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10k consolidation

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Just a bit of advice please. I hit the 10k goal last week and ran it again this week. Ought I to keep running 10k every week or should/could I do some shorter distances? And would that lose me my ability to run 10k. I suppose I’m asking do some people work their way back up to 10k regularly? Perhaps for races? Sorry if I’m being unclear, it’s early 😴

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Morning SSS, speaking personally, I ran 10k for the first time in November and I haven’t run it since because I have no desire to run a HM or anything. So what I’ve been doing has been working up to 10k again, this time using ju-ju’s Magic 10 plan. I’m up to 9k again and really enjoying the journey for a 2nd time. I’ve no doubt I’ll do it again once I’ve completed it!

I can feel I’m stronger this time round and a little bit quicker, and my breathing is definitely way better.

So I guess it all depends on what you want to do. There’s a HM/M Race Support plan on their forum you could follow if that’s your thing too.

Up to you really. Just enjoy your running! 😀👍

Thanks everyone, much appreciated, I think I have a plan ;)

I am at the same stage, ran 10 k, 3 times over the last 3 weeks and signed up for the M/CR 10k in May, I want to concentrate just on the 10k until then, my times for the 5k park run have improved while adding distance, so My Logic is still do 1 run a week adding distance and it will do the same for the 10k, but not sure to what distance .?

Sorry for answering your question with a question but I am interested in seeing responses

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Shorter distances, eg, 3, 5 and 8k are the ones I do. The 3k is very handy as it’s a run round the block, or it can be 3k fast, or 3 x 1k intervals

You can do the longer run when it suits, when you have more time Don’t go mad though. No hurry 👍😃

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I agree with the drop back suggestion. Have one weekly long run - 8k worked for me - and build back up to 10k once in a while or ahead of an event.

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Just depends what you’re aiming for. You won’t ‘forget’ how to do 10k as long as you keep running a ‘long’ run every couple of weeks like a 7-8k.

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When I first hit the 10K mark I did it once a week as my norm because I just love the distance. Even now, a consistent week for me, if I'm not adding distance or training, is 2X5K's and a 10K. But as misswobble says mix it up and do shorter faster runs or hillier runs. Do whatever you love, that's the important thing.

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I agree with mixing up short/long/easy/fast runs to keep it fresh - and adding in some new routes! I hit 10k in September and carried on consolidating with one 10k run a week (as well as other runs) as I wanted to enter some 10k races. Once I'd done the races I decided to go for a half marathon (next March) so I have recently started following a HM training plan and gradually increasing the distance of my long run each week. So depending on what your goals are, you could just do a 10k now and then or keep consolidating them every week. Whatever keeps you motivated and brings you joy! 😁🏃🌟

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Entirely up to you. When I first did it I tried to do a 10k every other week and then I was upping for HM training anyway. If you can its a great distance to do once a week, every other or once a month maintaining your routine of 3 runs a week is the most important thing for longevity I would suggest- regardless of distance. Well done on your journey so far :)

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Hi, I try to do a 5k, 10k and parkrun or 5k every week - if life doesn't get in the way 😀

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I'm building up to next year's Great South (16k) and my sort-of plan is to do 2 runs beyond 10k each month - and probably nothing else over 5k (hockey matches, parkruns and intervals mostly). A weekly 10k would be too much for me, I think - legs and mind!

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Thanks so much everyone. I don’t think I want to do a HM or M. Mind you I didn’t think I’d enjoy running 10k so you never know!! For now I’ll do 7-8, 5, 5 and maybe the odd 10 when I get the urge.

Merry Christmas all 🔔 🌲

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