Yellow eyes, no sleep,

Yellow eyes, no sleep,

Just looking for advice on my yellow eyes. It is not how they look normally, I know that. A couple nights ago I could not even shut my heart right was insane, I was sweating profusely (through my couch) and I noticed my eyes were yellowish. I was not sick nor did I have a fever. Any advice on what it could be? My PCM didn't think anything of it because my wife and daughter are sick

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  • Have you been to the GP? You need to ask for a blood test. I'm not sure which country you are in. Have you had any other symptoms?

  • They do appear to be a bit yellow. I understand about not sleeping and sweating. It is good that you are aware of your body as much to say you have noticed a difference in eye colour.

    Pop along to your Dr's. It is worth mentioning as well as getting your observations on your health records.

    Hope all goes we'll


  • Yes you need to go to the GP and ask for Liver Function Blood tests.

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