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About gamma gt test

Hi I've just been tested for gamma gt and it very high.And I myself to not drink alcohol .I'm feeling tired continuously and I also suffer from anxiety and I'm really quite worried even know my GP as reassured me that it's nothing major to worry about but I was wondering could it be a sign of cancer or anything .My GP us sending me back for more tests in to weeks time

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Hi kellyA11, I would think if you had cancer you would have been told. There is a number of things that cause fatigue and tiredness. Try not to worry about things that may not be there, easier said then done but do not look for problems. Keep in touch I am sure someone on here will help if they can. Take care:-)


I have high GGT too and gave up all drinking two years ago and my only symptom is fatigue just like you ... am going back to the gastroenterologist today ....they said possibly fatty liver but have to have more testing done ... The fatigue is really difficult to deal with isn't it ?


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