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Hi I'm A newbie. I have autoimmune hepatitis and was diagnosed in April this year after a liver biopsy. Was a long journey to get there. Have been having blood tests since Jan 2015 after being in hospital with severe abdominal pain . Routine tests after being discharged showed increased liver function test results. On treatment of steroids and immunosuppressants. Currently on 10mg predisilone and 50mg azathioprine. Steroid treatment is rough!

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Hi Jen, welcome aboard. My hubby has cirrhosis due to AIH, he was diagnosed in April 2012 but sadly only by the time his illness was beyond treatment.

If you use Facebook at all there is a fantastic very active AIH group on there. They are supported by some of the top boffins on AIH in the UK and have get togethers and group meetings all over England. The are very supportive and all have been where you are now. You'll find the group at:-

All the best, Katie

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Hi :) thanks for the response. I am currently a member of the Facebook group. It is amazing and offers so much support! Just seen the health unlocked site on an email from British liver trust so thought I'd take a look. Fortunately I am lucky I have not got any cirrhosis so think we found it in time. Just been a long journey and if I'm honest feel worse now I'm on treatment.

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I know the steroids can be rough but hopefully your numbers will stabilise and they can maintain you just on Aza going forward. My hubby has burned out AIH and it had caused late stage cirrhosis symptoms before discovery. He is on 5mg Prednisolone just to keep any inflammation at bay.

You'll get fantastic support and advice on the AIH page on Facebook and they are often first with news on treatment developments being as they have excellent contacts with Professor Gideon Hirshfield at Birmingham along with others at the top of the auto-immune illness field

Katie x


Yeah I'm hoping to reduce my steroids soon as my liver test have been stabilising. I'm currently down at 10mg and on 50 mg azathioprine which I think I'm staying on.


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Welcome to the forum.

You may find The British Liver Trust publication of Autoimmune Hepatitis useful to read.

Here is the link;

Best wishes,



I have AIH,if you want any advise,i can try to help,i was diagnosed in April 2014. I have found a way if coping and can share them with you if you are interested. X

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