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Hi I am a new member to this group

Hi I am at a loss my husband his at the last stages of cirrhosis of the liver he's had all the test done for a liver but I am afraid he didn't pass for it didn't think he would make it through the operation.

Through tablets he took for his Artheritis that ruined his liver

All I am asking his someone to talk from time to to help me cope

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Hi, i'm very sorry to hear this; please message me personally if you would like; i'm happy to talk to you; it must be a very difficult time for you; best wishes. Ann


Thank you for reply I am New to all this internet but if that ok it would be nice to talk to from time to if thats ok as it is so so hard now they is days he's lovely then other days he's nasty but I assume that's all the toxic that's making him be like that towards me .

But it's just hard how long I will have left him really that's all I think about frighten one day I get up an he's gone that's the biggest worry of all


Ive sent you a message to your inbox. best wishes. Ann


Hi shy bev

I will always talk to you. I am not shy. My illnesses have brought an inner force. Darling listen, you do not say what area you are from. We may live in the same area. If not, we can email each other. It seems you need all the support you can get. I have been on Health Unlocked since it started. Just tap in my member name where it says Search Health Unlocked on the top right and you will feel safe corresponding. Cyber hugs.

Sheila x


This disease has so many awful predicaments...

This site is full of many lovely people - who, even though are in such dire straits themselves, find it in their heart to support others'. I myself have been through so much - if it wasn't for these wonderful individuals - I would never have coped.

I hope we can all support you through this - lots of love,



Hi, I was so sorry to read your post, I am sure you will find plenty of people to chat to on here, including me. Liver diseases can be a nightmare to deal with as in my case. I know we have a lot of good people on here and I get messages 24hours a day if you feel the need to talk. Please do not be a stranger on here ..take care..


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