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Hi all, had a fabulous time in France, came home had cycle 6, a CT scan & then had another weeks break in Cornwall with my whole family & some fantastic weather!

On our return went through the scan results with my consultant. The four main tumours in the liver have stayed stable, no significant movement either way. The external metastases have not migrated anywhere else & again have no significant movement in size. This is good news at this time. Intra hepatic cholangiocarcinoma has a habit of ignoring chemotherapy & growing regardles, so the fact that it has held the tumours for 6 cycles is fantastic, it has extended my prognosis from the original 6-12 months to 12-18 months. The family were hoping for more. But for me this gives me Christmas & all three of my boys birthdays.

I can only have 8 cycles of this chemotherapy regime as I am now showing signs of toxicity, but already have the next regime agreed and in place after a 4 week washout period.

Keeping myself busy though. Having an extension built on the house & new kitchen. We were always going to do it but never quite had the time or energy. This gives me a project & means I will benefit from the changes too whilst leaving a much better planned home for the boys to live in together.

That's all from me at the moment.

Positive thoughts, prayers & hugs to those who need one.

Take care of you & yours.

X Cibble

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  • Your posts are inspiring ...hope you enjoy lots of lovely precious moments with your family 😀

  • That's fantastic news!!! A house extension definatley keeps you occupied,very exciting.😃 I hope all goes as well with the next round.

    Dooley1 xx

  • Sounding positive Cibble. I'd been toying for ages about getting a dog (I volunteer at a rescue in a few hours of spare time each week and its hard not to bring them all home), but with the hours I work and hub works too had determined I would wait til we retired. Then I thought, I could be much sicker by then, I shouldn't put off til tomorrow something I might not be able to do tomorrow, or next week, or next year. So we are going to have one of the rescues for regular visits and 'sleepovers' to see if it makes him more 'adoptable' by a forever home. Nothing like building an extension, but like you ... onwards and upwards.

  • Dear Bolly,

    If I thought I could walk a dog regularly I would definitely have one. They are such good company & therapeutic too. If it's something you really want, Carpe Diem!

    Take care of you and yours

    X Cibble

  • I can't believe how sereine and positive you remain Cibble in the face of this adversity knowing you may not see two Christmases and talk about leaving your house nice for your boys and be so strong to accept no longer being there to see them grow up? Is it because although you listen to the prognosis but in your heart hope and pray for a miracle and that no one should put a time line to their life?

    I have been thinking and wondering about when you would post next and how you were getting on.

    I wish that all your cancers dissapear just as I wish the same for my husband


  • Never say never! I have worked in oncology long enough to know that giving a time limit can be life limiting, so although the prognosis came with a shelf life I refuse to be governed by it. In the same way I asked my patients to ignore it. Those who only heard the end date, stopped living. Those who come out in defiance have a longer & happier journey. I am defiant! I want to live whilst I can, so I will.

    My thoughts & prayers for you & yours.

    X Cibble

  • THANK YOU XX for your answer and also for your thoughts and prayers. To be honest I only know the prognosis given to my husband and I feel I would rather not tell him. ( until he realises naturally) Were he to know I am sure he would lose all hope and whilst there is hope he can live and fight and hope for the best otherwise like you say he would stop living and enjoying the given moment in time. You are so strong and an inspiration for courage.

    My thoughts and prayers for you and yours too.


  • Cobble.. You are truly inspiring.. And I am a firm believer that we should ALL 'live like you were dying ' to quote Mr. Tim

    Getting sick totally changed not only my life, but my perception of what my life should be, versus what it could be..

    I have done, and am doing things now, that would be impossible for me to even consider, had I not gotten so ill.

    For instance, I picked up and moved to another country. I love it!

    I also went back to being an artist, something I gave up in my teens, and, in less than a year, I am already selling my work, here in the UK and the US (and not to friends and family who might be trying to cheer me

    Thank you so much for posting..I have started feeling sorry for myself lately, as my health deteriorates and I'm in more pain than I thought possible..I needed to be reminded...of how lucky I am, and how blessed my life is today. All I have is today, since yesterday is gone, and tomorrow holds no guarantee ....

    Cheering you in!



  • Dear Cibble,

    This is brilliant news... I am so pleased to hear of your lovely break and doing all the things you want to get done...

    You are truly inspirational:)

    Love and hugs to you and your family.

    Yours truly,


  • Cibble I was wondering how you were:) . You really are an inspiration.

    You seem so upbeat and positive. Best wishes to you and your family xx

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