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Beyond 5k in a gradual way


Been running regularly since graduation 8 weeks ago and really enjoying it. Stayed with 30 mins or so which gives me 5k and completed a couple of Park Runs (thoroughly recommend). Would like to move on a bit and run a bit further allowing me to do a 10k at some point in the distant future. Would welcome any advice on how to progress beyond 5k but in that gradual way that C25K gives you. Thanks

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Well done for completing C25K and continuing to run. Have a look at the Pinned posts section. You will find a structured 8 week plan that will take you from 5k to 10k, lots of people on here have followed the plan successfully. The posts will be called 10 is the Magic Number posted by @ju-ju. Good luck.

Cathkinboy in reply to O505k

Many thanks. Will have a look

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Cathkinboy

Yes juju’s plan is great and you can start it whenever you want. You can do the weekly runs in any order and leave more than one day between runs if you want. Have fun.


Going great Cathkinboy! I did my own version of ju-ju's plan which was basically increasing one of my 3 runs per week by between 0.5 and 1 km to fit in with possible routes locally, with one of the others being parkrun. Have fun!

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