did a little wee on the carpet) good job she is soo .... cute, else she'd be down on her paws and paws scrubbing .... glad you liked her photo

    Not to be too serious but in light of recent events you Brummies out there be careful

    All good thoughts from small country town in Staffs, far, far away ............ but be do possibly stock dark chocolate somewhere in our barren shopping arena .... genius ...

    Lottie xx

  • Oh it was brilliant! The security was tight yet it was dampened down when we came out to hear of the awful news in London.

    Oh well thats good news then time to take the little pooch for a walk 😁.. that will keep her Amused .. My 3 cats are bored 😾😾😾.. so two have resided in my bed and the other one is staring out the window wishful thinking lol.

    I think anywhere you are you have to be vigilant these days, I have been to staffs a few times and it's a lovely place to live. No crazy hustle and bustle like brum 😏.. Oh i am sure you will find some dark chocolate 🍫🍫.. it's really good for you .I have the 85% Peruvian choc which is Tesco own brand and you only really eat a couple of squares and your satisfied then...

    Hope you both enjoy your walk! Stay safe.

    Linda xx

  • If cats are bored, give them a book to read, I understand the 'the cat sat on the mat' is very popular this year, made the top ten rspca literary award list

  • My cats don't sit still enough to read lol x ..

  • Wait? You mean it isn't???! Dag nam it. Well what does count? You'll be telling me an apple a day keeps the doctor away next.

  • 🍏🍫.. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. all things in moderation apart from the obvious πŸ˜‰.

  • Apples?

  • πŸ™ˆ. Yeah! Apples .. give me Indigestion so I am more a blueberry, blackberry; raspberry and strawberry eater πŸ˜‹

  • steady on girlie you could get blacklisted for that sort of indulgence x

  • Its the law πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚x

  • apples to you too !! lol !!

  • you do mean alcohol right !!! lol !!!!

  • there you go with that fancy talk again .......

  • Hi

    Just like to say you've done really well abstaining Lottie.

    Good luck with your appointment Millie, hope all goes well. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

  • gp appointment went ok, he just clarified a few things for me, there is damage to my liver and spleen which I need to be aware of but the good news is the ultrasound didn't show up any 'lumps or bumps' as he put it and my blood screen was clear

    of course, most important thing is to stay off the wine which I am confident I can do (have been dry for months now) and will carry on with that

    still worried but I guess that is natural and something I will have to live with but praps it will help and motivate me to keep on the straight and narrow, if I needed an added incentive

    thanks for the support, much appreciated and positive thoughts to everyone else on here

    Lottie xx

  • Hi Lottie, glad to hear all went as good as it should. Well I know I have lots of lumps and bumps from my fibroscan. I have my dexa tomorow.

    It's good to know the condition of things as you said it keeps you on the straight and narrow not that you need it of course but you become more mindful .

    I try not to let it get to me , but can't help but worry what the next step is .as long as we help ourselves then that's all that matters xx

  • Hi there Mills'

    all the very, very best for tomorrow, will be thinking of you, let me know how you get on ok??

    Lottie xx (doggie sends lots of xxxxx don't tell kitties, nothing worse than a jealous feline except three jealous kitties) Just to be careful check your shoes and under the duvet lol!

  • Hi Lottie! Just back from the QE, as per , have to wait for results. I did however have a walk to the endoscopy unit to familiarise myself with it .I had a chat to the receptionists and they were really kind , sort of put my mind at ease and my sister's as she will be attending with me .

    πŸ˜‚οΏ½..kisses back to doggie 🐢.. xxx .talking of cats under the duvet, that's exactly what my eldest cat does of she hides.. and guess what her name is Lottie πŸˆπŸ˜‰. Hope you are well ! I'm going to have something to eat now before I head off again 😊.. love Linda xxx

  • Hey Mills'

    hope it's going ok, just to wish you a good weekend, fancy your cat being called lottie !! coincidence or what !!

    am looking forward to a quiet weekend, has been a very difficult week with one thing and another (family problems) felt really ill this morning but I managed to battle down the anxiety, after all, the way I look at it is that a few months ago I would have withdrawn under my duvet with a bottle of chardonnay and emerged a small bloated yellow heap of bitter regret and guilt

    have a good weekend/week and stay well, keep that ease of mind and positive attitude, you lead by example !!

    Lottie xx

  • Hey Lottie!

    Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. I'm not up to much but what I need to do is catch up on things I have been meaning to do for many months πŸ™ˆ.. that's if I can be bothered lol

    Yes my eldest cat is Lottie, her mum had to be put to sleep last August due to aggressive Tumor under her tongue. She was only 7yrs .broke my heart but I know I made the right choice as I didn't want either of us to suffer. I have ruby who is her sister and holly who I bought, she's 11months old .I am going to have another kitten once it is born πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..

    Oh tell me about it !! Would not swap my new days for my old days .waking up and planning my weekend around the same thing I did everyday.. drink watch tv fall asleep then repeat again.

    I am remaining calm as I can , I suffer anxiety and depression but it's manageable now and I know I can't get out of the endoscopy plus it's for my own health.

    Have a fab weekend!! Enjoy. Love mills xxx

  • Hey Mills

    hope your weekend is going ok, have spent the whole afternoon and evening at the care home with my mum, they are short staffed and cannot cope with her or so they say, we are looking to move her asap to another home

    hope you are ok and kitties are treating you well, fancy one of them being called Lottie !! give that one a special kiss for me x and another kitten on the way! any potential names in the pipeline? If I had another doggie I would call her Rosie or Posey or even Posey Rosie, you get the idea, lol.

    (is your endoscopy a 'normal' one? I have had one of them and a gastrodoscopy or summit, (did I mention I can't spell and have a rubbish memory for med terms?) they were fine not as bad at all as I expected but I did opt for small anaesthetic, didn't even realise they had done them ).

    Keep that anxiety in its' box where it belongs and give it a stern talking to if it tries to get out.

    Sending good vibes as always

    Lottie xx

  • Hi Lottie; well my weekend was quiet apart from my neighbour who lives on his own ( he's 67 ) and drinks this white star cider every day he had a karaoke Saturday night.

    He did ask me to go but I said I might do just to keep him quiet. I did not feel too good Saturday. Don't know why but I wanted to sleep for a bit early evening. Well... what a waste of time πŸ˜’ . He was banging on my door and my kitchen window on several occasions .I did not open the door incase he was drunk. I have not seen him since .. so he's either nursing a massive hangover or is too enbsressed to come out.

    Well, if the nursing home are short staffed I'm sure there are many out there that do temping πŸ€”.

    It's a gastroscopy I am having, not sure if it's the same as an endoscopy ? I have asked for sedation anyway.

    No names yet for new kitty. I'm sure I will know once I see her 😊.hope doggie is good and that you had a safe weekend.

    Have a good week ahead!! Keep that great sense of humour flowing πŸ˜‚.. I'll message you pm next time. I actually forget I have that .

    Chat soon ..take care .love from mills xx

  • Hey Mills

    sounds like you have a colourful neighbour, does he like you?? should I order a hat and keep my Saturdays free LOL !!!!!!!!!

    Hope you are feeling better.

    Yes, I had a gastro ..thingy, it will be fine, don't worry. I never even knew they'd done it, thanks to the sedation.

    Just a thought, why not give your stress box to your neighbour as a gift, after all it is the gift that keeps on giving ............

    don't know how to pm, I'll just follow your lead ....

    moving mum to a new care home tomorrow, so hoping for the best

    Lottie xx

  • Hi

    Glad your appointment went ok.

    Hope everyone else is doing ok. I'm here for each and every one of you. Lots of love Lynne xxxx

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