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Calf pain - had to stop! 😞

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I decided to start Ju-ju's plan after a few months consolidating 5k. I did my 5k on Saturday and went out today to do longer 5.5k. Warmed up well before run, took it steady and was doing ok - not the easiest run but not the worst either. Unfortunately when I was just before 4k I took a pain on the inside of my left calf. I stopped and waited and tried to see if it would ease, then I walked a little but it was too sore to continue. I then had to hobble a couple of kilometres back home. It isn't sore if I'm not moving at least so I'll rest it and hopefully it will clear up quickly. I am disappointed that I wasn't able to complete my run but know I was right to stop 😞

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How disappointing for you. I am sorry that I can not help with any medical advice, but I do hope that you return to being pain free soon.

Thanks, hopefully better quickly.

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Oh so sorry to hear this, very frustrating! And yes, you definitely did the right thing by stopping. Did you have tight calf muscles before the run? Did anything "ping" in your leg before the pain started? A pain in the calf can be a pulled muscle, or small tear. It is important to rest up if that is the case, as running will make a calf strain worse. If it does not feel any better by tomorrow go see your GP. There is not a lot that they can do, but it is important to get things diagnosed especially if they persist. Take care, and don't despair! We all get injuries now and then, the key is to respect them, and rest. xxx

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Hi Sadie, thanks for your reply. I didn't feel any pings but about a km before I had gone over a bit of rough ground and felt a little niggle but it went away as quickly as it came so I continued. Hopefully just a bit of a strain. I am going to Pilates this evening and my instructor is a physio so I will mention it to him. Meanwhile, rest! I am totally new to running since April so like you say, aches and pains are all part of the process.

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Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Ljb71

Pilates is fantastic for runners! And oh yes, I had a fair few niggles at the start of the year, but since doing Pilates and other strength training, I have been niggle free since April this year (with some other minor tweaks to form etc). It takes time, but your body does get stronger, and with proper stretching after your run too, you will find yourself less prone to injury. Patience is always key too. 😁 Hope with some rest your leg feels much better soon. Sports massage really helped me get over my calf strain - worth every penny. x

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Well done Ljb71, that is SO tough especially when you're so far into a run.... you definitely did the right thing. 🤞Fingers crossed that you'll be back out on on your merry way again as soon as it's better.... good luck with it.

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Ljb71 in reply to Hidden

Thanks. Hopefully with rest it will get better quickly 🙂

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Well done on taking on the 5.5k Ljb71!

Hopefully you’ll recover quickly & be back out before you know it! ... smashing it! 🙌💪

You definitely did the right thing today!

Maybe put some ice on your muscle whilst your sat resting, I sometimes wrap a bag of frozen peas in a tea towel. It might help a little!🤞

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Hi. I think you did right to stop. Yep, frozen peas are good. Take it easy for a bit and you will soon will be back on track

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