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Bile duct issue after liver transplant....alt ast levels and ggt levels high....also narrowing in bile duct ...plz reply m rwally scared

Hi everyone need help ...my father underwent liver transplant surgery in dec ....in feb his alt ast ggt levels went high ...drs admitted him and done biopsy but no rejection n no hep load...he hot discharged with a week antibiotics...thn again after 10 days his levels went high they agin admitted him n did a ct scan .n mrcp where they found somenarrowing in bile duct ...acc to drs this is the reason for elevated levels ...but m scared that this is a major issue ...also is it comfirmed that thisevels went high die to bile duct issue plzrply

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This is quite a common problem following liver transplantation owing to the 'plumbing' and reconstruction work that has to go on to graft in the new liver & joining the bile duct from the donor organ to the remains of the patients own. There are various methods that doctors might try to open up the stricture - endoscopic treatments like stenting or balloon dilation techniques are common or worse case scenario further surgery.

Fingers crossed they can rectify the issue quickly and your father can get back to living life to the full.



He is rgt now on antibiotics...for 2 months to prevent infection and drs are saying if required they will go for stent but not as of now...so can it be solved without stent


Your fathers liver transplant unit are the best placed people to advise on what works or doesn't & I trust it is them who are treating with the antibiotics and looking after him.

I don't have personal experience with the condition just know that when my hubby was on the t/p list he was signed up to a possible investigative trial they were running at Edinburgh to see why this condition occurs in some but not all t/p recipients. I've just done a bit of reading and it now seems that around 16% of patients get this issue - it used to be 60% in the early days of t/p operations.

Some US information on the issue and on treatments is available at:- mayoclinic.org/medical-prof...

All the best,



My hubby had this issue nearly 1 year post tp.spent best part of the next year in and out being stented. It worked

Good luck


Did his levels also went high at that time


I had a liver transplant in October 2017. I’ve had a couple of issues and had a bile leak with different sized stents for the first tree months. Now my meds are being tweaked again because my wbc count is 0.7. Should be at least 4.5! So I’m currently quarantined. What I’m trying to say is that it seems common for there to be issues. You father’s doctors have dealt with them all. Trust them. Good luck and God bless you and your father. Cindi


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