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Hi I live in Canada but I am still British I have just had a fibroscan that measures fat content of the liver as well

My Test results are : median liver stiffness value of 4.9kPa suggest mild fibrosis.

A Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP) value of 332 dB/m is elevated and suggests severe steatosis. Specifically, >66 percent of hepatocytes are estimated to contain fat.

How would I get this type of reading when I don't drink and am not overweight by much maybe 10 pounds, I did take anabolic steroids for 12 years and got so sick I couldn't eat so I gave them up 2 years ago and my liver is left full of fat.

Can this much fat in the liver cause a liver storage deficiency ?

I cant eat fat or I get seriously ill vomiting swollen stomach sweating uncontrollable shaking and my skin color turns grey and when the episode is over my skin turns red.

Any replies would be a great help thanks.

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normal is below 220db. You have a very fatty liver, the max the scan goes to is 400db.

At the moment there is some minor scarring to your Liver:- "4.9kPa suggest mild fibrosis"

if you can resolve the fat issue then it should reverse. I would say your lucky to have this information now, some don't find out until the Liver is very badly damaged and close to total failure.

The steroids are likely something to do with this. Its is possible that the 12 years of abuse have weakened it. Its possible that you were always going to get fatty liver issue as you got older, but I guess you'll never know, the steroids certainly would not have helped though

Usually people with fatty liver change their diet and avoid sugars and fats, but it seems that you don't eat fat anyway. You dont have to be fat to have a metabolic issue, in some unlucky people it progresses not matter what they do.

what have the doctors recommended? do you exercise?

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hi I haven't made it to the Doctors yet to show them the results as I had my liver tested on my own with out any doctor referral It cost me $100.

I am sure glad I the scan or I would never of found out what was wrong with me until it was to late. I have just got out of the hospital again not knowing what was wrong with me I ate fried fish and it sent me to the hospital and they didn't no what was wrong so I went for the scan and everything makes sense now. I have stopped eating fatty foods and sugar I cant do much exercise as I am very fatigued and if I don't eat my blood sugar levels drop off in to the 2s.

im new to this site and I really am thankful for all of your help so far

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No worries, i like helping people.

obviously consult with your doctors, but im pretty sure excise will be very important, its the fatty liver that is the cause of you being fatigued.

Its very very important to get rid of this fat, if its gets worse then the Liver will become scarred and eventually lead to Cirrhosis and Liver failure.

If you cant leave the house much, get an exercise bike, really burn as much energy as you can, the liver should then burn fat better and your health return.

You may also have to make big changes to your diet, you need a Liver friendly diet, no red meat, no fats, no sugars. Eat fresh fruit and veg, cut down on protein and carbs. Plenty of water


A fibroscan score of 4.9 kpa does not suggest any fibrosis at all. actually it's a very good score.Liver stiffness measurements have different thresholds of fibrosis for different causes.You don't say you have any type of viral hepatitis and you don't drink therefore it appears you have NAFLD.The borderline score needed for First stage fibrosis is about 6.I scored 5.8kpa and my gastrointetologist said I have no liver damage although my cap score was lower with 256.You can google "fibroscan scoring card" yourself and look at the different thresholds cut offs.Best advise is eat healthy and burn off the fat with moderate exercise. Long walks/light jogs are a good bet on the treadmill or outside. Work up a small sweat but don't go crazy.5 times a week is a good idea.stay away from booze or meds including aspirin,Tylenol and such.burn off the fat without going nuts and you'll be fine.


interesting point with the 4.9, but thats for the scale on fatty liver and alcohol. I wonder why they have put it to mild Fibrosis, I wonder how the scale goes for drug damage?


maybe I just have a lot of fat and little scare tissue ....I do remember my CAT scans they read lesions on my liver and cysts....I guess if the Liver is still soft and pliable then the scale should be the same.....I would think.

I see the Liver specialist in 1 month so at least I have some thing to go on now.

I look back on my times of sickness and it all makes sense now thanks to the Fibroscan and CAP.


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