Post Liver Transplant

Hi everyone been away a Long time Due to battling Liver Disease

Nearly Losing My Life 3 Times

But received My Transplant This Year

June 20th Feel Really well

Had to have Scan as Surgeon wanted to take me off one of My

Immunosuppressants It showed up Bile Duct Issue Then Had MRI Scan to See Problem he told me yesterday It was Dilated no blockage No Stricture

Asked what It Was And he said will leave it for awhile And See what happens If that wasn't Bad Enough

New Healthy Liver I Received Has now after 5months some Fat In it Not overweight Eat sensibly And healthy

To shocked yesterday to get my Head around It All so Hardly asked any

Questions not like Me But shocked

Wonder If anyone can Share anything with me on this subject thanks In Advance

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Hi hunni why didn't you message me on FB xx they will transplant a fatty liver into us because they know it can be easily reversed and it's better than the shit one you had xx


Hi. My partner had xplant July 2016 & is showing signs of a fatty liver. Also I would't worry too much about the meds. It can take a while to get the dosages right for you. You should have a team of nurses that you can contact if you have any worries. Ours are a great lot of guys who will answer any questions no matter how trivial.

Just try not to worry too much & enjoy the second chance of life that you have been's still early days .

Have a great Xmas.xx


I was pleased to see your recent post. I also understand how you feel when you go to out-patients. Someone in my family always tries to be there on the grounds that two pairs of ears are better than one. It is sometimes difficult as I am a widow, and my own children are spread around the world. I do find that the family members share notes (with my permission of course ). I know I attend the same hospital as you do but I do wish that they had a specialist nurse as they do in other health fields - they are really useful for explaining things if available. I think I will have to wait on this score. Good luck! I am thinking of you.

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Hi Angse, I am new to this site & just reading what you have survived puts a nose bleed in perspective. Reading your post & the replies removed fear of the unknown. Wishing you the best of medical attention to you & your liver. Scarred and little bit less scared.


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