fatty liver

4 weeks ago I had a fibroscan 10.1. My weight was 9st 7 lb. I lost 7lb and today the fibroscan was repeated 7.1.

I was so suprised losing weigh and going for a walk everyday worked.

I have to see specialist In 2 weeks to get blood tests results.

I was so worried but I feel if I continue to lose more weight it will make a difference.

The site is so helpful thank you pau7

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  • Good result. More people could benefit from a sensible healthy diet and more exercise to lose weight but only the determined and focused will ever succeed. Glad things are working out. Nearly 5 months without any format of alcoholic drink. Didn't have a problem or anything, just raised LFT, so decide to cut out all factors which can help get back to normal. I start p90x3 on Saturday. Determined to be fit and healthy for the summer and being given a chance to put things right with my liver. Blood tests again tomorrow to see how it's all going. ;)

  • Thank you.I've found you have to be really determine to lose weight its not easy but my family are all helping and watching what we eat. Sugar & salt are not allowed just a well balanced diet.

    I'm just hoping my blood tests are ok... get them in 2 weeks.

  • good on you I could take a leaf out of your book

  • very good result

  • pau7 hello how are you now.

  • My fatty liver is improving.My next appointment at hospital is in 3 years Dr was pleased i have been watching my diet. Unfortunately year 2 ago I got polymyralga and had to take steroids, not very good for my fatty liver, after putting a lot of weight on.I also became pre-diabetic. I had put over a stone on,it took me 6 month to get back to 9st 2lb,. How I'm back on track and hopeing to keep eating health and watch my weight. I have never smoked or drank alcohol.

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