Bile duct problems post tx

Hi All, sorry to pester and hope you are all doing well out there. I'm having an issue with the way my bile duct graft has healed and kind of indented in the middle (this may of caused the biliary sepsis I had back in July). I've been given the choice of a stent or an operation where part of the bowel is cut and connected to the bile duct. Has anyone else had this issue?

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  • Hi there

    Sorry to hear this . My husband spent the whole of one year in and out having bile duct stents fitted because the duct was found to be narrow one year post transplant. He also had sepsis several times.

    The stents did the trick

    Have they not offered this to you?

    Have they prescribed ursodeoxycholic acid?

    Which hospital do you attend ?

    How long are you post transplant?

  • Hi carmik,

    Hope your husband has recovered well after this, where was his transplant? I had my transplant April this year at the Freeman in Newcastle. They've offered the stent option but are pushing towards the operation as they say that is more likely to be successful but it sounds like quite a big op and is a disappointment after healing so well from the transplant. I've said I'd rather try the stent first but did wonder if that's the best decision.

    Alicja xx

  • Mike was at kings in London

    I must say I am surprised that they want to try surgery first.

    At the end of the day it will be yr decision

    Mike was never given a choice.

    What tests did they do to get the diagnosis?

  • I had an MRI after an ultrasound wasn't very clear on the cause of my infection in July.

    Maybe they are trying to save me long round to trips to Newcastle in the long run getting stents! ( how considerate 😟 )

    But I would of thought the risks of the surgery would of made it the less popular choice.

    Quite upset, I know no one said it would be easy but thought I was getting a few steps closer to being out the woods, especially as liver function tests have had good results. Xx

  • hi there Alicija i had an operation called an hepaticojejunoscopy and my bile duct was reconstrcuted using bowel tissue. i have mirizzis syndrome. its to do with gallstones. its was in my bile duct for a long time and the stone was big and a funny shape and could not be removed by an ERCP which is a procedure to remove the stone with wires and a basket. so my bile duct was all torn up. i had a stent in first as i was to full of poison to have the operation. it lasted 5 hours and that was just over 3 months ago. im 65 and feel im still recovering, what they actaully did was reconstrcut the bile duct and attach it to the small instetine. its the middle part of the intestine as far as i know im still finding out all about it. they attach the bile duct to the jejunum. thats the middle of the intesting. there is someone else who has had this operation as i saw a post in the gallbladder posts this person was from america. i will see if i can find it as i was going to get in touch with her myself as its quite a rare operation. i know people's bodys have rejected stents and i did not like the way my stent was put in but it might be different for you. i never had an anaesthetic and i was given an injection and told i would not remeber anything but the injection never worked and it was very painful. there are many people who have had the same procedure and they have no recollection of it. i was just unlucky.i hope this is some help. love grace xoxoxo

  • Thank you for replying. It sounds the same surgery but for different reasons, and the surgeon did say this would require 3 months off work to recover with my transplant wound being reopened etc.. . I've only just started a new job too but health comes first. Sedation works well for me so hopefully the stent won't be too bad! Hope you start feeling better from it all soon. Xx

  • i think if you have been offered this operation its the best option. as far as i know stents have to be replaced and can fall out and sometimes are rejected by the body. i think you should get more information. wishing you well whatever you decide. im still recovering and i was asking about the stents and the surgeon told me that i would live longer if i took the ask about that.wishing you well. love grace xoxoxo

  • I get the impression the doctors think I will eventually need the operation, so rather than having the hassle of stents failing they want to jump right to it. However I want to give the stent at least one go, if there's a chance of not needing a big operation I want to take it, after that I will chance the operation knowing it was probably the right choice. I will definitely ask more questions when I next see the consultants or surgeon especially about risks. In the meantime I have lots to look forward to as my partner surprised me this weekend with a proposal, so I have a wedding to plan for ☺

    Hope you are recovering well. Where have you been receiving treatment? Xx

  • i have to say im a lot older than you. im 65 i sometimes have pain i dont know if its because of my gallbladder removal. i have been back to the hospital and was discharged so they seem to be quite pleased. im sweating a lot and thats the gallbladder pain again even although its gone, all the best what ever decision you make. love grace xoxo

  • Hi

    Glad to see somebody who has actually had the procedure and better able to help

  • sorry sweetheart. It never seems to end does it? I cant really comment on this post but wanna wish 🌠 you good luck 🍀 and im thinking of you ❤ btw i followed you hope you don't mind xxx

  • anyone who has you following them has a very good genuine friend. as i have found out. checking to see if we are okay if we have not been around for a while. god bless you sherri. love grace xoxoxo❤️

  • aww thankyou Grace, and you too are an amazing friend who i love n care about so very much xxxx❤

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