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Without question pain the pain is from your "Auto Immune Heptitituss" and most definetly the right handside as we only have one liver ie all in the same place.

The pain is a sensation pain an ackey pain an anoying pain a pain there that is constant, its not a pain you associate with pain killer,,,given the pain is mild in nature just so bloody anoying but yes always there.

well i guess some onions with "OXO" yummy now that will give any liver flavour,,,get the point not the points your liver is hungery for a good feed of quality nutrition and its daily dose of iron,coppers yes were a frigging scrap yard so colkect your cash payment on the way out of the yard,

so feed your liver its a balancing act.

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FYI the liver had no pain receptors so the pain you are experiencing is more likely to be from a gall bladder or something else. You won't feel pain in the liver. It's impossible.


I guess CaptM,,,is pain specialist,,,HEHEHE.

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I think he's just stating a fact.

The liver has no pain receptors. The capsule surrounding the liver does though, but the liver itself doesn't.

What people refer to as liver pain is usually because something like the gallbladder is inflamed or a swollen liver is pressing on other organs or is pressuring the liver capsule.


Yes been through all the processes had byopsey Definitely,AIH type -1- em since having this i didnt no i had it very tierd always atvthe wrong times,,,,em kind of nodding off for short bursts you just cant fight it,,,I've droped some weight also was 19.7 down to 16.10 going good noticed though no change in fatigue.

i exercise average each day 25 kilometers monday to friday,,,Sunday i push the boat out 100 kilometers i average 1000 plus kilometers per month + not bad for a novis,,,,feel healthier but the dreaded fatigue,,,yes get daily pain right side any thoughts go on lads write them up.


Forgot to mention by cycle,,,sorry.




CaptM is right. The liver has no nerves but an enlarged liver may press on other organs or body parts in the abdominal cavity causing referred pain. Have you had a scan?


THE RESULTS of a Poor Liver Situation can perhaps RESULT in pain, due to pressing on something, etc etc.

So when people say that they have pain from their liver, it may not be literal but indirect, ya know??? Cause and Effect..... just look at the "Picture" and dont analyze each word.

Today I said "my heart hurt" and it actually did, but now, did it, or was it a pain from the result of my heart... bottom line.... you got it~


Only stating what the liver specialist and my surgeon told me. I'd hope they know what they're talking about. ;)


Thanks,,Mr,,X,,,,,great to here this,,,,any one out there needing some support ideally any were else would cost a fortune.

Listen up guys only fooling about the pain,,,,,but many arnt in the understanding and so understand something else is going on,,,okay lets chill.

Did you no,,,,fooling with weight gain products really plays havoc with your liver,,,if any one should no ask the lads that pump Iorn,,,they no the crack and can teach you a thing or two about your liver,,,however be prepared at the Gym to do a workout these lads answer questions as you work with them,,,owe watch your toes.


Dear Breaveheart,

The good people of this site have supported many with so many different levels of disease. I think you said you had a biopsy and this showed you have AIH? I wish you and your family strength and courage to battle this terrible disease.

Yours truly,



Thank you.


Unfortunately a very difficult time,,looking away and into the research there is hope,,plenty of hope,,out there one just needs the ability to motivate ones self.

okay been researching, ,researching,,and researching.

For a mechanism of fight back because we need to fight back dont wee?

for our childrens sake,,for our Wifes and Hubby's sake or our lovers,,our Partners,,our in laws and extended family and friend's.

life is to short to complicated to become embroiled in anything else,,simply because we need life,,we need to exist,,we need to be part of society,,we need to make our mark for humanity.

so what do we fight back with,,well folkes" Willpower"for Willpower will be our suppoot and guidnece with exstended family supports structured into place.

Making willpower go that extra mile..

Im convinced there is a turn around for AIH i belive were all destined for good things and not be given a Death Certificate with our names on it,,and indicating what we are going die off.

okay i will come back with what i feel should be a road map forward but for now just continue to understand our health is in our hands.


Okay kind of got of to a good start finding a support mechanism,,,okay you see your "GP" blood tests confirm probabilitys of "AIH"so more extensive tests are undertaken,,,more bloods,Ultrasound, Scans, Biopsy,,your told however your going straight onto Predesoloin,Imuran,Calcichew a Calcium support,,,but your not told about how further you can support the process from developing.

okay many people for all good natured reasons have commonly multiple complications but with all complications one needs to understand simple basic help supports,,,i guess your saying well what care they are they going to be a miracle cure,,will they can they aliviate my symptoms look im not going to give you a miracle cure,,,but what i do no good management rattles Consultant's specially those that are systemically against those whom fight these retched diseases.

So getting off on a good foot let's simply write history.

im convinced of the following once your told you have an Autoimmune situation you need to recognise you have no choice but to deal with it many people allow stress to manipulate there life just like time awaits for no man.

Yes you have noted what i have said stress is one big gigantic issue of "Autoimmune" Autoimmune infections of the Immune system there are many and to many to mention such as"AIH"PBC"Diabetice"Over Active Thyroid"Under Active Thyroid so on so on,, further for those whom have further difficulty understanding "Medications are another debilitaing and significant problem of "Autoimmune causing inducement many of which are induced from certain medications and long term use for such conditions there are another that attacks like a thief in the night,yeap its the that dreaded word we so commonly use and all so try to aspire to "Diet"

is it the "Diet"yes,yes,yes.

Diet is important to Autoimmune simply because many foods attack our system so how can we achive big gains from four letters.

okay we first need to recognise we need a Plant based diet,,removing Fat,Sugar,Dairy products,Red Meat,Paultry,and reintroducing a new lifestyle.

like cooking with 100% Linseed Oil rich in Omega 3 in all meals eating plenty of fruit and vegtibles and grains,,reintroducing Cardiovascular exercise into your new regime at least 1.5 hrs in 24hrs or more if managible maximum 2.5 in secession broken down over 24hrs.

just poping pills isnt going to cure the problem remember some pills induce problems far greater than they were.

the rest is just plain simple common sence.

good luck god speed.


Thank you Breaveheart for you detailed and interesting post.

Here's wishing you all the best.



Thank you.

Pear-Shape . For your kindness beautiful person truly thank you.


As long as you take your AIH medication and try to eat and (not drink) healthily you will be fine. Current research into AIH is going on at Newcastle and Birmingham (and a few other centres where patients have volunteered to join) under some highly qualified University hepatologist clinicians and researchers. So don't fret breaveheart (was it meant to be braveheart but a typo slipped in!) the medics are on the case. The current research is exploring the phenotype of immune cell subsets for deeper understanding of immune-pathogenesis and their potential application as predictors for treatment response. Go project team UK-AIH! Woo hoo.

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Thanks BOLLY,,

nice one yes i think it is "BREAVEHEART"and so right you are to mention some fine research going on,,,owe thosexdreaded typos,,,,,HEHEHE. Well were destined to help one and other so keep fighting keep smiling i hope my limit knoledge is kind of hitting atcthe right path forward,,,thanks, BOLLY.


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