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Some Philosophical Musings

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Warning – rather long rambling post alert! (but might be worth a read)

So, I’ve been trying to work out when my 1-year runniversary is. It’s a bit difficult since

a)I didn’t log my early runs 🙄

b)I had a false start after straining my calf on Week1 Run2 by trying to go too fast when I probably didn’t warm up properly and my poor old pins weren’t used to it. 😢

What I do know is, I joined this amazing community on April 13th 2020, logging my first ever post on social media, asking for advice a week after knackering my calf. I was taken aback by the speed of the response, the helpfulness and positivity. ☺🤗

Well I finally worked out that today is the 1-year anniversary of my re-starting C25K, and the beginning of an adventure that I never believed possible.

Like so many people, I started running during lockdown. I’ve never been in to all that Joe Wicks leaping around type of stuff and I’ve never ever been to the gym. I have hated running all my life and would walk during school cross-country when I though I wouldn’t be spotted.

Swimming was my (only) exercise of choice, but lockdown arrived, and the pools closed. It would have been so easy to just collapse on the sofa after work, but I knew I had to do something – so I started C25K.

It hasn’t always been easy, physically or mentally, especially in the beginning and I seriously doubt I would have carried on were it not for the advice and unconditional support from all the amazing people on this very special corner of the internet.

But, at the age of 56, I fell in love with running 🏃‍♀‍😍💕and it has been my saviour during these crazy times we are all living through right now. I am fitter and leaner and feel more mentally alert than I can remember.

I run because:

•It gives me time to myself - we all need that.

•It gets me out of the house, I love being outdoors – it’s good for your mental health, boosts the immune system and gives you your Vitamin D

•It gives me headspace and is a fantastic way to de-stress. I don’t take my problems on a run with me. I just live in the moment.

•You learn something about yourself on every run. Running is a mental challenge as well as physical. It’s about pushing your body and mind to achieve things you never thought you could.

•Running is freedom – it’s one thing I can control.

•Most of all my runs are for me. Fast, slow, long, short. They’re all runs.

Anyway, I graduated C25K on June 19th last year, covering just over 4.5km, including warm up and cool-down walks. It took me until almost the end of July to run a “5K” which took me 43:24. I managed my first non-stop 60 minute run on August 22nd, covering a distance of 6.58km

Looking for a new challenge, I started Ju-jus Magic 10 Plan. For my graduation I ran the Virtual Vitality London 10,000 in a time of 1 hour 28 minutes, raising just shy of £1,000 for the Sue Ryder Manorlands Hospice. Being able to do that was a privilege.

Since then I’ve run several 10ks, taken part in the HU 1km Winter Speed Challenge, where I improved my 1K PB by 33 seconds, and am currently having great fun taking part in HU COGH Ultra Relay. I’m doing LEJOG9 and take part in a monthly distance challenge with work colleagues.

I think I’m well and truly hooked. I even took my running kit on holiday with me twice last year – and used it!

I’d planned on marking my runniversary by re-doing Run1 Week1, along the same woodland route I used a year ago. Alas things have come full circle, and I find myself right back where my running journey began, on the IC, after injuring my hip during the HU Virtual Spring 10k on Easter weekend. 😢

I managed to secure a face to face physio appointment last week who diagnosed gluteal tendinothapy. And, as linda9389 suggested should happen, I now have an exercise program focused on strengthening and recovery, with hopefully a gentle return to running within another week or so. It feels like a positive step.

And in another total about face, the pools are now open and I can at least swim again to try and maintain some level of fitness.

A year ago running saved me when I couldn’t swim. 🏃‍♀‍✔🏊‍♀‍❌

And now swimming is my saviour when I’m unable to run. 🏊‍♀‍✔🏃‍♀‍❌

What a mad year it has been!

So, to conclude on these philosophical musings, if anyone is just starting out, or struggling – you really can do it. Trust in the plan if you are following one, but most of all believe in yourself. You will be amazed at what you can achieve.

And for all of you reluctantly sitting on the injury couch alongside me, I wish for you a speedy recovery, and to come back stronger and better than before.

Happy Running All 🏃‍♀‍🏃‍♂‍😁

I took the photo on my lunchtime walk today. I started all my C25K runs at this point. It’s also happens to be the starting line of my local parkrun. Sometime soon, fingers crossed 🤞

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Instructor57 profile image

Great post Diane and happy runaverssary 😁🎉🎉🎉Lots of encouragement here for new comers to the program and also those with a bit more experience 👍

Hope your off the I C soon but until then enjoy the walks and swimming 👍

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Instructor57

Thanks Ian.I really hope so too, but feel a lot more positive after last weeks consultation, and speaking with my physio again on the phone this evening.

I'm enjoying the walks and the swims

AlMorr profile image

Wonderful achievement and post from you Birdlady64, congratulations on your first runniversary, nice photo of where your local parkrun starts, I hope your injury heals soon and it's great that you can get back to 🏊 swimming

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to AlMorr

Yes - it's a wonderful parkrun route through the woods close to where I live. I'm enjoying the swims, but missing being outside on my runs

CBDB profile image

Happy Runniversary!!!! I recently celebrated mine, and there were so many things in your post I could relate to. It’s been quite a journey, and this is just the first of our many Runniversaries to come, I am sure.

Hope you are off the IC soon! Meanwhile, swimming sounds great!

Get well soon and celebrate that year full of running!

Runniversary Card
Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to CBDB

Aww! Thank you so much for my card 🤗I'm glad my post resonated at least a little.

I'm enjoying the swims, but just a tad disappointed that I couldn't celebrate in quite the way I would have wanted

Jools2020 profile image

Great post from you, Diane and many congratulations on your runniversary! It’s the perfect time to look back on achievements over the past year and to reflect on how much running has given us! Well done 👏👏👏👍

I hope it won’t be too long before you can swim and run!

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Jools2020

Thank you Julia. Yes it's certainly a poignant time for reflection. Running has given me so much and I feel so lucky to have it in my life

WillowandSola profile image

Happy Runniversity and I loved reading your post,

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to WillowandSola


nowster profile image

Many happy reruns! A lot of us started here about the same time because of lockdown. May everyone who starts C25K get as much out of it as you have. 🎂

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to nowster

Thanks nowster. It has certainly had an unbelievably positive impact in my life and I'm still amazed by it all

Snail61 profile image

You say running is freedom? I couldn't agree more.👍👍👍

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Snail61

Freedom - and so much more!

Oldgirlruns profile image

Lovely post Birdlady! I’m so sorry to hear about the IC, I know what it feels like! I’m half on half off at the moment but hopefully getting better. And like you I had my first session in a swimming pool today - bliss! Hope the recovery goes well for you and that you’re back running again soon!

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Oldgirlruns

I hope your recovery continues in a positive direction It is wonderful being back in the water isn't it?

Wonderful post! Happy runniversary! Good luck with the exercises and I’m sure you will be back to running soon!

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Indielass00

Thanks Indielass00 I'm keeping up the exercises and spoke to the physio on the phone again this evening, so feeling much more positive about things.

I hope things are going OK for you?

That’s brilliant. Hips loads better thanks but have sciatica at mo. So once that’s gone I’m hoping to be back to running 🤞🏻

LottieMW profile image

Happy runniversary! 🥳

Lovely post, enjoy your walks and swims...and I hope you’ll soon be off the IC and running again 👍🥰🏃🏻‍♀️

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to LottieMW

Thanks LottieI am loving being back in the water and get that high from it, especially if I swim first thing, but I really miss my runs.

Who would have thought I would ever say that?

LottieMW profile image
LottieMWGraduate10 in reply to Birdlady64

I think that’s true of a lot of us!

linda9389 profile image

Yep me too. Yep and that. Oh yes, definitely that ... I abandoned my first attempt too - although I did make it to week 2 (knee pain) and I count my runniversary as the date I restarted (17th April). I didn't start C25K til I was 57 and hate swimming though (cycling saves my sanity whenever I find myself checking out the IC)! Great post - C25K is definitely the start of something wonderful 😊

Here's to many more happy years of injury-free running!!!

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to linda9389

Thanks Linda. You were totally right about what you said and l feel much more positive about things, especially after speaking to the physio again on the phone yesterday evening

Ha ha! Funny - I'm not in to cycling at all. The last time I tried to ride a bike was in the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus about 28 years ago. I spent more time pushing the thing than pedalling 🥵🚴‍♀️🚵‍♀️🚳

linda9389 profile image
linda9389Moderator in reply to Birdlady64

Oh my, I remember the Troodos mountains as being pretty impressive in a car ... but on a bike 😱

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to linda9389

ha ha! That's why I pushed more than pedalled 😂

Week7 profile image

Congratulations on your first runniversary! Your post is an excellent reminder of the benefits so many of us have experienced through taking up running in the past year. I ofter wonder how many of us "lockdown " c25kers turned committed runners there are out there.

I hope that you are off the IC and out running again soon.

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Week7

Thank you Week7. I wonder that as well. Quite a few I would imagine.

Tillybeach profile image

HiFantastic post. Resonates with me too as a lockdown starter!! Hope your fit and ready to go soon xxx

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Tillybeach

Thank you Tillybeach.It's amazing how far we have come on this journey isn't it?

JayJay_ profile image

What a lovely inspirational post 😊 Hope you’re off the IC soon x

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to JayJay_

Aw! Thank you!Things are a lot better so hopefully it wont be too much longer

CaptFrey profile image

Happy runniversary and what an amazing inspirational post 🤗. Given me a boost thank you

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to CaptFrey

Thanks so much! I'm pleased that you enjoyed reading it 😀

Lifluf profile image

Aah I'm so sorry that you're on the IC but what a journey you've had so far. I'm sure, now you've got the bug, you'll be back with us as soon as you can.In the meantime, recover well and enjoy getting back in the pool.

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Lifluf

Yes, what an amazing journey indeed.I'm certainly enjoying the swims, and yes , as Arnie would say, "I'll be back!"

Hareshaw-Granny profile image

Doing my usual and catching up with everyone. Congratulations on your 1st runniversary, it’s been a strange year but what an achievement. Lets hope it’s not too long till you’re back out running🤞.

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Hareshaw-Granny

Thank you! Strange doesn't really cover it at all, does it? But we've been on the most amazing journey for sure.

Fab post Birdlady, great to read. Hope you'll be back running soon. 🏃‍♀️

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Tofino

Thank you 🙏I'm glad you enjoyed reading

Beachcomber66 profile image

That says it all Birdlady64. Great post and congratulations 👏👏👏👏. One thing I am still learning is that faster isn’t always better, well not at age 69 anyway. I spent far too much time IC in the last year when access to physios was hard to non existent. I am being quite cautious these days. At the moment I am looking at fitness rather than pace; running like for like runs at a lower heart rate. The perfidious VO2 max is being nice to me for a change. I know that she is a flighty piece and likely to turn at any moment; but for now I will bask in the radiance of her smile 😂

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Beachcomber66

Aw! Thanks 🤗Pace isn't everything - the main thing is to simply enjoy your runs.

And who knows how to impress VO2max? I don't!

Beachcomber66 profile image
Beachcomber66Graduate10 in reply to Birdlady64

Not me for sure. Quicker 2/3k runs seem to work..but who cares?

Cmoi profile image

Glorious post - apart from the IC of course Birdlady64! I started C25K just after the lifting of the initial lockdown here in France, so it'll be my first runniversary in a few weeks. Wishing you many more years of happy running!

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to Cmoi

Thank you! Happy up-coming runniversary and I hope for many many more happy runs for you too! 🤗

jorgeRuns profile image

Happy Runniversary Birdlady, you’ve covered a lot of ground in your first year and without a visit or 2 to the injury Couch it wouldn’t seem complete 😉, all part of the initiation into the wonderful world of running. I’m sure you’ll, be back stronger than ever, meanwhile enjoy your swim 🏊‍♀️ 😁

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to jorgeRuns

Thankyou! 🙏Well I guess it was inevitable sooner or later but it has taken a year to reach the IC, discounting the false start so maybe I've been fortunate.The swims are wonderful, but not a substitute for the runs. Who would have thought I'd ever say that?

jorgeRuns profile image
jorgeRunsGraduate10 in reply to Birdlady64

😁 who knew indeed, nothing short of a transformation 🥳

HevvyH profile image

Wow....what an amazingly successful running year you have had. My anniversary will be coming up soon I think. Hope you are up and running again soon. 😀

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to HevvyH

Thank you 🙏It has certainly been an amazing journey and one I never ever dreamed of.

The COGH relay is amazing isn't it? My T-shirt and vest arrived earlier this week and I am very happy with them.

Love the flamingos BTW

limberlou profile image

Be very careful with your hip rehab. Ive been suffering with the same thing for nearly 2 years now. Ive had physio, rested, stretched, done Pilates most days , done the exercises I’ve been shown by the physio, had a cortisone jab in my hip...... and not much improvement. It got to where I was barely sleeping due to pain when I rolled onto the afffected hip, and sciatica like pain all down that leg when I rolled onto the other side. Finally now over the last month I have been going to my chiropractic practice and had two adjustment and two deep tissue massages. They also showed me a new stretch to do.. And things finally seem to be improving 😄

But I’ve had to put my running on hold for a while - lots of walking instead and Pilates of course.

Good luck with your hip.🤞

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to limberlou

Thank you for your concern.It sounds like you've had a rough time of it with your hip, but at least you seem to be on the right track now.

I had a lot of trouble just like that several years back now after a car accident. I was told it was bursitis at the time, but I had the sciatic nerve thing all down my leg too. In the end a cortisone jab seemed to do the trick, but they're a bit hit and miss.

This new thing came without any warning, but I'm hoping the strengthening exercises will do the trick. I'm going to be careful - just stick to the shorter gentle runs for a while.

Good luck to you too

limberlou profile image
limberlouAmbassador in reply to Birdlady64 Interesting read about our conditions

Wow that's some achievement in a year I'm really inspired at what's possible! Good luck with the recovery.

Birdlady64 profile image
Birdlady64Graduate10 in reply to tmbtrain

Oh yes you will be amazed at how much is possible. There are many on here who have done much more than me I never ever dreamed I would be able to do any of this a year ago. I feel so lucky to have found running and desperately want it to stay as part of my life

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