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So the gamma gt saga continues, mines has been up to 190 and is not caused by alcohol and is now down to 104 but does seem to fluctuate quite a bit.

I saw the hepotologist on Monday and he didn't seem at all worried, asked me a streem of questions, some I realise I may have not answered as I should :( but I then received a letter from him copied to me which was on the way to my Dr saying she is to monitor it (Erm that seems to imply he isn't completely happy or is my anxiety reading too much into it) my p-anca is also slightly raised but too scared to Google that one, so hoping someone maybe able to enlighten me without the scary bits LOL every thing else came back normal and believe me they did tons.

So do I insist on a scan or just carry on as normal? He is I'm told an extremely good hepatologist , having just lost FIL to liver cancer I'm feeling just a bit sad and scared, do they miss this sort of thing.

I truly hope you are all on the route to be able to deal with whatever sh##e the liver throws at you, no pun intended.

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  • I think you can be reassured by everything that the LiverTrust admin said in your previous thread. Most of your blood tests have come back normal, raised GGT is not JUST related to livers and your case it seems all your other liver results came back with no concern. Sorry to hear your FIL had liver cancer, but trust me, as a liver cancer survivor, a LOT more would show up abnormal if you were heading that way.

  • Hi. The GGT test is very sensitive - so it can fluctuate a lot without it being seriously important. I would not worry about the consultant hepatologist asking your GP to monitor the GGT - it is a way of transferring costs from the hospital to the GP. It is quite normal for medical teams to act in this way -my GP checks my blood results half way between hepatology appointments and gives me a copy of the results to take with me. I know you are sad still about your father in law -I lost my father in law, and my mother close together, and my husband was diagnosed with a bile duct cancer at the same time. Good luck with all your problems. Remember to take a note pad with you to out patient appointments to jot down what is said and any questions you need to ask. Also take a good friend / relative with you to listen in, as two pairs of ears are better than one.

  • Thank you gamesmaker for replying, I know it's silly to worry about it but that's the nature of the beast, it's ok to say that my results are all normal but obviously there not as gamma gt is raised and so is p-anca and he said that my palms being red are sometimes a sign of pbc but to wait and see.

    When it's been going on for a year it's worrying any way so thanks for hearing my fear :) they can't give a definitive answer can they.

  • I can fully understand your worries - I think you will see that in my reply. It is not silly to worry - it is completely understandable, as most of us know who send in queries to this page. I would ask the consultant's Secretary if there is a liver specialist nurse you can talk to who can answer some of your queries. - They have them in some hepatology units but not in others. Good luck - and keep in touch

  • The pANCA can be elevated in IBD or colitis, ie inflammatory bowel conditions. Is that a possibility, seeings how your basic liver results come back normal.

  • Hi yes I have UC and proctitis and microscopic colitis and have been flaring for nearly four months so that's a posibility, thanks for more information it does help, think I'm just feeling a bit glum and tired, more bloods next week so will see if I'm anemic and if levels have gone down, thanks again hope your doing ok

  • Most likely you have your answer here with your existing colitis. I would focus on that and try to forget about it being liver related. That's the problem with Mr Google, it makes you worried about all sorts of possible illnesses your blood tests indicate you probably don't have. 😉

  • Thank you for your answer too.

    Will wait and see my next lot.

  • Just realised how selfish I must come across with how bad you are having to deal with so much at once, I hope hubbies prognosis is good and that you are finding the strength and courage to deal with it all

  • Sadly he never made it. However he showed me how important it is to stay positive throughout. He was a very special man. I wish you well for the future.

  • So sorry to hear that, May God give you the resources to go forward and like your hubby said try to stay positive.

    He does sound like a lovely man

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