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Abnormal Blood tests

Hi Everyone

I recently went through a complete panel of liver tests . I was diagnosed with Liver Fibrosis F2-F3 recently. I have few queries.

1. I have diabetes for several years and also drinking regularly in moderate amounts, So I am not sure if this is NASH or ASH. ANI calculator indicates 96% possibility of ASH . I too feel so as I have been drinking earlier from when I was diagnosed with Diabetes ?

2. Blood Tests have shown some abnormalities. My Serum Creatanine is constantly getting down ( 0.74 -> 0.67 -> 0.59) ?

3. My RDW (Red Cell Distribution Width) is high and also deficiency in IRON and Ferritin.

4. My ALT/AST before diagnosis were 30/22 , at time of diagnosis were 26/23 and now are 18/23. ALT decreasing and AST same.

Please help me what can I do.


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Because all lab results and ranges differ from place to place we can't offer an opinion on blood test results & you might find a moderator jumps on later and tells you not to post them - it's just because of the lab range and unit difference from place to place and none of us are qualified medics who can interpret your results. For example - If you were showing those same ALT/AST results at our hospital you'd be spot on normal so there wouldn't be a concern - the range at your hospital might be different or in different units.

However, you have some indicators there for fatty liver disease - it might not be at the full on NASH stage yet. Diabetes being one which can contribute to Non-Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease. Drinking obviously isn't any good for your liver, even the guideline limits are way too high if you are already displaying fatty change in the liver.

Are you carrying too much weight? Do you exercise? What is your diet like ........ too much salt, sugar, fats and processed foods can all contribute to NAFLD.

Good news is it is reversible if tackled and we've had posters on here recently who were going to go on a medical trial related to NAFLD, NASH and having made positive lifestyle changes - loosing the booze, eating better and more healthily and exercising & their results completely reversed and actually they couldn't do the trial because their fatty liver had gone.

Have docs tested for other causes of liver disease? Have you had scans to look at your liver? Have you had a biopsy? These would all normally happen before giving you a diagnosis because there are a lot more conditions that just booze that cause liver changes and damage. Until they have a cause totally pinned down I would look at tackling what you can as regards causes of NAFLD - cut out the booze, exercise if you can and amend your diet and keep you diabetes managed.

The British Liver Trust has an excellent page with guides on all the various liver conditions plus diet at liver disease etc. Very definitely worth a browse.

Here's the page on NAFLD -

All the best, Katie


Hi AyrshireK

Thanks for that. I am sorry I put in the blood test results. Obviously I understand now that the units and ranges are different everywhere. Won't seek any opinion on them again.

As I mentioned on first line , I was diagnosed with Fibrosis stage F2-F3 (Not sure if Alcoholic or Diabetes related). The ANI calculator showed a 96% possibility of Alcoholic Fibrosis. This was through Transient Elastography test (result was 9.7 Kpa as median and 8.5 Kpa as mean). Out of 10 readings taken 3 were way out of range and other 7 were in the range 7.5 - 9.

Any suggestions on the this

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Are you having a follow up appointment with medics regarding all your various results? I am sorry I can't help with interpretation of fibroscan results - it's a poor system where people are left fretting over scores without any help with interpretation. The problem with it is that the scoring system works differently for different liver conditions. My husband has never had one.

The fact that you had mainly one's in range sounds like good news and might reflect fatty change in areas but not all of your liver. Try amending your diet, cut out the booze, perhaps exercise more and see if your results change.

Sorry can't offer much more guidance. If it is alcohol related though the simple thing you can do is cut out booze and that should prevent matters getting worse and help with the reversal of symptoms.



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