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Had my 6 monthly ultrasound scan yesterday to monitor for cancer. This was my first scan after passing 5 years cancer free since my liver resection in 2010. Blow me down the radiographer (who has done the 3 previous ones) has found a 'black spot' on segment 6 which is the opposite end to segment 3 where it was last time. Am being sent for an urgent MRI later this week or early next, as soon as I can be squeezed in. Bloods are fine, so fingers crossed this is a nodule or cyst and he is being ultra cautious.

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  • Dear Bolly,

    Hoping it is just a cyst. Unusual for it to come back in a remote area, more likely on the edge of resection. Fingers crossed & cyber hugs to help you through the wait for results of MRI.

    X Cibble

  • Thank you for those positive words Cibble. Yes we had been anticipating it might come back as a recurrence but have always been aware of the possibility of a de novo as well, as my liver has taken such a battering with the HBV and AIH. Ironically I had just told the radiographer how chuffed I was to have passed the 5 year target and was surprised with his cool response! Now I know why, we can never really relax can we? Hope things are stable with you and that you have enjoyed Halloween (if you can enjoy trick or treating) with the family. Only 2 days to Bonfire Night and then Christmas is within reach.

  • Dear Bolly,

    I am currently on a 4 week break from treatment after completing all 8 cycles of my prescribed chemotherapy. I have a scan booked for 13th & consultant Appt on 19th to see where we go from here. Next chemotherapy is all lined up if scan is favourable. Just managed a week in Spain with glorious weather, boys were on the beach & in the sea every day, a well needed break for all. Next goal is Christmas with all the trimmings. Xx


  • Dear Cibble. You seem to be doing so well, holding your own. I'm too much a scaredy cat now to go abroad I feel so ill when I get tired and overdo things. Just have short holiday breaks in the UK. But I still go for new challenges. Have just started fostering an 11 yr old rescue dog that has been in the kennels where I volunteer. Poor chap has been overlooked for 4 years. Everyone was nervous for me but he was such a good boy. I can only have him at weekends as I work such odd hours, but I said to myself if it is bad news for me and I'm laid up again the positive spin is I can have the dog full time πŸ˜€

  • Bolly, I can't believe what I have just read. You know I had resection in 2013 after Ultra Sound, CT Scan and MRI, at the time, besides what turned out to be C, they also found something they called a 'cyst.'

    I think I still have it because it was harmless. I am not making this up to re-assure you but I not only can guess, I know how you are feeling now and I am also feeling it for you.

    What I do know is, the hospital take this seriously and, if you have not had the phone call since writing this, they won't hang about and you will get one very soon.

    Please promise to keep in touch and let us know what is happening. Cyber hugs to you Bolly. xx

  • Hi Tat and hope you are coping with treatment, just! Will be phoning heppy docs secretary in a mo to see if she has booked the MRI. I promise to keep in touch. From what Cibble says and from my good blood results things don't look too pessimistic. Will let you know, I'm a bit of a "what will be will be" and I'll deal with it person rather than a "why me" but yes of course there is anxiety going on in my head 😬

  • That must be an awful worry Bolly..hope it's just as you say a harmless cyst or something..keeping my fingers crossed that your scan shows nothing to serious. .let us know how it goes Xx

  • A worrying time for you, fingers crossed for harmless cyst or similar xx

  • Sorry to hear this Bolly. Hopefully it's just a cyst. I hope you get your MRI soon. The waiting is the worst part.

  • Bolly, you have been so helpful to everyone and I'm so sorry about your news. All the best to you and hugs!

  • Fingers crossed for you Bolly. I have been a member for over 3 years, but have only recently commenced posting. You are a very helpful and kind member and always seem to go out of your way to answer others queries. I truly hope that you receive a MRI scan quickly and the results are fine.

  • Sorry to hear about that Bolly. Lets hope it is nothing sinister, glad your bloods are fine but it's the wait for the next scan thats the worst. Once that is done and you get good news which I sincerely hope you do you will be able to relax a bit.

    Thinking of you

    Good luck and I shall wait your next post

    Best wishes

    julie x

  • All the best Bolly hope it is resolved with a positive outcome, you are always so helpful to us all, also an animal lover like myself kind thoughts.

  • That's a bummer l hope it turns out to be benign. Best wishes bobbo 11

  • Wow everyone, thanks for such an amazing supportive response. Hepatologist has looked at the scan and report and my blood tests (which are normal with undetectable AFP) and over-ruled radiographer re the urgent MRI. He is not panicking and says he will see me as normal in clinic next month to review. So feeling reassured and also embarrassed to have thought the worst! 😳

  • So I take a few days away from the forum and this is what you lot get up to is it? Hmmmm?

    I was just in the process of giving you a good ticking off for taking your eye off the ball and letting this happen but then realised it hadn't so fortunately I don't have to..... :)

    Obviously I'm very very pleased and relieved the Hep isn't worried. I definitely was until I got to this bit - too many people rely on you here for sanity and helpful advice so you can't go around getting sick. It's not on!

    Stay well. Please.

  • Thanks Mister X. I hope you were on a jolly somewhere having a good time. We missed you.

    When one medic disagrees with another there is always a niggle at the back of your mind as to which one has made the correct decision. But then again, which one has more to lose by getting it wrong for me; the young radiographer or the hepatologist of more years experience. If heppy doc has got it wrong I'm definitely crossing him off my Christmas card list!

  • That's good news, never feel embarrassed any one would worry and its good to have people who care and you are able to confide in, all the best glad you are feeling reassured.

  • I hope eveything will be fine for you.

  • Thinking happy thoughts and wishing you the best with your tests and Dr. visits.

  • Well one thing for sure bolly you're not walking into this without fore knowledge. All the best for a good outcome you've been a great source of knowledge and advice for a lot of people me included..cheers

  • Bolly just seen your latest message. Putting your feelings down to all your supporters is the right thing to do. No need to feel embarrassed, anybody would feel the same you did. Let us know after your appointment next month. x

  • Dear Bolly,

    You are an almighty supporter on here... I wish you all the best and hope with all my heart that it is not something sinister... Good to hear they also think it's not as serious as the initial reaction...


  • Phew πŸ˜†πŸ˜† was reading this in a major panic - but it got better towards the end 😘😘😘😘😘

    I totally agree with Mr X - please stop this nonsense πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ - we need you ❀️❀️❀️

    Sending massive hugs and kisses 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • UPDATE: GP has contacted hepatologist on my behalf. Hepatologist has agreed to give me an MRI, hopefully in time for results to be available in clinic on 10th Dec when I have my next review. Whatever the result of the MRI I know it's the right way forward for me. Good on ya GP!

  • Hi Bolly,

    just wondering how you are getting on.

    Sending strength for whatever you need it for,


  • Hi Stephanie and thanks for asking. My MRI came back clear. It's possible the anomaly on the ultrasound was scar tissue from my liver resection. Hepatologist happy to carry on as normal and will see me in 7 months after another routine MRI - he's not leaving the monitoring to ultrasounds for the time being, haha. I am off work for 2 weeks though as I have an injury to one hand which means I can't drive, so a restful Christmas at home is on the cards. How are you?

  • oh just read this and its good news. have a lovely christmas. love grace xoxoxo

  • wishing you all the very very best bolly πŸ™

  • I think you are replying to a post that was made a year ago grace!

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