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8K this morning in soggy shoes


I had read here that soft ground is better for old joints than tarmac, so down the lane I went, over the stile and into a field of long, wet grass and sleepy sheep. Within a few yards my feet were making squelching sounds and I had to lift them up high to run through the grass. I turned back to the lane . I don't mind wet feet if they are warm, wet feet, and I soon stopped noticing them. Off I went on the metalled lane again . My run felt really slow but I was speeding up on the way back , the gradient was a bit downhill by then too. So I completed 8km for the first time. (not far from 5 miles ), this morning. I will not divulge the pace - that is my secret and best forgotten. Blame it on a sheep field .

Lessons learned?

Avoid long grass before the dew has dried.

Don't worry about pace on the long run.

Enjoy the podcast

Running shoes will dry on the clothesline

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8km for the first time!! Well done. A nice mark in the sand for you. Hey, remember pace will come and go so just keep on keeping on!! Slower paced runs are the way to go!!


Well done, despite the sheep! I managed 10k this morning without really planning/hoping to, so I'm chuffed & relieved after the horrible outing I had on Wednesday. And you're quite right - nobody needs to know about the time 😉😁

GTFC in reply to PandaCory

Hey, well done!! 🏆

PandaCoryGraduate10 in reply to GTFC


Gwyrdd60minGraduate in reply to PandaCory

Congratulations on your 10k Panda. Happy running

PandaCoryGraduate10 in reply to Gwyrdd

Thanks; you too!


Great run and great lesson. In my book speed is always 2nd to enjoyment. Sounds like you had plenty enjoyment. I hate running in long grass or boggy conditions - exhausting. Give me a lovely hard road any day. Happy running 🤗

Gwyrdd60minGraduate in reply to Grannyhugs

Thank you. I thought fields would be better for my knees, but I have learned my lesson.Yes, grass is exhausting

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to Gwyrdd

I work on the basis my knees must be used to tarmac by now 🤞🏽🤣

Wow 8k sounds brilliant to me whatever the pace 😊Well done. I still can't make up my mind if I prefer the tarmac of pavements or the old railway line that was crushed limestone but now mainly compacted dry mud! I haven't tried grass yet, but your sheep field sounds great for a walk with boots on 😀


Great run getting to 8k! Sounds like that was a bit harder than usual but a scenic run.

Good work gwyrdd! That speed sounds just perfect to me 😊

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