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Help/advice please

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So feeling great after finishing the Magic 10 programme (one 5k to go). I was keen to sign up to a 10k race. I found one in Leeds on the website 'It's grim up north running'. Love the title. Now the 10k was full, so I signed up for the 10 miles instead.

Now all I have to do is work out how to get up to 16k. Has anyone found a programme that may help me with my rash decision???

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When is the 10 Miles?

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Oggy2401Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

March 23rd😟

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You could find a plan to suit you... e.g.

But is may prove difficult... I am not sure how confident you are... and the times you completed your 5 and 10K in ?

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Oggy2401Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

Hi oldfloss. I've just had a chance to look at your reply and attachment in detail. My 5k pace is just under 30 mins. My 10k was 67 mins. I am quite disciplined when I have a plan and think the one you suggested may work for me with a few tweeks to fit around shift work. Thanx xxx

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Hello Oggy2401. Equi-geek on this forum did exactly that to do the Great South Run and hopefully she will come up with her strategy for you. I think so long as you don’t increase your total distance by more than 10% a week you can just build on juju’s plan, keeping a 5k and a 4k in there, but I haven’t done it myself. Good luck .

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Jumping up from 10k towards longer runs on the way to half marathon distance is psychological as much as physical. Stick to the 10% guide for increasing your distance and you will get there. In my own case I regularly over did it by exceeding the 10% rule, especially when I was close to a new milestone (e.g running 15k when the plan was 14k for that week's long run). Not recommended but you may find yourself extending runs when you are so close to a goal! As you have plenty if time until the race I'd recommend a joggy 5k, a 10k and a long run (11-11.5-12-12.5-13- etc) up to the full race distance). Have an easy week the week before the race.

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Great advice here already, I especially agree with Lordi, the challenge is mostly psychological. Abi HM plan is great and has the benefit of group support. Check it out, it is on the marathon pages:

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