MRV Scan

So yesterday I had my 6 monthly MRV scan (MRI with Contrast) I have to say this was the worst to day...I went in early 1330 (apt was 1345) however I didn't get out until 1500....90 mins for a scan....I think I fell asleep in between the breathing instructions. It wasn't fun, they were apparently putting in the contrast dye nice and slowly....they lied; my arm jolted and nearly pulled the cannula out, which resulted in me being told to stay still! lol...opps :-/

So that's my scan done for another 6 months...who knows what the results will say. I had 14 tumours (non cancerous) when I was first diagnosed 3 and a 1/2 years ago, however I now have 18 tumours (still non cancerous). My portal vein remains blocked and had some small changes at my last scan as in grew in size, apparently nothing too significant though.

So we will see what the results of the scan come back with...

I hope your all doing well :-)

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  • Hi Chell.well that was a long scan ! .fingers crossed on your results .hope all comes back positive and nothing has dramatically changed .I'm not too good myself .not sure what it is but I'm.bidt not me .roll oh the liver unit appt in 4 weeks .good to see you still in high spirits as usual .😊

  • Oh no, whens your appointment? I have one at the beginning of March. Are you sure you should be waiting 4 weeks before you see anyone?

    It was a long scan and the headphones they put on weren't sitting on my ears properly and squashed know when you have had a nap on the sofa and your ears been a bit squished...yep - that was me yesterday!! very painful.

    Anyway, all done now for another 3/6 months. It's funny isn't it, we never wish to be ill, but when the chance of a better life is waiting for us on the other side, you want to get a little more poorly so that new life comes a bit sooner...

    How are you apart from the not feeling yourself? xx

  • 28 Feb .I have been waiting since November last year .even the Dr could not speed things up .there is even a two week waiting list for liver patients with suspected cancer it's a real joke . The longer the wait how do I know things have taken a turn for the worst .I have has cirrhosis 9 years this June .I have only ever had blood tests done and my last scan was 2 years ago and the hospital discharged me .I was only under a gastroenteritis then .this time I pushed to see a hematologist .oh yeah I know that feeling only too well.i wouldn't have liked that suffer bad with insomnia anyway , but the last week / 10 days I have had pain in my tummy or should I say in between the ribs I feel bloated .not eating as much as I would like to.but I have put on weight ? My left hand Is all swollen up so I have no idea what's going on and I' tired and lethargic .it' my get up and go has got up and left seeing my dressing next Monday as he is back off leave . That's so very true Chell, we want to be healthier but need to be worse to get that one lucky chance don't we . Well I'm.gksd your all done now for a few months , fingers crossed all will be OK for you xx

  • It sounds like you are or have water retention it effects your appetite and also pushes on your ribs if you can get an appointment with your gp to find out he should prescribe you water tablets x

  • That's what I was sort of thinking jojo.but I associated water retention as ascites .as my hand or fingers did not swell up last time but my feet and ankles did .I do however find that if I stand up too long I can feel the same tight feeling I had last time so I think your right there .thank you for your support .hope things are OK with you .xx

  • Sounds unpleasant, but I have man flu, so not feeling sympathetic! I take my own cd, but headphones are pretty rubbish, and all that breathing malarkey is annoying, never had one that long, maybe endoscopies aren't so bad! x

  • lol Gareth you are lovely! :-/ lol Man Flu? I'll give you that I know it can be nice....have you not had your flu jab? Endoscopies aren't nice... I'd be happy to never have one again! I was listening to classical music, was quite calming but the CD finished and I was just greeted with horrific noises from the scanner!

    I hope your feeling better after Saturdays fun x

  • I've had my flu jab, but daughter has just had slap cheek syndrome, and surprise surprise I got it, but the man version, no spots but near arthritic conditions in all joints, not pleasant, oh and sniffles as well! I got stuck listening to light house family on one scan, I wasn't impressed!

  • Ha ha....awful...could have been worse. Could have had the greatest hits by KISS..... Hope your feeling better x

  • Oh I despised them scans I used to freak out if I was in more than 20 mins so kudos to you handling for 90 minutes. I hope your results are positive. X

  • I did think it was a very long time, they said that they had problems with one of the breathing tests....I did that one twice over. All good fun!......

  • Hope your not to bad sweetheart youll get therexx

  • Thank you. Like everyone said many months (13 weeks ago) I will just forget about being on the list...and I have mostly. Hope your well! x

  • Yep so so not been on here for along time a tad fed up with it all same as everyone I guess my consultant is doing my nut in never seems to say alot except hmm yes good good hmm not to good then we'll have endoscopy u/sound bloods scan with I v fluid but never tells me anything about what's what unless I get rattled then he says hmm see you in another 3 months then oh yes new tablets for you go to pharmacy wait there for an hour so challenging to put it nicely so that's me at the mo does any of this start any bells ringing with you lol or anyone else mustn't complain though as we do have an NHS God bless em till the next time love bri xx

  • Crickey I hadn't realised you had benign tumours hun, that must be worrying even though they're safe and I can understand what you said about new life now, ;).

    Fingers crossed it's a good result after the pain you went through for the scan xoxo

  • Yep 18 of the little buggers (or big depending which one your looking at) when I was initially dx they said I has stage 2 liver cancer but they got that wrong which I was happy with, obviously. They cause or I think it's them causing a little pain at times; well most of the time, but I tend to ignore it and them. I am monitored quite carefully so think they will notice if anything changes.

    I can't worry about it, I'd get nothing done on a daily basis...Just got to live life and hope for the best! x

  • Glad you're being kept an eye on and I agree, we've all got to live our lifes hun, I do hope you get your second wind soon xoxo

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