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My liver enzymes was going up then down for a year now and I was referred to a gp for a colonoscopy and upper gi..he told me to stop drinking alcohol..6 weeks later my liver enzymes were tested and back to normal...now 3months later they were tested again and are climbing back up...I have continued to not drink and I have lost weight and my Dr says my liver is healing. ..I am confused if it is healing then why have my enzymes climbed back up? If it is healing then wouldn't the enzymes stay down instead of rising? Feeling very ueasy.. :(

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  • maybe stopping alcohol dropped levels and now it's finding it's own balance?

  • Dear desballen

    You are doing the right things by giving up alcohol and losing weight - your enzymes may fluctuate for a lot of reasons and are obviously not concerning your GP. Have you been referred to a liver / hepatology team for any specialist care and support? Wait for your next blood test and if they are continuing to rise discuss with your Dr and see if any further tests, eg a scan, would be helpful in monitoring your liver health

    Please see all of the information on our website - 3 months is not a long time but rest assured your commitment to giving up alcohol and losing weight is going a long way to improving the health of your liver

    good luck and best wishes


  • I have been referred to a gastroinoligist ...she told me that these numbers are fine and that my liver is healing and for me.not to worry...it is hard not to worry :(

  • I can only see post of other people and am wondering how I can get to the website?

  • Hi

    Our website = britishlivertrust.org.uk

    Best wishes Andrew

  • Thank you

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