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C25k newly graduated, what now?


Hi I'm new here, I've completed c25k now and I am really enjoying being able to run and not have to stop to recover anymore, realise its about the right pace and rhythm. I feel I need a follow on app to motivate me to keep running especially now the weather is so much colder. I have joined my local gym so I can use the treadmill but prefer running outside. Any recommendations for apps for after C25k?

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Welcome and congratulations on graduating.

It’s recommended to spend some time consolidating, which means to keep running week 9 until that run becomes comfortable. Consolidation gives your body a rest from the relentless progression that you’ve just done, and is useful for all runners to do every few months.

After that, we have a plan here healthunlocked.com/bridgeto... that will take you from 30 minutes to 60 minutes or 5k to 10k depending on your current distance.

There’s no app for it, but runs can be driven by any of the tracking apps that can tell you when to stop as well as giving you updates along the way. There are apps out there with other plans, but most have you carrying on to run 3x60 minutes by the end, which is time consuming and inefficient. Others have better plans but tend to be subscription based, or in the case of the Nike app free but focused on racing 10k rather than getting to 10k. In my opinion, the plan I linked is the best post C25K to 10k plan that there is, and it’s been tested by hundreds of people here.

Hope this helps... enjoy your onward journey.

DJRap in reply to UnfitNoMore

Hi, thanks for the advice, I will carry on with the week 9 runs then as feel happy to know I need the consolidating before moving on when ready.


Please also read the after c25k faqs as there are several ideas there too


There are also the podcasts for working your pace if you feel the need.

Alternatively just start exploring your local area which is what I did increasing distance a little at a time allowing me to find all sorts of places I never knew existed!

DJRap in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Thank you I hadn't thought of podcasts so will look into that as I would like to get a little bit faster, not quite making the 5k in 30 minutes yet.


Get used to running, listen to podcasts, Spotify playlists or whatever tickles your fancy. Just get used to running 5k x 3 times per week. Try parkrun, I love it and I look forward to Saturday mornings. I’d work on this over the next 3 months. It will set you up for the Spring and Summer seasons.


DJRap in reply to damienair

Thanks, I have been using my own running playlist on spotify which is really helpful, I don't feel my run would be so enjoyable without the music to spur me on. I tried Park Run before doing couch to 5k and had to keep stopping so I am planning on going back to it this week and hoping to see the difference in how I do. Going to look for podcasts or apps as need the voice of encouragement in my ear every so often.

damienairModerator in reply to DJRap

Don’t worry. I was the very same after doing the C25k plan. I found it very hard to get used to running without an encouraging message from an app in my ear. But you do get used to it, and sometimes it’s lovely to run without music or podcasts and just listen to the world. Parkrun will be a completely different experience now. Enjoy it.


DJRap in reply to damienair

Thanks for the encouraging replies.


Definitely consolidate and just enjoy running! Try something different - get off road and try a trail run - forest, hills, seashore, it is just wonderful to be out running and exploring new routes/areas. Try some short runs that include uphill sections or faster intervals. Try running 'naked' without music or apps - I love listening to the sounds around me and looking at the views and environment. Or try the speed/stamina app (NHS). You may want to gradually increase distance but take it steady. Ju-ju's 5 to 10k plan is very good (it is probably on a pinned post on this forum, somewhere!). Most importantly - have fun! :)

DJRap in reply to skysue16

I did a 5k Park Run this morning which was quite a challenge as very muddy, I realise now I do just need to get better at the 5k so happy to keep on with that as you say on different routes. I will have a look at the speed / stamina app.

Thank you.

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