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Fatty liver

I have fatty liver I've had a scan and my bood tests are abnormal.

I have a appointment at hospital later this month.i don't drink I've been told to diet and get exercise my weight was 9st 7 lb I

have lost 5 lb so far and going for walkers daily. I have a uncomfortable feeling just above my waist on right side and I feel tired all the time.

I'm so worried I can't sleep,

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Fatty liver is reversible to a degree and numerous posters on here have seen big improvements in their blood tests and health in general even with fatty liver after they have improved their diet and lifestyle. It becomes a bigger issue if the liver continues to be damaged by the build up of fatty tissue which can lead to fibrosis and possibly eventual cirrhosis, but, as I said some folks on here have seen big improvements following doctors orders.

Pain on your right may indicate a bit of an inflamed liver - the liver in itself doesn't get painful but if it is swollen it can press on surrounding tissues causing the pain. Feeling tired all the time is due to your liver struggling - it isn't metabolising food properly to give energy and a poorly liver will often lead to feeling of tiredness, fatigue and lethargy.

I know it is easy for me to say but try not to panic at this stage and cause yourself loads more anxiety, continue doing your walks and exercise. When you see the hospital doctors take a list of questions you want to ask and note answers, try not to leave the consultation without getting all your list answered as you'll only beat yourself up not having asked things. If possible ask to see a dietician to make sure you are eating the appropriate things for your condition. If this is a new diagnosis be prepared to be sent for some more investigatory tests - scans and the like - these will all be to check on how far things have gone.

Keep posting and you will no doubt get lots of other support and advice here.

All the best to you,

Katie :)


Thank you so much.


Your fatty Liver is causing your liver to become irritated and could lead to scarring. You could have whats called metabolic syndrome, you really need see to an expert on nutrition, you need a liver friendly diet and to be carefully managed. The feeling just above your waste doesnt sound like your liver, your liver starts around the right nipple and ends around the bottom of your rib cage, but a liver distressed does seem to cause stomach and bowel upsets in some.

Most get better results from their doctors if they manage their condition. So get copies of all scans and bloods and do some research on what the numbers and terms mean . If you post them here we will be able to help you understand them, but remember we arent doctors.

for now avoid high carb foods such as white bread and sugars and get some excercise,i would try something that makes you sweat like cycling or running, really get that liver burning up the fat!

good luck and keep us posted!


Thank you that seem like very good advice. glad I have some people to share with.


9 stone 7lbs doesnt sound heavy unless you are a very small person. How tall are you and do you know what your BMI is at that weight?


I am 5 ft 2in for the last 2 years my weight as been increasing, I was always about 8st.

I have lost 5 lb in the last 3 weeks.I now weigh 9st.2lb.

I know have eaten far toomany sweet things.


Your weight sounds really good for your height -I am also 5 ft 2 inches, so I know! I think you should exercise regularly (as you are doing) but not to go mad. Just the regular things like walking, swimming, cycling etc. if you live in England (there is not one in Scotland) try 'walk-4-health' (Google it) - a regular walking programme with others. Be careful about cutting out all the carbs as there are conditions where you need the carbs - eg. diabetes and you do not say if you are a diabetic or not. You are doing really well - remember we are all out there for you. Take a good friend with you to all hospital appointments as 2 pairs of ears are better than one. Do not be afraid to take a list of questions and taking notes of the answers. Ask for copies of your blood test results etc - and for a copy of the letter the hospital will send to your GP. Good luck!


Thank you I will do as you advise.

I believe I have let myself down and done very little exercise, but for the last 2 weeks I have got into a habit of going out for walk .today as been the only day I have not had the discomfort in my upper right abdomen.

I am feeling a bit better in myself since I joined this group.still I'm worried about my visit to the hospital.


I wouldn't beat yourself up too much-I agree with other respondents here-you can do a lot to reduce symptoms. 5:2 diet worked wonders for me-improved bloods and I lost 9kg in 6 weeks which pretty much normalised my condition. It takes a while for things to improve though. 6 weeks of looking after yourself may surprise you-if your'e drinking any alcohol-that' doesn't help. Keep us posted


Thank you.I have never drank but have been on a lot of different types of medication .


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