Bile duct or liver cancer

Ultrasound, ct scan , Mri all shown mass on liver, blood tests shown something suspicious which is why the scans were ordered.

Since then the doctors think it could be liver or bile duct cancer

The AFP blood test did not have high levels

there are a few lesions on the liver the biggest being 3.5cm x 2.7

Borderline right hilar node

multifocal was mentioned

Anyone have any idea what the diagnosis may be?

Docs said if the cancer is confirmed they do not usually operate on the liver with multiple lesions and chemo or radio would be offered?

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  • Also stated regenerating nodes

  • Hiya eekk x Gosh, you have a lot going on there that I cannot answer. If u are in the UK most people will be out for Sunday Lunch, or like me sleeping in! You aren't on your own, may I say! I am thinking of you.

  • High bilirubin and GGT score of 380 instead of around 55

  • This is not for myself but a family member so please do not be worried to reply as I know it does not look good

  • afp levels only slightly raised though does anyone have any experience of this?

  • Gamma GT is high but have known some to be even higher than that. My highest ever was 220

  • Hi Millie, did you find out why your GGt was that high? My doctor told me mine is 197 with no other abnormalities in the blood.I dont drink, smoke, take any medicine, my weight is not bad, I exercise and my diet is pretty good. I have to admit I'm getting worry about it. I just done some more blood test for Hepatitis A,B and C; just waiting for the results.

  • mine was probably due to alcohol use .that was back in not too sure what it is now buy my last LFT in November was all good .

  • For me this was a routine blood test. I think what it worries me its that I don't drink so I cant get my head around it as I feel absolutely fine.Do you have any idea why my ggt could be that high, feeling very worry about it.

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