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Abnormal Liver function tests

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Hi all,

I recently had a blood test while I was ill with a suspected sinus infection. Was taking paracetamol and sudafed during that week.

Went to see my GP today regarding my results and he has requested a repeat test due to some abnormal liver results as follows:

Serum ALT : 98 (0-55)

Serum ALP alkaline phosphate: 212 (30-130)

I don’t have jaundice and otherwise feel fine but the results are concerning me I’ll admit.

I’m male, 25, and don’t drink alcohol or smoke.

Has anyone been in a similar situation?

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It's probably the infection what has sent your results off, I am sure your gp will recheck it in a few weeks to double check 😊

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Ai1601 in reply to jojokarak

I hope so! It’s odd because my last full blood count (April 2018) was completely fine. Worried about the upcoming retest though.

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jojokarak in reply to Ai1601

Understandable, but if you're bloods were fine not so long ago and you're results are not alarmingly bad it seems to be the infection and it can happen 😊

I am post transplant and my alt has been at a similar level for 2 years and my consultants are not overly concerned and neither am I..

You sound like your a healthy individual and it would be a bit odd if it was anything sinister, try not to worry too much x

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Ai1601 in reply to jojokarak

Thanks so much for the reassurance. Been very worried throughout the day.

I should add that I’ve been experiencing on/off IBS type issues since March. Coeliac blood test came back as negative. The FBC which was performed alongside picked up the abnormal liver function.

In addition, white blood cell was slightly raised, and ESR low 30s. Doctor is of the opinion that this is due to the infection.

My mind though, 2+2=5!

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Isabelle2 in reply to Ai1601

Surely you did gcse maths! 2+2=6.75 you should know that. 😂

Trust Jojo and your Dr. Have a repeat test In à few months and everything should be back to normal.

All the best

Isabelle xx

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jojokarak in reply to Ai1601

Lol we have all been there that's why we understand... I have given up worrying now as I shouldn't be here and yet here I am 😂😂

The best thing I do and say to others is a good diet, plenty of water and a little exercise and always listen to your body if its tired sleep and if you want to run a marathon do it 😁

I have had ibs since I was born I am an old hand at what triggers mine off, you will figure which foods don't agree with you and stress is the worst one.... Are you on buscopan? And is it constipation, diarrhoea or both?

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Ai1601 in reply to jojokarak

Truth be told, I’ve somewhat developed health anxiety over the past few years. The Internet is everywhere, and it is so easy to Google symptoms.

This current IBS like problem began after having a takeaway back in March. Initially suffered from nausea, reduced appetite and loose-ish stools. I became quite worried and the knock on effect of that further reduced my appetite and has prolonged the jumpy stomach. Since March, I have lost around 1-1.5kg in weight. My GP doesn’t seem to be concerned though.

So all of that, coupled with the ALT/ALP results has put me on high alert. The rest of my blood work is pretty much perfect though, apart from Vitamin D deficiency.

Sorry for the ramblings!

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jojokarak in reply to Ai1601

No worries it's best to get things of your chest it helps and that's why I use this forum...

Are you sure it wasn't just food poisoning? It's lethal depending on what caused it and it can throw your bowels / stomach out for a few weeks x

Google is OK for searching for reviews but for medical information you should just use the NHS one or see your gp, it's amazing how many people have anxiety about their health and that in itself can cause its own problems, you should talk to your gp about it 😊

If you need a moan or some reassurance then don't hesitate to message me I do understand x

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Ai1601 in reply to jojokarak

Thanks so much, and I wish you the very best of health regarding your transplant.

And yes initially I reckon I had some sort of stomach bug but the worrying and associated stress/anxiety has continued to wreak havoc on my bowels. I think so anyway.

I have spoken to my GP about health anxiety. He has referred me for some talking therapy.

And absolutely regarding Googling symptoms, I really would advise people to stay firmly away. In recent days I’ve made myself worried sick about leukaemia, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer etc.

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jojokarak in reply to Ai1601

The therapy will help if you are completely honest with them 😊 I seen a psychologist a year or so ago and it was very helpful and fingers crossed I have been fine since

I hope you get to the bottom of things concerning your bowels and you have a happy, healthy life

Your too young to be worrying about health issues you should be making memories x

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Can I ask, has your GP confirmed you have IBS or is that something you've read about! Many years ago my GP once mentioned that around 70 per cent of people within the UK have IBS which in some people is caused by spicy foods and foods high in fat!

I too have IBS which was confirmed many years ago so its nothing to get to stressed over!

Your rise in your ALT/ALP blood tests can also be raised due to medications or infections so try not to worry to much! Your to young to be stressing out on medical stuff. Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

Take care and try to smile my young friend


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Ai1601 in reply to

Hi Trish and thanks a lot for your kind words. My GP has mentioned IBS but no official diagnosis. I have a habit of searching these kind of things up on Google which inevitably leads to worry about more sinister issues and conditions.

All the best to you.

in reply to Ai1601

I recommended GP investigations and not self diagnosing naughty lad ! 😁😁😁😁

Be good and now go out and live life as your young ! 😁😁😁

Love Trish x

in reply to jojokarak

Jojo - I particularly like the bit about tired and sleeping 👍

My liver enzymes were also elevated 6 months ago even though 3 months prior to that they were normal. I also don’t drink or smoke. What took me to the doctor was the severe abdominal pain I was having mostly right upper quadrant along with digestive issues (IBS type). A CT diagnosed a mildly fatty liver but the cause was never identified. They figured I could’ve had an infection at some point or just some excess weight. I did lose about 25 lbs just from being sick to my stomach and the anxiety and all. Anyway, I got retested every couple weeks and after 3 months everything returned to normal. But it definitely thru me back into full blown health anxiety. I’m yet to be diagnosed with anything bad and I’m hoping to for it to stay that way. Eat healthy, exercise and drink plenty of water limit salt and white bread. And keep us updated. :)

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Ai1601 in reply to FordMus84

Hi, I do have IBS type issues but no pain. If you don’t mind me asking, what were your liver enzyme levels?

And glad to hear your levels are back to normal. I can completely relate to the anxiety. I do feel a bit better but I know the feelings will come back when waiting for the test results.

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FordMus84 in reply to Ai1601

My ALT at its highest was 151 and my AST 96. My latest shows ALT 41 and AST 30.

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Ai1601 in reply to FordMus84

Glad to see it has come down :)

Have your IBS issues gone?

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FordMus84 in reply to Ai1601

No. Still here and for long, I’m thinking. The doctor is still reluctant to call it IBS but we also haven’t found anything else. I’m going to seek an opinion with a Holistic doctor soon.

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Ai1601 in reply to FordMus84

I take it when I say IBS type issues, loose stools, bloating etc.?

My repeat blood test is going to happen very soon and my anxiety is kicking in again. Too many stories of unfortunate people on the Internet..

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FordMus84 in reply to Ai1601

Yes, IBS type we all have different symptoms but I do have abdominal pain or just a soreness kind of feeling. I don’t have bloating but probably from the lack of foods that cause that. Lately, my stools go from very hard but regular to very soft 3-4 times per day but not diarrhea. I have frequent burping. I have noticed that my energy is better since on the FODMAP diet. I’ve also been staying off google. I used this site more now and find that many of my symptoms if not all are IBS or Fibromyalgia along with health anxiety of course definitely helps settle my nerves. Good luck on your blood test. I have one next week and my anxiety keeps trying to get me but I’m just going to keep busy. :) please keep us updated. :)

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Ai1601 in reply to FordMus84

Absolutely will keep this thread updated. Also good luck with your blood test :)

Just to update then, got my repeat test results today. ALT and ALP both back within range although close to top limits. GGT (which wasn’t tested first time round) was slightly elevated around the 94 mark. Will be having a third test in a few weeks time. Doctor didn’t seem too worried.

Hi, Can I ask what your AST levels was at? At both the start and now? Thanks

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Ai1601 in reply to Todd260785

Hi, My AST levels were not measured well I don’t think they were.

Ok. Thanks for the reply

I have kind of similar situation . I am struggling with headache (might be sinus infection) fo last 15 days . I took Tylenol and it gave me relief but this headache is not going away . I took my annual blood test 4 days back and my all liver enzymes came abnormal . Rest of reports were ok . When I told about my headache and fever then my GP did retest next very day . Results were slightly better .

Did my GP right taking retest immediately?

Reading 2 days back

ALT - 196

AST - 81


ALT - 170

AST - 60

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Ai1601 in reply to pkmk1

I would have thought your repeat test would have taken place around 2 or 3 weeks later. Your values are falling though so could have just been an infection.

Update for those interested. Had my third test and GGT has dropped back into range.

Although I was worried sick at times, LFTs can be raised possible due to an infection or maybe for no reason at all.

hope everyone is okay two days ago I got bloods back and although everything else seemed okay my ALT was 49 I’m 38 female and obese, I have huge health anxiety and now I’m in full worry mode about having them checked again in 4 weeks and there being a serious issue :(

Hate feeling this way

B x

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