New to liver testing

Hi all, I have been having many tests on my liver last being a bi-op on my liver.Im now told I have to visit Leeds to see other doctors & consultants, has anybody been through this programme & have any advice or can tell me what happens going forward.I've had no drink since being told of the illness but have been getting worse health wise,

Thanks for any help

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  • Hi

    Without giving some results its difficult to give you any advice. Leeds does have some Liver skills in its ranks, so I can only say that you are in good hands there.

  • Not sure what you mean by 'programme' at Leeds. Do you mean a transplant assessment at St James University Hospital, Leeds. Or do you mean a de-tox programme somewhere?

  • Transplant,

  • Hi Mick

    I am sure you will find St James's as good as I did: thoughtful and helpful advice and guidance and a system that manages monitoring and outcomes as well as is possible given constraints of resources etc. I was first referred in April, had assessments in June and was accepted onto the transplant list at that time. I had the transplant in the following December.

    Important to do things you are advised to do and there are some essentials - getting and keeping as fit as possible and absolutely no alcohol. Five years down the line, I am fit and well and living a normal life (apart from medications).

  • My partner has just had a transplant at Leeds & has been extremely well cared for. Just do everything you are advised to do. xx

  • Thanks for all the answers & positive thinking, as said staying fit & no drink can only help, will update after I have been to Leeds, thanks again

  • My dad was taken in to hospital and diagnosed with cirrhosis. Not long after he had a varices bleed inwhich thankfully he survived but unfortunatly his liver continued to fail. He was free of alchohol 6 months and only his chance of survial is a transplant, inwhich he is too ill to have over time from diagnosis he continued to detoiriat. His condition without alchohol has now progressed to decomposated cirrhosis and he has severe HE and is currently in a hepatic coma inwhich he entered on saturday. Hes on life support in ICU. My hearts broke for him right now and if ive any advice i could say to you now is listen to the doctors continue with a healty diet and most of all avoid alcohol. The consequences of drinking alchohol is not worth it. I have seen like many the reality of it and its heart breaking. I hope you get the chance to get well again. Theres many out there that hasnt.

  • Thanks for the advice I'm staying off the drink & have now been clean 334 days, sorry to hear of your dads condition hope he gets better keep you chin up thinking of you

  • Thanks, im clinging on to hope its all i can do and wishing for a miracle. Your doing brilliant. Keep up the good work i wish you well for the future.

  • Hi Mick,

    Have you been given a MELD score? Across the pond, I believe it's called Child-Pugh assessment? Do you have a solid diagnosis of cirrhosis, or is that pending further testing, possibly in the light of abnormal liver enzyme or function tests? If yes, then they're likely going to assess the immediate dangers of decompensated cirrhosis (esophageal varices - endoscopy to confirm, hepatic encephalopathy - arterial gas test for ammonia/triphasic EEG waves to confirm) and treat accordingly. It's relieving to know of your alcohol cessation - that helps tremendously.

    A lot of people with advanced hepatic insufficiency can make quite a difference in recovery and life extension from due diligence. The MOST IMPORTANT THING - no more alcohol. You can slow liver disease to a crawl by simply quitting. However, from here, the potential for damage is dire. Listen to your doctors, and no matter what - stay sober.

    Keep us updated.

  • Thanks Mike I will have no problem staying off the drink I'm very single minded & also have great support from everyone around me.they have said my liver is getting worse & im slowly getting more reactions to that, hopefully when I see the consultant & his team at Leeds hospital they will confirm one way or the other.

    That's for the help Mike

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