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Stating Ju Ju's magic running plan tomorrow


Hi I'm a recent c25k graduate and have done 3 consolidation weeks of 3x5k. Not interested in focusing on increasing speed only but would like to progress with my running. My 5k time is about 32mins and I've done a couple of 40min runs in the last week so feel ready for this plan. Is there anyone else about to start or recently started so I have a run buddy? Do any of you who have experienced this plan have any tips other than usual take it easy, avoid injury, drink loads, stretch and strength. Looking forward to my new journey.

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Grannytobe welcome and you are in the right place. Well done on your 3 weeks consolidation, a lot of people forget to do that or only do it half heartedly so well done on staying committed.

I have just completed the Juju plan this week and it's flown by so quickly, it's been a remarkable and enjoyable journey I actually enjoyed it better than c25k with the support of this forum. I find there are people at different points on the Juju plan, it really doesn't matter though, everyone is supported.

I wish you the best with Juju, my advice is print off the plan so you make yourself accountable to it. One think which helped me stick to the plan was to make sure everyrun was different e.g. lunchtime run in the City of London, a midday run around my local parks and a Saturday morning parkrun. This worked for me.

Keep us posted.

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

Thank you for your support. Hubby is a runner so we head out together in different directions. I love picking and choosing my run areas. Luckily I live in scenic northern Scotland so have loads of good runs to choose from. Well done in completing this plan. Happy running

Good luck! Was about to do the same but dodgy calf has put me back a couple of weeks. Will be interested to see how you find the new plan. Best wishes

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to Keswickfan

Thank you and sorry to hear you have an injury. I’m not pressing for either 10k or 60 mins in the 9 weeks as have ski holiday on 4th jan. happy to go fit but not injured. Happy running


I think you’ll really enjoy this. I did the time version first and am now part way through the distance version. I’ve had to modify it to fit with the complications of Life, but it’s really easy to adapt. Printing it xx out worked for me, as there’s a useful place for notes as well as the plan. Enjoy! 👏🏼😄

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to Granspeed

Thank you. All printed with dates written on. Think time one is more achievable for me too. I have a 10k I'd like to do but not till may so time to run through programme twice if needs be.


Hi Grannytobe. Your post has given me a push to join in too as I’ve been thinking about doing this for a few weeks but so far have stuck to 5K (not in 30 mins!). I ran today so will make Monday my official start on JuJu’s plan. I tend to have more time on a Monday so will try to make that the “long” run. Like you, I’m not keen on putting too much pressure on myself as to whether I do the 60min or the 10K as I’m very much enjoying running and don’t want to spoil it!

Enjoy your run tomorrow. 😀

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to NewRunner4

Thank you for joining me and glad to give you that push. Good luck on monday. My long run will be friday, short Tuesday 🤞

NewRunner4Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

🤞indeed! I’m still in shock that I’m out there running at all, let alone the prospect of 60 mins/10K 😳 It’s going to be interesting.


hi Grannyhugs and NewRunner4 , I'll be starting Ju-Ju's magic plan tomorrow. I finished c25k at the end of June and have been consolidating and getting to 5k since then. I more or less run 5k every week (much slower than you) and I've done some long runs above 50 min, so I'm going to try the distance version. If it's too much, I will change back to the time version :) It's good to know that there will be others starting at the same time :)

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to 2718281

2718281 and NewRunner4 Looks like we are all starting tomorrow as I overdid things yesterday so took extra day rest. Great to have a team. Wonder if we can run as a relay when things get tough😉


Hey, I’ve just started to work my way thru this plan. Just finished week 1. Il be doing it slowly as I generally run twice a week. My aim is 60 mins, speed isn’t my thing! Good luck 😀😀

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to Milajayne

Yay we now have a relay team that will make the 60min run easier. 2718281 , NewRunner4

2718281Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

:):):) great!! good luck next week!

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to 2718281

You too

MilajayneGraduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Super! We can cheer each other on 😀

NewRunner4Graduate10 in reply to Milajayne

Gosh, looks like there’s no backing out now! My alarm is set for tomorrow morning 😀


Good luck with starting the plan. I'm planning on starting it in a few weeks after my half term hiking holiday in Scotland.

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to Saxart

Have a fantastic holiday, hope the weather is kind to you. I stay in Inverness and we’ve had great running weather- only 1 wet run since I started 12 weeks ago

SaxartGraduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Thank you, I'm planning on walking Ben Nevis and then a few Monroe's over the week. Good luck with the 10k or 60 mins

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to Saxart

Enjoy the Ben, hope it stays snow free for your attempt. It's a real Munro starting close to sea level. Post how it goes. Enjoy.


You will love it Grannytobe...same advice as before, plenty of fluids, take your long run nice and slow etc...and follow roseabi who is running the current Juju's magic plan and offers weekly advice etc.

Good luck 🏃‍♀️👍

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to Run46

Thank you. Excited but not rushing. Plan is 10k on may

Run46Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Sensible move, there's plenty of time 👍


We'll done for starting on the Magic Plan. I found it hard to continue running without a plan after I graduated from C25K so started the MP to get some structure back. Just finished Week 4 with an 8k run yesterday which I could never have imagined doing. Like you I started off with timed Plan but after a couple of weeks found the distance one worked better for me. I use Strava to record my runs and found the 0.5k prompts helped me more than just a timer at the half way point to turn round (I run mostly on a former railway track so the only hills are gentle ones!).

Good luck with your journey towards 10k!

GrannyhugsGraduate10 in reply to timlesvagues

Thank you. I too try to avoid hills. I use a garmin which has been great so far. Just to work out the .5k bit tomorrow otherwise it will be a 3k run if I dont pay attention

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