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Still consolidating after C25K but plans to get further!


Hi all! Very recently graduated C25k, took a week off to repair, and now doing consolidation runs in preparation for moving on towards 10k. I'm reasonably knowledgeable about physiology and so far I've managed to keep niggles and aches under control, so I didn't need to repeat any runs on C25K.

My running buddy feels the need for guided runs and wants to follow the Zenlabs 10k plan (a red app with '10K' in white) from their Week 9, and it seems reasonably sensible to me: incorporating walking and running intervals again, with repair days in between. No sprints or strength sessions, that could cause a flare up of my hips or knees. For years I have been walking our Belgian shepherd dog at a brisk pace for over an hour so I am conditioned to walking for the duration already.

But, of course, I'm still very new to running and have lots to learn. Anyone else used it / seen it and have an opinion?

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I haven't tried those podcasts but if you like them and they work for you they are probably ideal. Everyone needs to find their own way with this stuff so give it a try and if it doesn't seem right then try something else.

My own feeling would be that at some point you need to get away from the 'guided approach' and learn to run yourself so it would be better to do that sooner rather than later and juju's 10k plan is an ideal way of taking on that extra responsibility with at least a bit of a plan. Also the big question is do you really want/need to go back to walk breaks? and do you want to end up with them as part of your running, especially now you can run for 30mins without them.

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Thanks for the response Pink (great name!) these are good questions to reflect on.


Echoing Pink’s comment. I wouldn’t personally want to do walking intervals again. But this is your running and what matters is what is right for you.

I had to spend a fair while post-grad teaching 5k then being confident I had that cracked before moving on. Perhaps I would’ve done a programme like you describe sooner, I don’t know.

Whatever you decide, good luck and enjoy it x

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Thanks Jay! I’m a bit conflicted - I want to keep running with my buddy and she is very slightly faster than I am, which keeps pushing me, but she also doesn’t clear off and leave me for dust. I keep her from setting off too quickly and doing too much. So it works well for both. I’d also like to do the 10% duration pattern which allows that nice rhythm to develop. I’m sure things will become clearer in time!


I will just have to agree with pinkaardvark and Jay66UK - having completed C25K I moved on to ju-ju- 's bridge to 10K. Not going back to walking breaks, even if it takes more than one attempt to complete a week. Having said that, I have had walking breaks when I needed them - in an ill advised 5 mile run recently, but that is something I chose to do, not part of teh programme.,

On another point from your post: speed and strength sessions are also important, particularly core strength (need not have an effect on your knees...mine are shattered too :)). You might want to control your speed on the speed sessions, or switch to hills instead.

Well done for finishing C25K, and best of luck with your next challenge!

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Thanks GeorgiosA - I shall look more closely at speed and strength👍


Good to see you’re coming over to join us soon! I agree with the others that I’d not be keen on picking a plan that used walking intervals again (think I might get too used to the idea!) I also agree on not wanting to stay reliant just on apps, so I’m following Juju’s plan, and using Runkeeper to measure my distances for me. I felt quite at a loss at the end of the C25k app /plan, so want to learn to become more self-reliant. But whatever you find works best for you has to be a good thing.

I admit my knee did start to moan after speed intervals, but I think it was because I chose an uneven field to try them on and twisted it a bit. I did Fartlek style intervals during my normal level pavement short run today, and my knees were fine with that. I’ll be getting some advice on them, but don’t think speed is particularly a problem.

However you try to tackle your 10K plan, good luck, and let us know how you get on! 😊❤️

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Thanks mountaindreamer - I imagined grass would be loads better than tarmac when I started out but it is the irregular surface isn’t it?! Plus it is as hard as concrete at the moment in the U.K. anyway 🤣

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