Post op complications?

I am wondering if you could give me advice? I had resection Sep (3 sections) and discharged from the specialist four weeks following discharge, despite my liver continuing to leak bile in November and post operative lung problems . I asked my Gp last month if I should have had any follow ups which he completed as he said I should have. Consequently I have been found to have significant distension in my bile duct and a large air pocket in my liver. I had an Mri last week and mrcp today. Has anyone else had similar problems as I am wondering if I will need further surgery?

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  • Hi, After my transplant I had a bile leak, quite a serious one. It seems that my new liver was working too well at the time and the pressure was leaking through the joins because of the pressure. I had an angiography , which ment having it sealed not a major job then having a drain bag fitted to relieve the pressure. This I had for 3 weeks, please remember this is the way I was treated. Depending on circumstances you may have a different course of treatment. Good luck.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. Hope your well now? I don't believe it's still leaking as no one has said as much (had 2 Mri scans in a week and awaiting results), but left wondering if the leakage is accountable for the void in the liver growing back (in hope nothing needs to be done)...described as large air pocket. In Nov/December my local hospital asked multiple times for a plan for treatment for the leakage as due to the time that had passed thought it should be drained but the specialist advised them to just leave it as it would heal itself eventually. I suppose I am just looking for hope that I don't need further I had 2 unrelated major operations last year.

    Thank you again

  • I had a liver resection for cancer nearly 6 years ago and still have 6 monthly checkups which include imaging as an outpatient with a hepatologist who runs a liver cancer clinic. Although i was discharged very quickly from the surgical clinic, i dont expect to ever be fully discharged from check ups into the future.

  • Thank you...It has really surprised me (and the Gp amongst other health professionals) that they discharged me so quickly following such a major operation, saying they did not need any follow up (letter sent to me and GP)...despite the liver still leaking bile and continued lung difficulties... It was the Gp who booked me in for an ultra sound initially as I queried that I had not even been given a blood test to check liver function. Part of me is glad I checked but based on findings the other part wishes I never asked as I am now dreading even the slightest prospect of more surgery... thanks again for taking the time to reply.

  • You had a lot more of your liver removed than i did, i only had part of one segment removed. Mine was via laparascope, so no major incision to heal and i was sent discharged from hospital after 4 days. BUT, nearly 6 years later i still have follow ups, so in your position i would, with your GP support, get back into a liver clinic for checks. This may well happen now that you are having further investigations. I was told that the liver does not regrow to fill the segments that were removed, it just replaces the 'mass' so ends up an un-natural shape but should regain function.

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