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First garmin coach training


So today I tried the first training with Jeff after an awful running for the benchmark.

At the beginning for me was really confusing as the watch doesn’t help to stop and start with your walk and run and keeping pop out the instruction when nobody request them. I found my self doing all the accelerate drill running without recovering . Without notice I start the magic mile ... and only at the end I got the different lap where the watch try to help you to keep the same pace (7.20) and inform you when you are ahead or behind (red zone). Overall I enjoyed it I should be more prepare at the beginning but I did one hour between running and walk and reach 7.50 km . I will carry on and see what I will be able to do. Anyone had the same experience ?

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My watch vibrates when it is time to change and sometimes you have to press the lap button to move on. It helps to study each run in the app before hand so you know exactly what to do.

The one down side with the run walk run sessions (long run) is that you have to decide your own run walk strategy and there is no way of inputting this in the app, you either have to keep looking at you watch or set up a timer in a different app.

I didn’t really stick to the run walk strategy for the long runs after a while because I didn’t like it - just used to run the distance and walk when I needed.

The accelerate drill doesn’t have a recovery, you kind of speed up and slow down all within the 30 secs, unlike the cadence ones where you run for 30 then recover for 30.

It does get easier once you have got the hang of the runs.

Thank you I didn’t fell the vibration to be honest and maybe need to familiarise more with the watch. So basically I did all the accelerate drill on running , the magic mile I did all running and only the last laps I did run and walk . At the end I enjoyed it however my average pace was slow 8:09 . Thank u to take the time to explained to me really appreciate

I think I had to change the setting to make it vibrate so I could feel it. As it was on a lower setting.

Great thanks

Hi Spongepot ye Im doing the garmin 5k but with Greg with a built in aim to get to 25min 5k over 14-16w...I do around 33 min at the mo. But I too did an awful benchmark..but a bit on purpose.. I view it that if my benchmark was brilliant then then the structured weekly run data expected would start right on my edge which is no fun at i slowed that down a bit and so my easy runs are not too demanding...just the goal pace runs are agonising...but i close my eyes and do my best...steady state runs also hard grrrr...I look forward to the easy runs now and brace myself for the rest...but there is quite a big leeway allowed before you dont get Greg's 'good job' as a comment...I only have had one 'room for improvement' hahahaha but overall have to say Garmins training plans are really good I reck


I've just done the benchmark run today so thanks for the tips, the runs look complicated and I watched a couple of videos today which explain how to do them. will update you on progress!

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Hi taichi1 , at the end for the benchmark Jeff give me a good job.... but my first run was a little bit mess and finish with room to grow. Today I did the hills training and Saturday I have again the run.... I am concern that for Monday I have the long run 11.6 km... until now I run for max 5.40 km so I am a little bit concern.NetCadet Keep me update as we are basically at the same point !

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