Bile ducts?


A huge thank you to all of you who have been supporting me over the last few weeks... (Post: Here I am again)

The MRI scan showed that there is something obstructing the bile ducts which are inside the liver. The actual bile ducts going in and out of the liver are not blocked. The biopsy has shown no other problems. One doctor told us that this may have happened when they got the donor liver - blood supply to the liver may have lapsed at some point causing this. Another doctor has said that if it worsens then they will look to 'wash' it with an ERCP.

Has anyone ever come across this?


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  • Morning Pear Shaped

    My husband had problems with his bile ducts after transplant.

    They said it was probably scar tissue where the new liver had been joined to the ducts. Slightly different to your situation but ERCP is a much better way of detecting exactly what is wrong. It is just a more extensive type of Endoscopy done under anaesthetic .

    He then had stents over several months to open the gap.

    Hopefully your problem can be dealt with in a similar way.

    Good Luck

  • Thank you. He has been given a medicine called ursodeoxycholic50mg. It says it's for pbc but we were told it's for itching... I'm going to speak to the prof secretary tomorrow.

  • Sorry that was 250mg

  • Hi again

    Urso ,as it is known for short, is to replace the bile. This is needed in order to protect the liver cells.

    My husband has only just come off it as the last stent removal, which was last summer, seems to have kept the bile ducts open. He was taking 600mg a day. Does not appear to cause any side affects

    That's where the itching comes in. Because anything causing a problem with bile production does cause itching.


  • Hi, I have two blocked bile ducts which may have been caused by a loss of blood supply during the TX. I am now waiting to see how they are going to deal with it.

  • Hello,

    Have they given you any idea of what/how long its going to be?

  • I took urso 250mg for pbc but it is mainly to stop the dreaded itch....hope it helpshim as it did me.

  • Thank you - he is taking piriton as well ...

    I will speak to his Prof's secretary and see what they say. One doctor said that the prognosis was bleak - there wasn't much they could do as the problem is inside the liver. Another doctor said a ERCP could be done to 'wash' it. So need some clarity.

    It does seem like an endless battle... My heart goes out to all of you Carers' as well as the cared for... Cyber hugs all round...


  • Hi Pear, Seems like all the doctors have different ideas about blocked ducts asmine are in the liver as well. The options explained to me are a course of steroids, a small operation to insert tubes into drain the blockages , maybe a stent or at the very worse another transplant. On Wednesday 18th March I find out the results of a MRI I had a few weeks ago and as usual I will put my results on here I hope it all goes well for you..take care.

  • Hi my partner had liver transplant after damage caused in car crash. His liver was damaged but it was mainly the bile ducts were blocked . They did try stents with him but unfortunately that didn't work. They then had to resort to transplant . It's a complicated organ and as the bile duct goes throu liver it's difficult. They will try the stents first I would have thought but there may be another transplant needed. Fingers crossed for you x

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