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Garmin Coach 10k with Geoff


Hi all after completing C25k in early June I am now 6 weeks through Garmins 10k training plan with Geoff Galloway, I have another 8 weeks to go. I am finding the plan okayish but the drill runs are getting a bit tedious as I feel it isn’t stretching me plus there is no variety. The long run at the end of the week is gradually building up (8.04km this Sunday) using the Run walk run method. I am currently trying to run for 2k stretches with a minute walk in between. Has anyone on the forum used it as I would keen to hear your thoughts on the plan.

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Most people on here use ju ju’s magic plan in the pinned posts. Maybe swap to that.

I have been looking for Ju ju’s magic plan on the forum but can’t seam to find a link with all the details of the plan. Could you point me to the plan please?


This is what loads of people used to get to 10k . Good luck😊👍

Thank you for the link will switch over next week and see how o get on 😊


Oh! That's disappointing to hear they are tedious, I was about to start that as I really enjoyed having a coach talk me through each run while doing the 5k. The magic plan is good though, hope it works for you!

Unfortunately there is no coaching in your ear. What is good is the videos and information that is provided each week. Also when you do your sessions your watch gets alerts to tell you when do change your running from warm up to a run walk etc. It lets you decide when you want to walk/run. I thought I would have Jeff in my ear a bit like Michael Johnson on the C25k. You do get to see Jeff on his videos though 😄


I’m using the Garmin coach plan for half marathon, but with Amy as coach (I think there are three different coaches each with a slightly different approach). I’m on week 14 of 18. Main issue I found was the pace it set for easy runs and long runs felt so slow. But I’m finding the different distances, speed sessions and time trials really help to mix things up and get me out of the rut I was in. And my fitness stats are improving so it feels like it’s working.

Wonder if it’s possible to suspend your current plan and try a different coach?

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to tony_a

You can swap coaches at any time in the plan without hitting pause... not sure how that would go down switching to/from Jeff though as he’s the only one using run/walk I think.

I will stick with Jeff but add in bits of Ju Ju’s magic plan. Jeff has some interesting drills but they are moderate on effort for me. On Sunday I have an 8km run/walk session which will push me, especially as have a light 10min jog to warm up after a few stretches. I generally warm down with a 10min walk.

I have just finished using Jeff for 5K. I liked the drills, the number do increase - I got up to 8 cadence drills, 6 40s glider ones, 8 hill repeats and 14 speed repeats! I liked the 2 weekly cycle of drills. I think you also have to push yourself to do the drills quicker as you go through.

It might seem like it’s not stretching you but I suddenly got so much faster - knocked 5 mins off my 5k PB in 13 weeks.

Also those longer runs get very long! My longest was 16k and I was doing the 5k plan. I went for walking the first 100m of each K as my run walk. But I found walking when I needed to also helped after the 10K mark.

The other thing I did was make sure all my drill runs were 5k - just carried on when they said workout complete.

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