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Hi all, just to all the people who have used the multi scan at Oxford recently, I had mine done yesterday and it seemed to come back as very healthy which was a massive surprise to me. I'm just wondering what your opinions are of the scan and if you think it is well detailed enough to provide a diagnosis. I have been suffering from right side abdomen pain for 7 months undiagnosed and was shocked to see I had no fibrosis or scarring in the scan as I had been told from a fibroscan previous a few months ago that there was mild scarring of the liver. I was told I had 0.9% fat with the limit being 5% and that my iron levels were good. It just sounds too good to be true!. My score was 0.4 overall

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  • I had mine done in April. I found the whole experience to be very informative. I would trust this scan over a fibro scan any day!? The fibro scan can be affected by if you have eaten, body fat, whereas the multi scan is a highly detailed MRI. MRI itself is good at identifying problems, this scan is designed to be more specific to the liver. The MRI scanner has been reprogrammed to account for the liver containing iron. Normal MRI works by using the water content of the organs to create the image, as iron has a different density this has never been taken account of before. They then wrote a program to analyse this data, and create the detailed images you saw. They will send you the full report in the next couple of weeks. This may slightly affect your score as the average can change when further slices of the image are examined, the liver inflammation and fibrosis score ( LIF) may go up or down but only by a tiny amount.

    Have you had any other tests which indicated problems, or just the fibro scan. An Enhanced Liver Function blood test (ELF) can give you an accurate diagnosis of fibrosis/ cirrhosis. It is a normal blood test for you but they use the analysis of a number of levels in the blood and some clever algorithm to determine the health of the liver.

    Anyway, I think you can be certain this scan has confirmed your good liver health. Hopefully it will reassure you enough and help you to stay healthy and well.

    Best wishes


  • The multiscan is a good development, but it is not as sensitive as a Fibroscan. The daddy is an MRE.

    Whilst its true that Fibroscan has its draw backs when someone is obese or has inflammation present, but under the right conditions it is accurate to 95% where the Liver muliscan is 86%.

  • Thanks for the info hubby is waiting for this scan should be done in next couple of weeks x

  • Yay!! I would trust the multi-scanner ever any other method. Accept the great news & move on! LOL......

  • B_RC did I just dream what I read?? I keep thinking that I wrote what you wrote! What time was your scan? I was there having it done on Saturday and my results were more or less the same as yours. I kept thinking it is too good to be true!

    I have had 1/3rd of my liver removed so confused now.

  • The third of your liver mass that has regrown will be A1 healthy. You don't have HCV anymore. Why would your liver be anything other than healthy again!

  • I was in at 11.30 had the football gear on, seems to good to be true to me as I'm still getting right sided pain radiating to my shoulder

  • I was there about 12.50 am. I still have right sided pain but for me it could be anything (maybe a hernia or maybe something to do with adhering of where I had my stitches) and it is very sporadic.

    I am waiting for my email with the details. Have you received yours?

  • great news.

  • Bolly, I realise the liver regrows but I was still left with scarring after my op. I was originally told I had cirrhosis, then it changed to fibrosis. Does scarring disappear? X

  • B_RC I just received a phone call from the Doctor in charge of the Clinical Trial informing me that my liver is now in good condition. I mentioned my previous three previous diagnosis and he has said that the HCV treatment has allowed my liver to regenerate even where it was scarred.

    He did confirm that the MRI multi-scan cannot diagnose Cancer or Lymphoma.

    So, the HCV treatment side effects almost 'killed me' lol! But it also killed my HCV!

  • Congrats Tatjana!

    Sorry about the side effects, but how wonderful is that? I'm soooo happy for you!



  • I will await my report and take it from there, previous questions asked yes I had an ultrasound and CT Scan come back normal as well as this multi scan, the only one was the fibroscan which showed mild fibrosis, The only blood I seem t have elevated on a LFT is my ALT which varies but is usually around the 60 mark.

  • Ok, well the scan so far atleast dont show any major damage. tbh you could live ok with a bit of Fibrosis, its the progressive fibrosis you need to avoid. So what is causing your ALT to be high? You do have some mild inflammation which needs a root cause to be found.

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