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Firstly, I hope that everyone had a truly wonderful Christmas and that the New Year will be the best yet.

Can I now ask a simple question? Good. What pants do chaps wear when running? I can't seem to find ones that don't either absorb sweat or rub. I know that shorts have a mesh lining so you don't need to wear anything, but it just doesn't feel right not wearing any... HELP?

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Well, I am a woman, but swear by Runderwear. Sweat wicking magic and NO CHAFE! They do men’s too - am sure they would be as good as the ladies! Pricey, but worth every penny. Merry Xmas!

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Thanks. I have never heard of them, but I will do a quick search and see if I can find them. Happy New Year, and happy running.

PS. Who said I'm not going to buy ladies ones????? :~)

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Well, I can vouch that the ladies’ ones are super comfy. 😁 No one will judge you. 😂

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Madam, no one would know! Thanks for the advice, and I shall look more closely at Runderwear. Also, I am impressed - the correct use of an apostrophe.

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😂 They do a nice hot pink in the ladies’ styles. (I am an editor by profession. 😁)

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That could well explain it. I am a writer and photographer and, with our son having had this GCSE English Language work held up nationally as an exemplar for how an A* piece of work should look, I tend to notice. However, I would never pretend to get it all wright!

Hot pink... I'm not sure that I am a brave enough 'girl' for that.

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Personally, I'm fine with just the built-in mesh in my shorts. When I run in leggings I just use an ordinary pair of budgie-smuggling M&S (other brands available) briefs - they don't wick or do anything clever, but as by definition it's going to be cold, sweat is less of a problem. You could try a jockstrap (oops, "athletic support") I suppose …..

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Thanks, and have a wonderful New Year when it comes. I shall try the mesh again, but having less down below (I had my pocket picked when I had the big C down there) I don't find quite enough support...

I also have Runderwear, however i now prefer to wear Boody bamboo underwear. I find Runderwear a bit tight around the top of legs, i do have big thighs. Both Runderwear and Boody do mens and womens.

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I wear mesh lined shorts in hot weather and unlined shorts with Lycra undershorts in colder weather. Both work for me okay.

I always wear a pair of these under regular shorts, with no pants: decathlon.co.uk/run-dry-men...

They feel great, have a handy zip pocket ...and never a chafe! 👍

Lycra undershorts? Where did you find those?

Thanks, They look like they may well work. Much better than good old cotton ones from M&S.

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