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After c25k what next 🙄


Well there's faster or further, but for now I'll just carry on with my 30min runs and eventually stretch the distance, Ultimately if I can get to the 10k and maintain a comfortable pace, then I'm a happy womble

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Lots of ideas here

But just running amok for pure joy is hard to beat. Just keep to a routine and keep running and you’ll find your happy place 🤗


So pleased you are happy and not feeling the pressure to change. If you do need any suggestions in the future we are here to give them. Happy running

Imc50Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs


Happy is a good feeling and the running at 50 it's so much nicer than it was at school. No I won't be pressuring myself I'll just chip away. Hopefully achieving 10k, I'm intrigued by ju-ju's special 10k plan just can't find it anywhere 🙄


GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to Imc50

It gives you 2 short runs a week and 1 longer that reaches 60min or 10k I slowed my speed down so I could sustain longer times.

Imc50Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Cool, that looks like an achievable goal

That’s more or less what I did Imc50; after a while I decided I could do more and pushed on to 4K and 5k and the odd Parkrun. Now I’m looking to move a bit quicker! Keep on doing what suits you and what you enjoy - and 10k will be there for you I’m sure! Happy running!

Good work!

I'm thinking that I will move up to 10k. Well, pretty much already decided that. I just want to get comfortable with the 30min / 5k runs first.

I'll give it to the end of Jan I think and then move up

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