Bridge to 10K

Advice please...😊

Hi again,

Feeling chuffed as I have this evening completed wk 1 r2 of the Sammi Murphy bridge 2 10k.

4 x 10 mins with 1 min walking between runs.

On Monday, I did 45 min in total cos I restarted and ran through the warm up.

Two rest days ( long walk on Tuesday)

Today 40 mins. 4 x 10 again.

So do you think I should do W1 R3 next time (4 x 10 with 1 min walks again) or

a continouus run, maybe less than 30 mins?

The program doesn't give much advice and although the runs are bitesize and I can do it, that will be a lot of longer runs in one week...or maybe thats the idea. Doh😄

Want to say, the music is fun. Near the end is a drumming track that makes you feel like a masai warrior.. the warm down walk makes me laugh...not one for you fellas.😁

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Hi Jan, do you think another 4 x 10 minutes will be too much ?

If you feel you would be happier doing a run that's 30 minutes or less , I would go with that .Go with how your body feels, there are no hard or fast rules so just do what youre happy with .

You can always tweak the plan to suit you if you think it might be getting a bit too much .

Good Luck xxx


Thanks Pops.. yes, you're right of course. Think I'm feeling a bit tired right now.. . did some gardening before my run. 6.9km on Monday and 6.5km tonight.

Probably feel fine on Sunday.

I will tweak if necessary😊

How are you? This forum must be keeping you busy...still time to run? 😯xx

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I'm doing really well Jan, thank you xxx

I am so lucky that there are so many lovely people on this forum , and that makes it all run very smoothly. It is such a buzz giving folks their Graduation Badges , its all very exciting !

I am training for a HM in October so am following a My Asics plan . Its going really well and I am staying injury - free which is a bonus :-) xxx

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Yes, it is a lovely, friendly forum.😊

A HM, sounds like a long, long run.. ,thats very impressive. Training must be tough, so glad to hear you are injury free.

Wish you lots of luck.😊x

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Thanks Jan xxx

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The fact that all 3 sessions in a week are "long" is why I didn't follow this system the 2nd time I worked up to 10k.

The way you are doing is fine, and will get you up to running continuously for an hour much like C25K does for getting you to 30 minutes. It's a proven method and it does have that nice structure like C25K, which is why I think so many of us do it.

However, the weekly plan I followed the second time round was to do a 30 minute run, a Speed podcast, and a long run which got longer every time. This has the advantage of having 2 runs in the week that are much more manageable time-wise, but the down-side is that you are responsible for making wise decisions about how far to run on the long run.

If you follow the Bridge to 10k method, you'll get to running for an hour in 5 weeks I think. The second way would take 6 if you just added 5 minutes every week to the long run. But remember that just like c25k doesn't guarantee 5k, this won't guarantee 10k either (unless your 5k time is significantly less than 30 minutes). But you will be well on the way and can keep extending the time until you get to 10k.

Sorry, I don't think this has actually answered your question - I do think you could probably combine the 2 methods somehow, but I'm not sure how.


Hi runningnearbeirut,

Thank you very much for your feedback and advice. I am feeling quite achy today having done those two 'longer' runs so was just a bit concerned about overdoing it.

I think I will need to use this interval training as it does work (like the c25k did), I was not capable of adding even just one or two minutes onto a 30 min straight run..just couldn't do it😞

Its good to hear that this plan will work..even if not quite reaching the 10k mark.

I will see how I feel in the next day or so. Plan to run Sunday. Might just do 'Speed' if I can't face Sammi wk1 r3.

Are you able to add an extra five minutes onto a longer run you are doing without a walk break? Im all in by the end if I haven't stopped.

Thanks for the tips and advice. x


So far I've been running like runningnearbeirut with one interval run, one long run at the weekend and one standard 5k (which is often more like 4K). I want to up my mileage and try running 4x a week in autumn though and may try to get a couple of Samantha runs in each week. I won't follow the programme exclusively (as we did with c25k), mainly because of time constraints - with 43 minutes running time and 10 minutes warm up/cool down I need nearly an extra hour in the morning and I don't know if I can do that. I may have to, but I don't want to get up even earlier (5:45 is early enough thank you!). Or I need to "optimise" my morning routine to save a bit of time (not posting on here, for instance!). Let us know what you decide!

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Hi Jaysee, its not so much having the time to fit the 'longer' runs in for me, just that I don't want to overdue it and get an injury or give up..

I can see this plan working though and have had a sneeky look at week 2 and seen its 3 x 15 minutes. Should be fine.😊

I would like to increase my distance, so that im not just stuck on the same route.

My plan is to see how I feel on Sunday (quite tired and stiff at the mo), and either do wk 1 R3 of Sammi or 'Speed' with Laura..

Its good to know its ok to mix things up, it will take longer but I'm not in any hurry. May not even reach 10k as Im quite slow, but already achieved 6.9k!!

Thanks for your feedback. Happy running😊😊x


Hi there... I am still in France... I am, as usual doing things the hard way...I thought I had loaded the Sammi Murphy Bridge to 10 K but I had not! I have been doing this one..

Started it and was in the middle of week 3, ( I think... need to check) ,when severe heat stopped all running, even in the early morning!!!

I have not run, ( bar a quickie)now for 15 days:( I have cycled, when cool enough, swam often and kayaked! (I did one very gentle (non podcast run) a couple of days ago...That was a lot of walking intervals and some running for about 9 K)

I am finding it okay....even though each one is a long outing.... the podcasts suit although I am not moving fast though. I hope to get a run in before we sail home on Monday, it is getting cooler:)

I am hoping to pick it up in the UK, where I think the temperature might help my progress. So, just stick at it steadily.. that is what I am doing...:)

Probably no help at all... and interestingly my music makes me laugh,.. I have Little Bunny Rabbits in the lyrics... :) x


Yep that is the one I'm doing! Annoying little bunny rabbit but the podcasts are well structured. Sounds the same routine as Sammi but the music is not as good! However it's carrying me onward and I'm running further if not faster, but hope "faster" will develop as it did with c25k

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Hop to it! It is very, very steady... suits me.. own pace and loads of thinking and taking it all in, time!


Floss - It has been hot hasn't it? I've been out and plodded around, but it's hard work! I can feel the change this week, the mornings have a sort of Autumnal chill and that lovely golden light, but the afternoons are scorching aren't they?

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It really, really has... my thermostat has gone berserk! I have so missed my runs... and am looking forward to cooler climes.. just for that reason!


Yes, me too, I'm so looking forward to going home. It's a shame to wish the summer away but I've been here too long this time, normally we have a break, but events overtook us....5 weeks before we leave, September is normally very nice, then back to Cambridge. Have you found route planning hard? Here the roads are either far too busy, or really manky surfaces, and it's easy to end up too far from home...

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Are you home for good then? Cambridge...beautiful!

Very Autumnal this morning... but I have socks until England.. ( except my trainer socks). :)

Route planning here has been okay.. I have followed rivers or canal paths :) We stayed at St Andre Du Roc and there, the Brest and L'Oust Canal path runs for miles... I managed a 9 K walk/run, one morning and saw no one!

Where we have been has all been very rural and no cars really.. as we have headed North, even quieter, as Les Brits and the Dutch are all heading South now! Husband and I cycled 20 miles yesterday and saw three tractors... :) Currently at Cuguen near Combourg.

Looking forward to my home fields again and a regular internet... my Garmin and my computer and phone have been relatively useless until now I have had to write my rambles and store them!


I spend winter in Cambridge, October until March or April. I love Cambridge! We want to sell here really, and had intended to that this time, but BB has had some health issues so we never got round to it this time. Would you like to buy a house lol?


Bonjour Floss,

Hope you are enjoying your vacance.😊

Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback.

Do you see what you have inspired me to do😁. Saw you were doing Bridge 2 10k but knew you could already run over 7k just by yourself (no podcast), so I have been trying and trying to add a minute or two to my 30min joy.

Read on one of your threads how your 10k plan had walk breaks and a male coach and you were enjoying it.

So...couldn't ask you 'cos I didn't want to bother you on holiday, so asked Poppy pug if she had the Sammi Murphy link which I had read about.. and she did..

Im enjoying it very much..its so doable for me. Upbeat, fun little bunny ranbits.. (someone else mentioned these though) lol😁

Wasn't sure wether to follow the plan religiously or mix it up a bit. Dont want to overdo it. Will see how I feel on Sunday I think..

Glad you are having nice weather, too hot to run much though. Nevermind, its starting to feel a bit autumnal here, so when you get back will be lovely.

Thanks again for the feedback. 😊x


I did! If I ever get my hands on that little bunny rabbit I'm gonna chop him up! Ha ha, I enjoy most of the Audiofuel music (C25K podcasts) and I like Sami's stuff too, but that little wabbit.....AArghh!

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I don't see the harm in doing a 30 min run once a week and the interval programme for your other runs. You could try it and if you feel itbis getting in the way ofvmaking progress, stick more rigorously to the interval training. I went to 10k like runningnearbeirut by increasing one of my runs by about 5 mins a week. However I did feel comfortably able to do that without a break. We are all different though and need to experiment a bit to find whst works for us. If you're getting tired on this programme, consider having 2 rest days instead of 1.


Thanks boptillyoudrop,

Feel better today so probably do the 4 × 10 again tomorrow.

Don't worry, I am def. taking at least two rest days. Sometimes 3.

Know the benefits of resting after doing c25k...😊


I'm finding two or three rest days means a better run. Used to worry about not doing it alternate days but I'm more forgiving of myself now. The fact that I'm still making progress and have not been put off by not making progress is quite encouraging. Saw a chap this morning, clearly at the end of his run, and as the pre-c25k me thought "he would really be quicker walking" the new me said "well done! I know how hard that is!!"

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