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after 10k advice please

I completed Ju-Ju's 10 is The Magic Number about a month ago. I find running 3 times a week a challenge - trying to fit it in...and obviously longer runs need more time. I am a regular parkrunner so do my 5k on Saturday. Then sometimes I only manage 1 other run in a week. I have done 10k 3 times since graduating. I have entered a 10k race at end of September and wondered what plan I should have between then and now. How often should I be running 10k.... should I ever do a longer run than that?...do I really need to be running 3 times a week? And can I run 2 days in a row, so if I did Parkrun on a Saturday could I do a longer run on a Sunday?

Any advice greatly received. Thank you all.

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See Rest Days Advice. Posted by Blewi. 2days ago.

It’s a start. Hope you find it.


I’m the same as you - run in September too. Done 4 or 5 10ks but I don’t enjoy running that far and I get frustrated as it takes too long! I’m also a ParkRun fan. I have scrapped the long run and joined a gym. I think I’ll do one hill interval and one speed interval at the gym each week, I go to a running club on Wednesday (they do a range of things, sometimes 10k) and my ParkRun. I’m working on strength on the gym and speed. My main aim is a sub 30 ParkRun but I’m 2 minutes off and that seems a long time when running. What do you want to do with your running?

I’ll have to do exercise on consecutive days occasionally but I feel I’ve been running a while now and can recognise when I need extra days off etc.


Like you I can get frustrated when I haven't really got time to do that long run. When I know I have no time limit it seems much easier to do the 10k!! I think I'm going to try parkrun on Saturday and long slow run ...about 10 k if it feels ok on Sunday and one more thing mid week. That would work timewise hopefully. I have no real plan for my running other than keep doing it and enjoying it. I have done under 30 mins 4 times at Parkrun but actually find I enjoy it more when I run slower - having time to chat to people on the way!! My goal is to get to 50 Parkruns. My main aim for doing a 10k race is because it feels like a real challenge. I have no intention of doing lots of races - just some I like the look of. I'm doing the Windsor Women's 10k as it's through the Great Park and looks amazing. I'm a plodder really - just want to be out there doing it!!

Keep posting about your progress. happy running.

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Ooh yes I want the 50 shirt too 👌🏽


Unless you're hoping to win the 10k you can do the event on your training up to now. You know you can do 10k so as long as you keep running a couple of times a week you will be fine. A 10k is a great distance as you don't need a lot of prep for it if you are aiming just to do it and don't have any "death or glory" ideas😄.

As you been running for a while now you should be ok running Sat and Sun but assuming you go all out at Parkrun make sure your Sunday run is a slow steady run - distance up to you ( generally if you can do 6-8 k you can do 10). Try it and see but be honest and if your body rebels put a rest day in between PR and another run. If you can fit another 20 min run in somewhere from say Tues-Thurs you could try the c25k+ podcast for speed intervals no worries if you can't or you could do that as a second run if not running on Sunday. Try to find time for some general strength training (squats, lunges, arm exercises etc) as that would also benefit your running and can be done at home a few mins at a time.


Thanks for the advice Annie - I definitely have no intention of winning the 10k so am pleased I don't need to stress too much. My worry was that I should be running 10k every week but realistically I don't think I will manage that.

I never really go all out at parkrun and actually prefer running a bit slower as I enjoy it more!! I always have a laugh with a guy who is much quicker than me but still cant run the whole 5k without stopping - this week he was commenting on my slow pace as I finished and then as we walked back up he said he had walked 6 times!! My personal glory comes from running it each week - when struggling I just say you can do this and remember all the advice on here to just slow down a bit.

I'm going to look at the speed podcast too - that sounds interesting. Thanks again.

Happy running.

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So many questions! and well done on graduating and sustaining your 10k.

For your 10k you could continue on one a week if you wish, or take it further, its up to you....

3 times a week is ideal, but life does get in the way.

I used to regularly do Parkrun on the Sat, then long run Sunday as weekends is my running time. However rest is obviously important, and perhaps you could try it so see how it feels? Its up to you.

Well done too :)


Ha ha - I know - thought I would just throw all my questions out there!! Your 10 k plan is fabulous Ju-Ju - I really never thought I could ever run 10k and still feel so proud when I do it!! However I'm definitely not going further!! Is it wort doing a it further though in training so a 10k race is easier?

Thanks for all the advice and encouragement. Love this forum. It's so helpful and encouraging.


If time is as short as it seems for you don't worry about going further than 10k. Then again if you find the time another 1 or 2 wouldn't hurt - just to set your mind at rest as you're obviously wondering 😀. You will find that on the day the general excitement will carry you along. In fact the advice, should you ask for it 😉 Will be to make sure you don't start too fast! Oh and ofcourse walking breaks are perfectly legitimate should you choose to do that. Good Luck 🍀.


Thanks Annie...and you're right..I will need to make sure I don't get carried away with the excitement and go off too fast!! Will just keep going over next few months so I feel confident I can do it!!

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