How Far Is Too Far?

You can see from my profile that I'm 58, a bit overweight and that I started C25K in late July 2016. I graduated in late October but I didn't run 5k for another month and I was then and still am slow - 5k in 40 minutes. I struggled during the winter months but I kept going and I built up my stamina, now I'm Bridging to 10K (10k next week with any luck!)

I ran 6 miles for the first time yesterday (I'm happy to switch between kilometres and miles to encourage myself as necessary!) and later worked out how long its likely to take me before I can safely run 10m - possibly by mid June.

But if that's the case, what then? Will that be far enough? Should I keep increasing the mileage until it hurts and I have to stop? Once I can run 10 miles will I be satisfied running just 5 miles? I know these are just questions for myself and hopefully as I progress I'll find the answers but I was wondering what others have done.

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  • These things are very much personal and depends on what, if any, goals we set ourselves.

    I am just a couple of years younger than you and ran a half-marathon within 5 months of graduating from c25k, other folks on this forum who are older than us have also ran that distance, whereas many other people are more than happy to run 2 or 3 times a week for 30 minutes without 'worrying' at all about speed or distance.

    No matter what, enjoying your running should be the priority.

    I would suggest you continue with your bridge to 10K and then have a think about what it is you want to get out of your running. Is it to do something active for health benefits or do you want to 'challenge' yourself?

  • Wow, well done on the half marathon. I thought I might try one this time next year - that'll be soon enough for me.

    In the meantime though, I'll see how it goes. Keep on with 2 or 3 times a week and see what happens, as you suggest.

  • Hi MrsLis , it sounds like you're enjoying your running and enjoying gradually building your distance, so I would carry on! Personally I'm enjoying running between 5 and 10k and have a couple of 10k runs planned for Spring / Summer. Depending on how those go, is whether I go for 10 miles or half marathon in the future.... 😳

  • Thanks, yes I am enjoying it. I think that comes with being successful (in my own way!) I must admit to looking forward to running somewhere different once my holidays start. Warmer runs will probably be shorter but more interesting; my 2016/2017 route is a bit samey now.

  • I was pondering the same question on my run the other day. Having successfully worked my way up to 10k, I would like to consolidate this distance for a few months. I seem to like a challenge and I suspect 10mile distance will be next on my hit list. And then surely if I can manage that, then a half marathon would be maybe, possibly be feasible!? It's usually at this point I have a chuckle to myself because I cannot believe that someone who was as unfit as I was is now contemplating half marathons (even if it is a couple of years away from reality!).

    Well done on your progress to 10k. You're nearly there!!

  • Thanks ChezLiz. Sounds like we're in much the same place - including the near disbelief that we're secretly consider a half marathon sometime in the future!

  • I've just done my first half marathon at 60. I never thought I could run 5km let alone 21km. Do whatever feels right for you.

  • Well done JayBeeToo that's amazing. Do I dare dream that I could do it too? Well, actually yes I do!

  • Hi. It doesn't just have to be about distance. Personally my pinnacle would be to run 20 miles - I think marathons are a step too far, but I'm a member of a running club and we have an annual competition whereby you need to compete in 3 different distances over the year and depending on your time, you get a different award. That is enough of an incentive for me and means that I dont need to go beyond 10K this year but can have a challenging goal. I will be concentrating on 5K, 5 miles and 10K - and trying to get times that get me the best award I can. You can see I am a long way from 20 miles!

    I've entered a few races which help keep it exciting running in unfamiliar places and with large crowds.

    I hope you find your inspiration - it isn't all about further or faster it can just be about getting out there and burning off a few calories and exercising those muscles. Having developed my muscles I'd hate to stop and feel them go squishy again. πŸ’πŸ‘£πŸƒπŸΏ

  • I'm 56, started running very overweight and now my BMI is down to 28. Started c25k about 18 months ago. Last year I did the Great South Run (10 miles), I was knackered. I now try to do 10k once a week or so but the idea of a 1/2 marathon is just too daunting for me.

    One thing I have found is that 5k is no longer enough and I have to do at least 6k 3 times a week.

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