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A challenge too far?


Good morning all

What a beautiful (if not cold) morning run. I quite like the cold as it goes...makes me appreciate the hot shower at the end

So i decided to set myself a challenge to keep me motivated for getting up in the mornings (especially when dark) because the gremlins keep winning the battle! The bed is far warmer than outdoors...but it doesn't provide that fantastic feeling you get from completing a run does it!

So a virtual running challenge for the month of November...with a lovely medal at the end if i can complete it. Think i may have been a bit ambitious when i signed up cos i have opted for 75 miles through November :-O (may have to alter that) but lets see how it goes.

If i can do this in all weather...i stand a good chance of continuing through proper winter and sending those gremlins packing. I started C25k in March when we had all the snow...so i know i can do this!

I'll keep you posted

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That's quite a goal! Are you doing Race at your Pace? I did their 50 mile challenge in August.

Those gremlins drop away the longer you run. I hardly ever get them now - but i think i set myself challenges too early last year, including the 10k goal, so it does work:)

alisonxGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

yes it is with run at your pace. Probably should have gone with 50 but i can change it if i feel it is to unreachable. It really helps me if i feel accountable to something other than myself :-)


Good for you. Goals that stretch are challenging but oh so rewarding. Good luck to you and don't forget to take your rest days!


Sounds like a plan... slow steady and see how you go :)x

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