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Abnormal liver function blood test results.

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Hi....I have had abnormal liver function test results 3 times in the last 9 months. My doctor ordered an ultrasound exam which I have just had. I was told after the ultrasound by the lady who did it that everything looked absolutely fine with my liver and other organs...no fatty liver...no sign of alcohol abuse...So I am puzzled as to what can be causing the results to be high. I was taking Exemestane for breast cancer but stopped taking it in December as I was having terrible joint pain. My doctor had prescribed Gabapentin and Zapain for the pain but I stopped taking both of those a few months ago. Can anyone offer any explanation? Thanks

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Sometimes no cause can be found, my results have been high for over 10 years !

Some medications can increase liver enzymes x

An ultrasound is often used to rule out other issues (which could be causing upset in the liver area) as well as looking for the more obvious problems like (I guess) fatty liver. However, some of the things that go wrong in the liver do not show up on ultrasounds until they get to an extreme level (eg cirrhosis). So, it's good that there is nothing obviously wrong with the liver, on the sort of scale that an ultrasound can check and rule out.

My guess is that your Medic was being cautious and ruling out obvious things, before moving on to other tests. It does depend a lot on which of the chemicals - that are part of the whole 'Liver function tests' (lfts) protocol - are raised in your case. I imagine he will begin other tests to try to work out what is going on. But don't worry, he is obviously being thorough and covering all areas.

I had raised lft results for over four years. Nothing showed up in mri or ct scan. I was eventually put in a position were i had a liver biopsy as the specialist kept saying i was ok. My biopsy revealed i had NASH. I was not over weight and did not drink. Even now ct scans show me as having a healthy liver even though i don't. If your not happy don't leave it. If the is something wrong you can then at least deal with it. This was over ten years ago now. I still have raised lfts but that's it.

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I also have raised levels too. I did drink alcohol more frequently than I should last year and therefore stopped that as soon as this happened although they’re still raised. My ultrasound is also ok. I do not have fatty liver. I do have gallstones but no symptoms.. I’m

Waiting to see a gastroenterologist. good luck.

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