thc/Cbd the cure ?

There’s still a lot of confusion across the nation about whether or not marijuana is effective for cancer patients. Odds are you’ve heard something about it but weren’t sure whether the information was reliable or definitive. So, in order to help clear things up, here is a list of 34 studies showing that marijuana cures cancer, categorized by the type of cancers being cured in each study. As you sort through the articles, note that the consistent theme between them is that cannabis shrinks tumors and selectively targets cancer cells. As bills and voter initiatives to legalize medical marijuana spread from state to state, remember that we’re not just talking about mitigating the side effects of chemo (though this is another viable use), we’re talking about curing the cancer itself as well as preventing its spread. I’ve taken the liberty of only including articles from credible scientific journals, removing any biased or otherwise improperly cited studies. Enjoy!

Cures Brain Cancer

Cures Mouth and Throat Cancer

Cures Breast Cancer

Cures Lung Cancer

Cures Uterine, Testicular, and Pancreatic Cancers

Cures Prostate Cancer

Cures Colorectal Cancer

Cures Ovarian Cancer

Curse Blood Cancer

Cures Skin Cancer

Cures Liver Cancer

Cures Biliary Tract Cancer

Cures Bladder Cancer (Sign-up required to view study)

Cures Cancer in General


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  • it worked for my liver cancer ?

  • I know you have looked into cannabis thoroughly, and agree that these PubMed articles describe bona fide research. I caution the use of the word 'cure' though. I've only looked at a few of the links you posted, but these write about 'regression' or 'inhibiting growth', which isn't the same as a 'cure' in my view, more a slowing of the disease and possible extension of life. Also some studies are a the rat/mice stage rather than human trials. Grounds for optimism though, and good to see research being done in this area.

  • cure sits fine with me , cured my live cancer ,

  • Hi Steve - Are you 5 years post being diagnosed with cancer?

  • no one year this November, coming at as a surviver , one day clear is a success , , one week is just fantastic to be able to live not feeling sick , one month is a life time , and if I drop dead today it was worth it , one year is a miracle, one year chemo , cancer ,pain , no drugs ,, free , just water , fresh juice ,raw food , yoga , walking , sun , love ,laughter , joy , and cannibiss as a medicine , one year , is fine and am now looking at year two ,, wow ,so five years ,will let you know , in four years time ,, in the mean time I got some life to live ,, x

  • Hi Steve. One year is fantastic, I agree. Statistically though its not medically classified as a 'cure' for primary liver cancer yet, though every day extra is a bonus. The first 2 years post diagnosis/treatment are the highest risk for a recurrence, de novo. 50% of us will make it to 5 years - 50% wont. If you make that 5 year target (I have 2 years to go) I will congratulate you and agree that you have been cured by your cannabis as medicine.

  • chemo or cannibiss , chemo got a 4% success rate ,

    W.H.O . march 2013 ,, and all the side affects , cannibis , very little side affects , gigging ,bit light headed ,, and early reports are show 80 % plus in remission , in humans ,, u chose ,

  • CannaDad's Blog

    personal opinions concerning Natural and Organic alternative lifestyle living; Medicinal, nutritional and recreational Cannabis and 420-friendly Parenting.

    this is a good guy to talk to , he gave cannibiss to his terminal kid ,, read there story it has all the medical notes to ,, see what you make if it , would be very interested to know what your thoughts are and what you would of done when face this proplem ,, ?

  • What would I do? Well, in reality its what DID I do. I went for the surgical option, I was lucky, I was able to. No chemo, no side effects, just a resection. I don't describe myself as cured yet but I do describe myself as in remission. If I am cancer free after 5 years then I will consider myself cured.

  • Steve, I am curious to know how you ingested the cannabis and what type you obtained given that the CBD content varies quite a lot from strain to strain ?


  • usually the oil comes in plastic syringes that contain 1/2 gram of oil at a cost of $30-$35 (dosage to start about a grain of rice size). High-grade CBD oil is at 32% potency. It will still make you high later in the day, but the effects are late and not as strong as THC oils. These you can get at any medical cannabis dispensary if you have a med cannabis card. Doctor's prescription is all it takes.

  • I not seen any reports on .makes you high layer in the day , do you have any links or data on that , as I would like to see it ,

  • First-hand experience from my aunt who is taking 32% CBD oil for her ovarian cancer. The effects of being high could be coming from the OTHER cannabinoid compounds present in the oil. Any number of these could make a person feel high as opposed to the CBD (cannabidiol) getting you high (which it shouldn't since it's non-psychoactive and actually helps prevent the psychoactive properties of THC). Again, you are ingesting CANNABIS, so I would assume that you'd feel the 'high' none-the-less (unless you found a strictly CBD medication without any other compounds).

  • Did the CBD oil work for your aunt? My cousin has ovarian cancer and can't get medical marijuana, tho I believe she could buy CBD oil online.

  • Don't think you can get it on the NHS in the UK via a doctors prescription, though am guessing due to your price in $$ that you can in the USA?

  • you can get it in the uk ( very difficult ) works out at about £1500 per grm ,not bad for home grown ,government mark up ,, ,, lol

  • is just one website to use here in the states to see what dispensaries carry what. =) 1500 pounds per gram in the UK??? wow. They have been doing humanity wrong for far too long.

  • depends on the country your in , and the cost , the is no fix cost it depends on how is selling it ,, Nd how much , the base stock cost , for 112 grm of green on cold gas extraction ,it should return , about , 60 to as high as 80 grms of oil , but there are a lot of factors in that , drying time how fine the stock is , I find out door grown is best , x

  • Hi Steve,

    Did your CBD have a percentage of THC? or just pure CBD?

    Thank you for posting this!

  • Hi Debra. Is this the same Alexander Mario with a blog telling us his friend "Jane" was cured of lung cancer the same way? It's the same email.

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