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Abnormal Liver Test, am intensely scared.

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*****I Don't drink or smoke BUT am overweight by 2stone***

I had a blood test for a different purpose which came back fine. I spoke to the receptionist and I was told all my test results were fine, i even went to pick up a copy of the test ( am guessing they left out the liver result) all were fine but my cholesterol level is a tiny bit high, and have started working on lowering it.

Few days after I picked the result I got a letter from the GP requesting for a retest in two months time, i didn't understand why. I manage to speak to the GP over the phone and ask him why i need a retest - He said my liver test was a bit abnormal, that my liver is holding more fat than it should. He said he's looking for Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C that he requested for the test in 2 months because the liver may have heal itself by then. He added if the repeat test comes back abnormal too i will be sent for a scan.

Since I got this news i have been feeling extremely down, i can't function properly. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THIS COULD BE!!!

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I just wanted to knock this reply out in case it's reassuring to you.

There are all sorts of reasons for abnormal liver test results - many many reasons, and often they resolve themselves after a short period of time.

At this stage, if there was something serious up you might see some results indicating more serious disruption of liver function - doesn't sound like that's the case.

The chances are that the liver results that were elevated were liver enzymes. These enzymes are produced when the liver is inflammed. The liver can become inflammed for a number of reasons - have a few drinks for example and then take a liver test - but the liver is extremely good at regenerating cells and repairing itself - did you know you can cut half off and it will grow back!! True!. Also you can live normally with only 20% or so of your liver functioning. If however the inflammation continues unabated - from whatever cause - the damage leads to progressive scarring of the liver tissue and if it continues long enough cirrhosis, which is a fully scarred liver which can't recover (although even then it's possible to function quite well). In your mind you should separate the inflammation of the liver from the level of scarring. You may have inflammation but very little scarring.

So your doctor is right to check in case there is anything that has caused inflammation. So he can stop it. Fat can do this too so the best thing you can do now is to get as healthy as possible - you'll have to do this in any case so best to start now. If the cause of the inflammation can be found and dealt with then prospects are good as the liver keeps repairing itself and scarring short of full-on (and not early) cirrhosis can reverse.

Of course its entirely possible that this is a small episode and that the results will improve of their own accord. This happens all the time and is likely what your doctor is expecting.

So right now I'd say relax and focus on losing weight and being healthy, you don't have any reason to panic based on what you've said.

Hope that helps. Do keep checking back in here - it's a very helpful forum.

Best regards.

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Hey Misterx,

Thanks for your reply. Your words are very encouraging.

One of the reasons why i am deeply concerned is that I have not been exposed to possible hepatitis recently and the last time i went out of the UK was 7 months ago - even if i got a viral infection then it should have resolve by now since it hasn't it may mean only one thing - potential serious liver problem.

Honestly though am leaning towards congenital fatty liver.

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MisterX in reply to Jjjo1

Thanks - happy to help.

It's a huge jump from having hepatitis to saying serious liver problem.

The word hepatitis means inflammation of the liver - from any cause -including various viruses called Hepatitis which give you hepatitis. If hepatitis (inflammation) goes on long enough it will cause fibrosis (scarring). If fibrosis continues long enough and enough of the liver is scarred the extensive scarring is called cirrhosis.

Your body is a working system, your liver is a working system. A blood test is a snapshot. So at any given time - as I mentioned say for example after a few drinks - there may be inflammation of liver cells which will be reflected in higher levels of liver enzymes in the blood. This is why any single snapshot - unless the levels are extremely high indicating something acute (for example an overdose of drugs) - is not indicative of very much at all. You have to look and retest to see if there is a pattern..Also you could quite easily have a mild infection that is being dealt with by your body without noticing anything.

There is much much much more chance that a single blood test showing increased liver enzymes is not the result of anything serious.

Also you really do have to separate hepatitis (inflammation) from the damage to the liver. As soon as the inflammation is stopped the liver will start to repair itself- and regenerate cells. As I mentioned earlier you can grow back half a liver in a few weeks.

In the absence of any indication that the liver is failing to function properly I can't see how you have any reason to suspect anything serious. Even if the next results are elevated it may not indicate anything untoward - bantam12's reply was indicative of the possibilities.

If you suspect fatty liver you should of course not wait to address that and sort out weight and diet as soon as you can.


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Jjjo1 in reply to MisterX

Hey MisterX,

To the best of your knowledge is Hep B and Hep C curable?

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MisterX in reply to Jjjo1


Well I'm sure there are people here with much better understanding of both Hep B and Hep C than me but to the best of my knowledge Hep B is usually dealt with by the immune system. If not there are effective medications to control viral load. Hep C can be eliminated.





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Bolly in reply to MisterX

Jjjo I'm guessing your GP is running tests for Hep C and Hep C so he can rule them out as a possible cause of the elevated enzymes. Not because he necessarily thinks you have them, but he would be failing in his duty of care if he didnt check. Its quite usual now for GPs to check for HIV too, even if your lifestyle suggests this as impossible! As Mister X says there are so many things that can cause liver damage and elevated enzymes that if a patient cant pinpoint themselves what might be the cause (obvious ones being a long history of drinking alcohol or perhaps a long history of intravenous drug use) then the GP will start at the top of a list of possible causes and work their way down eliminating them by blood tests. Unless you yourself can think of some way you might have become infected with a blood borne virus, I would be focussing more on the likelyhood that your weight has been a contributing factor and, being something you can do lots about without needing a doctor or medication, start rethinking your nutrition and find a nutrition plan/diet plan that suits you and will enable you to lose weight.

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Jjjo1 in reply to Bolly

Thanks for your reply Bolly. Well have had the Hep C and B done today. The result will be out in 3 days.

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Kaydn14 in reply to Bolly


I r very educated on this subject. Am well informed

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Kaydn14 in reply to MisterX


There isn't always an obvious cause for elevated liver results, mine have been up and down for 6+ years and despite further tests including s biopsy no cause has been found.

Are you taking any medications ? as some can cause enzymes to go up.

I ditto what MisterX has said, don't panic, may be nothing but a blip 😀

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Jjjo1 in reply to bantam12

Hey Bantam,

I'm not on any medication but few days or a week to the test i took iboprufen, this could possibly be my first time of taking it ever.

Just that I have too many things going on in my life now and dealing with illness is not one thing am looking forward to, this is possibly why am very worried. I have seen researching liver disease non-stop since when I got the later 4 days ago.

Do you know why your enzymes has been going up and down yet or you are yet to know. And are you on any medication?

You need to stop researching ! and worrying ! if your doctor thought it was anything urgent and worrying you would be booked in now for scans and further tests, the fact that he has requested bloods in 2 months means he isn't worried you have something that needs immediate attention.

Yes I'm on meds for ulcerative colitis but stopping them for 4 weeks didn't improve results, my Gastro Consultant is not worried and I'm ok with that although after so many years it would be interesting to find out why but I may never know.

No point in worrying, waste of precious time and energy 😁

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Jjjo1 in reply to bantam12

Hey Bantam12,

Thanks for your response. Reading your last message gave me the last relieve that I needed.

Just a quick question, over the years do you have any liver disease symptoms?

Are you in the UK?

Yes I'm in the UK, no liver symptoms at all but I have high alkaline phos, ALT and GGT, never drink alcohol or smoke and I'm normal weight so its a bit of a mystery. I'm waiting for an ultrasound appt to compare with one I had a few years ago but doc is not expecting to see anything :)

Hope all is OK and good luck


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CaptM in reply to bantam12

Check for gallstones

I always thought paracetamol was bad for the liver. Turns out ibuprofen is just as bad, if not worse. Also elevated liver function tests can indicate gallstones! I'm having my gallbladder out 2 weeks today. Had high readings of LFT for years. Was told it was due to alcohol but I don't drink much anymore so never really believed that. Anyway I have mild fibrosis which I have to live with, but managed to clear the fatty liver up. But ultrasound showed 5 large gallstones. When you diet and alter your nutrition by training and weight loss etc this can lead to gallstones so always take your time and lose weight sensibly and slowly. The only way to lose weight is reduce calories below what you require daily. It doesn't mean eat lettuce for every meal. You could eat 1500 cal's of donuts a day and lose weight. As long as you burn 2000cals a day. Anyway eat healthy for next couple months. Do some light weight training. Don't bother running, that's not how the body loses weight. Lift some weights. Work the muscles to burn fat efficiently. Even 20mins 3x a week.

Have an ultrasound if you're really worried. NHS will charge £113 for the latest one including the bit which checks liver flexibility. (For fibrosis)

Take the supplement N-Acetyl Cysteine. It's an amino acid and 600-1200 a day is good. Holland and Barrett stock it.

Most of all, unless you're galling asleep tired all day long, have gone yellow and have pale stools, I'd not worry.

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask questions on here. There are a lot of knowledgeable folk.

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Jjjo1 in reply to CaptM

Hey CaptM,

My mind is at rest a bit now, but then I am still slightly worried because the GP said he's looking for Hep B or C. When these two diseases are suspected that means is the ALT that is elevated.

Am thinking of going to A & E if they can give me an ultrasound but i highly doubt it.

Even if all the test comes back clean, am considering a Hep B vaccine.

What do you think.

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AyrshireK in reply to Jjjo1

Rather than wait two months going out of your mind with worry, would a repeat GP visit not be advisable? Go in and ask exactly what doctor thinks is going on. If he's testing for Hep B & C I wouldn't have thought you'd be left two months with no answers since both are contagious and special precautions need to be put in place to prevent cross contamination. I am not an expert on this testing but would expect doctor would have a positive/negative result without a long wait.

As others have said 'hepatitis' is a cover all name for liver inflammation so you can have that without one of the viruses. Inflammation of the liver can come and go (due to a range of causes) it's when this continues longer term that damage can occur.

Fatty liver is a condition in it's own right and can occur in super slim people as well as those who perhaps tip the scales a little more.

Fatty liver can be reversed with appropriate diet, exercise and removing any toxins. You might find your liver numbers do go down if you begin looking after yourself a little.

I would not wait two months without answers, give your doctors a ring and try and make a follow up appointment, the stress will start to niggle you and you'll not get on without life without answers. He should have answers to the Hep B/Hep C testing. Follow this up because as I say the stress isn't good to live with either.

Best Wishes to You

Katie xx

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Jjjo1 in reply to AyrshireK

You are very right, i will give them a ring tomorrow. Hopefully he will agree to a Hep B and C test on it own just to rule out the possibility of the virus. I can't afford to pass it on to my family (partner and son).

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Jjjo1 in reply to AyrshireK

I have been to the GP today. He wanted me to do a Hep B and C test, and a full blood count in two months. After stresses my concerns about the Hep test, he said I can go ahead and do it if it will put my mind at rest. So I have gone for the Hep test, result will be available in 3 days. Fingers crossed!!

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MisterX in reply to Jjjo1


Well I'm not Captain M but I'd say you're panicking - which is totally understandable but won't really help you much.

ALT is not a marker unique to the Hepatitis viruses (there are a few - not just B&C). It is a possible marker of liver inflammation generally. It's really simplistic to say ALT not in range = some serious liver problem. It doesn't work like that - this stuff is complicated and it reads as if you're scaring yourself by reading horror stories on Google.

For example I may come here to discuss my ALT level but people here who have been diagnosed with serious illnesses know how that fits in with all the other data and measurements that were part of my diagnosis and are part of my condition.

It may be that you know more than you've said here but based on what you've said here but right now - even assuming your ALT is out of normal range - all the answers you've received earlier still apply, that you have to review the ALT level in conjunction with other levels over a period of time, look at other markers of liver function and then come to a view as to what's causing it if it doesn't resolve of its own accord and treat it appropriately.

You going off to the Emergency dept when it's not an emergency isn't going to help you or your doctor - even assuming they agree to give you one - which based on what you've said would be inappropriate.

Sorry if I'm sounding a bit firm. I don't mean to be, but the liver performs 500 functions and impacts your system in a multitude of ways. As far as organs go its the Formula 1 car. You don't want you doctor to be flailing around just bashing things with a hammer in the hope that the engine will stop sputtering. You need him to take a calm look at the situation and do the appropriate things in the right order and in the right time. Right now what he needs to do is to wait and review your results in a couple of months. Checking for Hep viruses is a perfectly sensible part of that process at the appropriate time.

I'll say again, the liver is a working system. In the course of doing its job properly it some of the cells within it sometimes becomes inflamed. That's part of the design. You have to see if the levels are persistent or acute - and more importantly - look at those in conjunction with other levels and other data to get a picture of what's going on over a period of time.

Best regards.

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Kaydn14 in reply to MisterX

Hi pls can anyone help me had a blood test came BK not right so go orders a liver function test wat will they look for

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Kaydn14 in reply to Kaydn14

I'm terrified some thing will b wrong

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Scottiedottie in reply to Jjjo1

A and E??????? A is for accidents. E is for emergency.

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Redroisin in reply to CaptM

Hi CaptM, I have to take meds for fibromyalgia but even when most were stopped when I was in hospital and my enzymes really high, they still gave me Tramadol and paracetamol. How can I find out which meds are harder on the liver than others?

I had elevated ggt (410) had elevated alt and ast. I have mild fibrosis. F1-f2. No fatty liver. I spent 950 on blood tests and all came back clear. hep a b hiv etc strangely my high results were from blood samples taken after a night in a hotel both times, large meals +dessert, and a large cooked breakfast, stuffed my face basically as I was told it wouldn't make any difference to the results. (No alcohol involved at all) results were high. Turns out the gallstones can give high results. Have you been checked for gallstones? 20% of the UK population can he expected to have gallstones and these will give you high LFT results. Before you start to panic or go running to a&e (a&e is for people in emergencies who are basically dying and you aren't,) let a&e alone and go revisit your gp, explain your concerns and ask for referral for an ultrasound scan on liver and gallbladder. Worst case it'll cost you £100 but it may put your mind at risk. Whatever you do, don't start googling things. Especially if you're a worrier, which is how you're coming across. Sorry for saying it. If you aren't in pain then no a&e. If you feel OK and don't have the obvious liver problem's and symptoms then speak to gp first and request a quicker service to put your mind at rest. Sorry for being blunt.

Hi Jjjo1,

When I first complained of pain in my liver area my Dr. tested for everything right off the bat. My liver was also enlarged and could even be felt from a physical exam although I wasn't told that until I had seen the liver specialist and he said that it also showed up on my ultrasound too, which the GP's office had told me was normal. Anyway, they tested LFTs, Hep A, B, &C virus's (I had been vaccinated for Hep A&B years ago) and autoimmune antibodies and the results were flagged for mildly elevated ALP and AMA antibodies. A biopsy later, which turned out not to be an autoimmune disease but a fatty liver Dx., which is not great , but is usually considered benign and reversible. Sometimes Drs have a knack for creating unnecessary fear and I'm surprised he would just single out Hep's testing to you on the phone. Hes probably going to check a lot of things and see what comes up if anything. Also, if I were you, I would get copies of any testing that is done so that you know exactly what was done and if anything was abnormal. Please don't worry yourself too much and good luck with your tests! Please let us know how they turn out!

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Hey Jean43,

Thanks for your words. I got the result of other test but the liver wasn't released to me for reasons best known to the GP. I also want to ask you that how are you dealing with fatty liver. how has it affect your living, if you don't mind me asking.

I am just accumilating this info to prepare myself for whatever the situation i end up in because am certainly sure something is wrong. If it's not why did i have abnormal test.

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Beagle99 in reply to Jean43

How are you doing now? Has your liver decreased in size?

Hi Jjjo1,

The pain bothers me most I guess and I'm often fatigued too even when I get a good nights sleep, but I also have untreated hypothyroid Hashi's, which I think has played a role in the fatty liver too. And, to be honest I'm overweight and need to lose weight but haven't lost a pound yet. I could be doing better with that and work harder on my diet. To be honest even though autimmune liver disease (PBC) wasn't found its theres a chance that I could still have it or develop it in the future despite the negative biopsy and that scares me more than the fatty liver. But, I've had fluctuating liver enzymes for a few months now, I wouldn't put too much stock in one report unless it was really high. Do you have any pain or fatigue?

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Jjjo1 in reply to Jean43

Hey Jean43,

I don't have fatigue. Honestly thought it baffles me how Drs don't take people's complain seriously, they are very dismissal.

Sometime they need to listen to the patient and act appropriately rather listen to their medical books or what they think they know. My Dr was getting irritated already over the phone when I was asking him questions.

How old are you jean and what are some the numbers of your flunctuating ALT.

I don't know if i added this but my Dr mentioned that my liver is holding fat more than it should - I guess he arrive to that conclusion because of my result...And am not also sure why he refuse to share the result with me but he shared others.

Hey Everyone!

Just for update, I got hold of my liver test result today. The ALT is 60 u/l (0 - 41) "High"

and the Bilirubin level is 41 umol/l (0 -20) "High"

These are the only concern the Dr have. I am suspecting Gilbert Syndrome for the high Bilirubin as the white part of my eye has forever been slightly yellowish.

And for the high ALT I am suspecting the ibuprofen and co-codamol that I used recently. My research reveal that ALT will usually be around 500 for Hep C or B or ALT could be normal in rare cases even with the presence of Hep B and C. Though some part of me is ruling out Hep B and C.

What do you guys think.

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SAMBS in reply to Jjjo1

Hi Jjj, i live in france and have had same tests here, even bad a full day in hosp for mri, and 2 blood tests a.m and p.m. I also had Hypothyroid diagnosed in UK in 2000. Then my doc here, (I was overweight also then, said I was borderline Diabetic Type 2, put me on Metformin! That didnt agree with me and poss the Thyroxin. Metformin affected my spleen, it became swollen, which must have distorted or or interfered with blood cell production. I was sent to Haemotologist who from next Thyroid blood test, said I had blood disorder, see Mr X's 1st reply. I also had a bone marrow biopsy. Still no def diagnosis, but could be myleodysplasictic syndrome!

Several months later, after a few personal disasters here, a move and new doctor and specialists here they took up the investigations, hence day in hosp. everything we eat or take ends up going through the liver and the bloodstream to wherever! The spleen, I still dont know state of but as not mentioned at all now, I dont spend time thinking about, but was told I had cirrhosis, not caused by the 2 usual reasons we think of! But yes had portal hypertension? The other things affecting my body were a Brain haemorrhage and aneurysm, no known cause, but had neural and some effects physical caused by BI! at no time have I been physically ill during all this.

Purely by a chance remark from someone, I started looking up about the thyroid, many of the blood tests can be thyroid or liver related, as I recognise the name of tests from there and now today, here. However, asking for T3 and T4 to be added to test earlier this year TSH only is normal here and in UK., it transpires I have an autoimmune disease. why. Because all blood passes through the liver and can carry any toxins left there via the blood stream to whichever organ. I started off asking my current doctor for help with BI effects, I had been promised rehabilitation by 1st Hospital after it, but never received any help or support. However this doctor, decided I was anxious or depressed, so started the different meds for something I wasn't, frustrated yes at so m any tests and doctors me nothing useful, only what it wasn't, not what is was or is.

For me the moral of this is, keep searching when the test stop without a

Prognosis or diagnosis, or better still, keep on this site and ask your questions here, something I should have started doing 15 months ago! autoimmunehypothyroiditis for me means, Hashimotos disease. I lost a lot of weight last year, no Diabetes, neural effects of a BI plus cirrhosis, so doubt or hope that no others have a series of conditions that seem to be linked.

mostly since Jan 2014' MRI,s quarterly and blood tests, another bone marrow biopsy, have also had ecg, have had an endoscopy, was put on Propranolol, not good news with Thyroxin. I have Vitiligo, then had an ear infection and bronchitis last Autum, so i decided to stop stressing about it all, to stop taking all meds given for each separate condition at same time.

Now I year on, The best news is I still feel well, have a strong heart physically, so whether I am well or not well, remains to be seen. I am probably pretty unique in all these one after another in a short space of time, all here in France, except initial hypothyroid diagnosis in Uk.

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Jjjo1 in reply to SAMBS

Your story make me sound like a spoilt brat, you are definitely strong. The amount of support I have receive on here is overwhelming. I am very much grateful. I will surely keep everyone posted of my journey.

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SAMBS in reply to Jjjo1

No way Jj, we are all strong and brave just for being here looking for the right answers, putting own stories into personal contexts, that doesnt make any one person braver or stronger than the next, we are all s**t scared at times, me included and somehow think now perhaps I'm lucky to be on my own,No one to consider but myself , and friends here on HU where we support each other.

Yes do let us know how you get on! bon Chance! i.e Good Luck!

I found this answer from an online Q&A and the person had an elevated ALT of 84 and a high Total bilirubin (TBIL) count and this is the Drs response

User avatar Hi AR1,

It may turn out not to be your liver at all. ALT can come from red cell break down. The red cells that are broken release hemoglobin which is broken down into bilirubin.

If you have something causing your red cells to break down faster it can cause an elevated ALT and bilirubin.

Gilbert's syndrome would not typically cause an elevation in ALT. Rather it is an isolated minor elevation of the bilirubin.

I would recommend having your hemoglobin and hematocrit tested to see if they are low.

Best wishes.

Also, my liver book says that an elevated bilirubin is associated with worsening liver disease or with bile duct blockage (cholestasis) but with the bile duct it is ALP enzyme that is usually elevated. Possible causes lists various liver diseases, Gilbert's included, but also Hemolysis- Red Blood cell (RBC) destruction.

In answer to your previous question my ALT has only been elevated twice which unlike AST, ALT is almost always liver, I believe, except for hemolysis if my understanding is correct.. The first time in Aug of last year is when all 3 liver enzymes were elevated ALP "120" with 37-107 range, ALT "61" with 0-55 range, AST "47" with 15-46 U/L range were elevated and then in July my ALP "132", ALT "148", AST "85" same ranges. A couple of ALP isolated elevations in March of last year "114" and of Oct last year of "121" and in between all was normal. I hope he sends you for an Ultrasound that may give a better idea of what's going on, if not then maybe a biopsy if nothing else is found. Best of Luck!

Exactly the same happened to me and I had a 2nd blood test that came back abnormal and then they sent me for a scan which showed my liver to b slightly enlarged and the texture was course and now they say I have early liver cirrhosis and am just waiting to c a specialist an appointment that has been cancelled 3times by them with no explanation of why so I am stuck in limbo I do not drink or smoke

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Jjjo1 in reply to marieb07

Your bilirubin and ALT were up too? And how long apart were your blood test. Am 30, how old are you?

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marieb07 in reply to Jjjo1

Yes both were and am 35 and after the first blood test it was a month wen they wanted it repeated and wen those results came bk its was a week when they tested for all the heps and they came bk neg then I had to go for scan and all that took about 2 weeks that was all quick but trying to c a specialist is a joke I have had 3 been cancelled and as they do not know wats causing my cirrhosis I really need to see somebody so same as you hun panicking xxxxx

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Jjjo1 in reply to marieb07

We are in the same box Marieb07. Do/did you have Cirrhosis symptoms? I currently do not have any.

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marieb07 in reply to Jjjo1

Mainly fatigue and I have red spots on top half of body but the fatigues worse because I have 5 children and trying to keep up with them is very hard but hoping the specialist can help with that fingers crossed and worryed about the future how long has it been since you were told something was wrong xx

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Jjjo1 in reply to marieb07

Just last week Thursday when I received the letter asking for a retest.

Honestly Marieb07, it looks like only very few people doesn't have liver issue just that must are not aware of their situation.

The GP also had a look at my stomach and he said it looks okay, i dont believe her to be honest.

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marieb07 in reply to Jjjo1

I know the feeling but we know we have to put trust in these people but its hard but defo think this is going to b long journey but we stay positive and take each day as it comesxx

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MisterX in reply to Jjjo1

Sorry to ask but just out of curiosity - what are you expecting the issue with your stomach to be?

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Jjjo1 in reply to MisterX

Hey MisterX

I wasn't expecting anything just that going by what Jean43 said the GP had told her that her stomach was normal but then turn out to be a lie according to the test by the specialist. This got me thinking that my GP too may have just said mine is normal too so as to not raise any alarm or speculate anything!

Plus she couldn't even look me in the face to say what she said after the inspection "That looks normal"

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MisterX in reply to Jjjo1

I couldn't find the bit where Jean 43 wrote that her GP said her stomach was normal - perhaps I'm missing it. If you have a sec and could point me to it I'd be very grateful.

I'm sorry you don't trust your doctor not to lie to you. That must be awful. Have you thought of switching?

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Jean43 in reply to MisterX

Hi MisterX,

Hope you don't mind me interjecting here, but I believe she's referring to my first response when I was mentioning the GP's exam where they palpate the liver. I wasn't informed then or even after the US that my liver was enlarged and was told that the US was normal. I didn't find out until after seeing the specialist when he was doing his exam that he could feel it was enlarged and that it had also showed up on the scan. I hope I didn't cloud her judgement of her GP that had been just one of my experiences with my GP and this wasn't the first time. I just like to gather my reports and look at them myself before I go back to the Drs. so I know exactly what questions to ask. Im a little suspicious of him now and I often think what is he not telling me, even though, I think he's a good Dr. I'm assuming and hopefully she'll correct me if Ive got it all wrong, but I figured Jjjo1 picked up on something that made her feel that maybe her GP was withholding something.

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SAMBS in reply to marieb07

With 5 kids not surprised youre fatigued! Are You eating properly , are you self medicating any pills, if no to 1st and yes to 2 nd, could be a slight accumulation of toxins inliver, its pretty quick to react to nasties, via bloodflow, according to some research ive done - no im not a medic, just another patient here with problems, but one who has the time to look for some answers. I found many of mine, I think & hope, but it doesnt mean they apply to you or anyone else. I just ask the questions to see if answers back up any of my theories and to give support if i can. It helps to know someone is listening doesn't it?

Wow this thread is attracting interest. Going back to your first post JJ, apart from not revealing what took you to the GP in the first place, you did reveal you were 2 St overweight. And that the GP, via an external examination, a medical history and a few blood tests made an initial diagnosis of "fatty liver". Which is a condition that fits with your weight. As all good doctors should, your GP is continuing with other tests to rule out other liver conditions, such as viral hepatitis. However, in my view, at this point fatty liver, or NAFLD is the diagnosis you have and the easiest one you personally, without medication or further tests, can start to self treat. By losing weight.

Stop giving yourself more stress and anxiety googling your symptoms - whatever they are. The only tests you say are elevated are ALT (this is only minimally elevated, people with severe inflammation have results in the 1,000s) and bilirubin which can go up if you are a tad dehydrated when the test is done. Running the same tests a week later will reveal no or little change and be a waste of money and time. Let the GP do their job which is leave a decent gap and then run them again to see if they were a "blip". If in 2 months you have lost weight, trust me, I will put a bet on the results will be better. As I said before,unless you can pinpoint a moment when you know you were at risk of Hep C or Hep B contamination/infection, stop stressing about this. The GP is ruling it out not implying you have it. They are quick relatively cheap tests to run.

Stop researching Gilberts, cirrhosis, viral hep etc and start researching a sensible diet for NAFLD and take it from there.

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I got the call today from the GP that I tested positive to Hep B. He however wants a retest just to rule out false positive. Am very sad!!

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That's awful news, you must be feeling very down right now.

If it's any help, the Hep B virus is often effectively dealt with by the immune system - so most people escape lasting damage. The difference is between astute and chronic hepatitis.

If it's chronic then there are drugs which can reduce the viral load sufficiently so that any liver damage isn't so much that the liver can't keep up with repairing it. It used to be much worse.

I'll keep everything crossed for you - hopefully it is just a false positive.

Here is some information from the NHS in case.


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How are you doing its been 2 years since this what was your results

I have just been diagnosed with a fatty liver on the back end of an ultrasound looking at my gallbladder. They found that my liver was fatty and I needed blood work done. Got the results today and they said that it was abnormal but expected. Ever since I found out that I had a fatty liver I have been doing everything in my power to correct it. I've made sure that I eat salad every day with 1 avocado. Then I learned about the Keto diet and all the benefits and after 5 months I have lost nearly 4 stone (55 lbs) and I have never felt better. Now all I want is for them to test me again to see if I have corrected it a little to see if I'm going in the right direction. Also, I found out that you don't need to be overweight to have a fatty liver either.

My GP had told me falsely for years my blood tests were fine. Now I have non alcoholic chirosis. Have I got a case for negligence do you think.

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