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CBD Oil for pain relief

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Hi All,

In my quest to find liver friendly pain relief for my capsule pain, a friend suggested CBD Oil to help with pain relief. Does anyone have any experience of this ?

What does the panel think❓❓❓


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Hi David

I have no experience of CBD but have briefly read up on its benefits if they are proven to work!

However I'm presuming you've read up on CBD more than myself. I read that the tablet does cause drowsiness and increase your appetite which maybe a bad things, but only you can decide what's best for you.

I do understand your in horrid pain and CBD states it reduces pain!

My concerns are that the tablet reduces anxiety, decreases seizures and is also an antidepressant!

I would be more likely to speak with your consultant first or nursing specialist as I dont like to take any kind of tablet which in effect could play around with my feelings and brain functions !

Sorry for sounding a little concerned!'

What does your wife think?

Love Trish xxx

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Thanks Trish

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You can be our Guinea pig as most studies were done on mice. It's early days for UK with too many variants claiming wonders. Obviously you need to spend more as you don't wish to purchase a low grade oil. Then watch out for zero THC only, as some contain low levels of THC. Ya don't want a high man or the munchies.

There's a similar post on PBC forum two years ago but USA chat and not much help UK wise.

Think your GP will shrug shoulders & compare it to another so called wonder weed Milk Thistle. Not enough clinical evidence or quality control.

Studies on CBD also have raised concerns about possible interactions with other drugs. ... There also is some indication that CBD might harm the liver. About 10 percent of people taking CBD in studies had increases in liver enzymes, which would indicate possible liver damage, Welty said.7 May 2018.

I would sit on the fence. I studied most things smoking, vaping. Nothings good. I have CBD in powder form bought before diagnosis. Hard to swallow, bit of a gimmick me thinks. I didn't notice any benefit. 👍👎

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Thanks for your comprehensive reply, to be honest I am just clutching at straws, trying to find a good painkiller that is liver friendly.

I knew that you can get CBD without the THC, but didn't know the dangers for the liver.

Oh well, back to the drawing board,


I smoke cannabis but not a lot I use it so I can sleep otherwise the nightmares I have are ridiculous.... I am looking at different ways of ingesting at the moment due to asthma lol

My transplant hospital know and my local hospital and no one has told me to stop.... I started about six months ago and over that period I have seen my bloods getting gradually better not sure if its the weed or because I have a decent sleep now but whatever it is its working 😁

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Smoking dried herb has been done safely for thousands of years. It was easy to control the dosage and to reduce any risk of infection with use of a personal bong, also the most economical use of a stash. The process of inhalation was actually said to be beneficial for increasing lung capacity by lung expansion, but l don't know how true that is/was.

I'm not sure why our governments have had such a problem with studying this in more detail, but suspect that the lure of big pharma had something to do with it. In other words, it hadn't occurred to them how to make any money off it yet.

The stronger strains developed by hybridization are definitely a good reason to study it now, because it has changed the nature of a relatively benign product, widely used for its euphoric properties, to a potentially dangerous, possibly adulterated drug that consumers are using with no standards in place.

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Hi Boots, Thanks for your reply. I know that herbal remedies can be beneficial. I chew a feverfew leaf every day to help with my migraines, and it certainly works. I only get about 5 a year now, not a month.

I agree, it's about time they looked seriously at the real medical benefits of cannabis.


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Boots? Boots? Keep your head down if I were you! 😁. It’s Boot 👍. I have learned the hard way 😁.

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Oooops, I'll blame it on my dyslexia🤣🤣🤣.

I'm off to the naughty step now😢😢😢

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Hehe - i did same 😁

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Lysdexia lures KO🤣🤣🤣

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So your joining the naughty 😈 club with me and Owlie ! 🤣🤣

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Hi boots or knee high boots.❓

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Kinky Boots are in ! 😊

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Over here in the states, they have recently developed an eye drop for glaucoma.


Something I would like to point out, regular "ditch" weed "works" fine, and without any research at all has proven to be benign, there has never been a single case of any harm coming from its use worldwide, which is remarkable in and of itself.

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Thanks for your reply Jojo. It seems that, as with a lot of things, there will always be reports of good and bad. It's good that your medics know, and have not warned you off it. I just didn't want to stress my liver any more than it already is.

Pain relief for capsule pain is my main objective, but better sleep would be a bonus.


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Hi Jojokarak,

My dad had a hard time smoking it as well because of the burning sensation until he got a bong that held ice called an ice catcher. It totally changed how the smoke felt going in. It wasn’t nearly as harsh and helped in multiple ways for pain he had all over his body.

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I've never tried edibles and don't plan to but thinking that maybe they'd at least be easier on the lungs than smoking weed? Heck, I don't even know if they are legal? The CBD oil that at least one member here has been asking about is something I'd like to learn more about though. Not for me. Spoke to a friend the other night, however, that said the oil didn't do anything for her. But not sure what her goal was. A pretty healthy gal. Perhaps sleep/stress related. Dunno. Merry wishes to you this day.

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Replying to myself. Sorry in advance. Just had a thought! Hukas! Tried them a few times and really liked them --relaxing--and they did not knowingly hurt my lungs. Must put that on my Santa list!

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Good morning davianne,

I can see you have had lots of helpful comments and insights from other forum members.

I have provided a link to information from the NHS which includes a small section on CBD oil.


I have also included a link to the British Liver Trust information on complementary therapies and liver disease.


As already suggested, please ensure you discuss any additional medication/supplement with your own doctors.

Best wishes


Hi David,

My dad tried alllll kinds of different types of CBD and Cannabis with TCH. I’m not sure where you are located but here in the U.S. we have everything from lotions to edibles, to Rick Simpson oil. My dad recently passed from liver cancer that spread and lived many years with cirrhosis and Hep C before that so he had pain in many areas of his body. The right shoulder is where it started. For that he used a CBD lotion that I believe had THC as well. That helped a lot at first but as his pain worsened he moved on to lidocaine patches and edibles (chocolate bars and gummies) and would smoke from a ice catcher bong as well and he said that the stronger the THC the less pain he felt personally. This is a guy that smoked pot back in his 20’s became paranoid and couldn’t handle the THC...It really helped him cope towards the end so I’m extremely grateful for it. Also, his pain was mainly at night...Hopefully that helps! Hang in there!!

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Many thanks J-rod28,

I'm so sorry for the passing of your Dad, it must be a tough time for you and your Family.

I'm sorry for the late reply......I go to bed early as the capsule pain isn't so bad there.

I am in the UK, so it is difficult to get the real cannabis, but my local pharmacy sells the CBD without the THC. I spoke to the pharmacist yesterday, but she said there is no evidence either way as to whether it will harm my already struggling liver. I'm not sure what to do now.......other than more research.

Take Care,


Thanks tetface, I'll check out the article.


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joint project

A project that is inpsired from the act of smoking a marijuana joint. A joint project is often characterized by crazy ideas, goals, or motivations.

I'm tired of these joint projects, they are just too crazy after the smoke has cleared. 😜

"Cannabis oil products ‘could be off the shelves in a year’ - BBC News" bbc.co.uk/news/business-514...

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I'm not surprised......nanny state flexing its muscles again.

They'll ban walking next for health and safety issues.

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A step too far. 🙄

Nice one Fecky👍😁

Here we go CBD. Here we go cbdo here we go cbdon't, CBD's back at you.

Oil rite pony up then but keep it under ur tongue? 😜

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Picked up my prescription yesterday, and saw in a locked cabinet with the expensive perfumes, a small (10ml) bottle of CBD oil for £69.99. I could get a lot more of the Full Monty for that kind of dosh. There's big money to be made💰💰💰........a new venture❓❓❓

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Jury is still out. On TV the other night while tests may be somewhat promising on full strength grade what your getting if your lucky is 5% strength wise. The cost outways any benefits in my opinion. 🌿 The Dickinsons would be cheaper. 🤔 Puff the magic dragon. The gain for pain is still under wraps. 🙄

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