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Calf muscle soreness before HM

I think I needed a real rest this week .

The week before last I did 40 klm - last week was the first week of my "taper" and was going to do 20K but life got in the way a bit and I only did 17K . This week I was going to do 10K in the seven days leading up to my HM on Sunday -- but I decided to cut it right back to a 5K on Wednesday and a 3-4K walk on Friday.

I never ever get sore calf muscles -- at least not on the immediate days after a run but this week, I have been feeling some twinges. At first I was a bit concerned, but now I am starting to feel that this is good and it will be good to be totally rested on Sunday.

How many here have had a VERY quiet week before a weekend long race?? Or did you keep on at it right up to the race??

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Thanks Kat -- I'm looking forward to getting it "out of the way" !! :) My race starts at 6:30AM =- expected temperature for the start 18C - and probably around 25C by the time I finish !!

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I was convinced I had pulled a muscle before my HM and rested completely. I took everyone's advice and they were right, the hard work is done in the weeks and months before the event, you have done all your training and have everything you need, if your body is asking for more rest it won't do you any harm whatsoever to rest. Good luck.


I agree with the others, your body isn't going to forget all the work you've done in a week. I think as long as you do something to keep the blood flowing then you're good to go!

Good luck with the half :)


I don't know about that distance, Bazza, but my parkrun PBs have all come out of the blue after a considerable layoff, taking me by total surprise. I reckon the older we are the more rested we need to be.


I reckon (and it's just a hunch) that we get anxious and our bodies begin to get tense in the days before race day and so start to feel sore as we are tightening up with tension. I think taper is a great idea, with just a jog round the block the night before, say a 3 to 5k leisurely jog. It helps you unwind a bit before race day and should help you sleep


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