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I did it! I ran another 10K

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It's the highlight of the year for me. In october, I ran-walked a 10K, in 1:15 mintues, which was an unexpected achievement. I kept running, heeding the advice of the guys here not to rush things. So I consolidated my 5Ks. running more times during the week (4 times instead of 4), and I kept increasing my distance each week in the longer weekly run.

I found myself following the "ju-ju" plan, and I finally did the 10K, in 59:37, which felt fantastic.

Now, I'm on another 6 weeks plan for a better 10K time, doing more interval runs (using the couch to 5K speed podcast), and YES, I'm happy I'm still excited and determined to become better.

I only need to incorporate this in my life, as running is almost the only thing that I do beside running and taking care of my little family.

Thank you ju-ju-, I benefited a lot from your simple, yet, plan :)

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Well done!!

Great time. 😁

Indeed, sliding under the hour mark 🏆

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Well done zeidan - for me, the second 10k proved that the first one wasn't a fluke! Great time too 😀

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