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C25K onto 10k? Help


I am on wk9 2 tomorrow and keen to have a plan to keep me motivated

I am a 66 grandmother and not run before although I am a walker. I hope I am not being too ambitious but thought I would work up to a 10 k run . I am lucky enough to be in good health.

Anyone out there my age done the same ? and able to offer advice and/ or share experience


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Good luck for your graduation run GMa10, like you I go on long walks, especially during the winter months and cycle a lot during the summer. I started with C25K last April and graduated two months later in June, three weeks after my 72nd birthday. Since then I have ran 3/ 5k runs, my quickest pace being around 33 minutes, although today I went my first long walk of the season, a just over 12 Kilometre walk and according to Mapmyrun in walking mode used 17,000 steps.

After you graduate run 6/30 minute consolidation runs before continuing on with the B210K program, finally best wishes for your graduation 🎓 run 🏃 😊

GMa10 in reply to AlMorr

Many thanks, you are an inspiration and I will take your advice on consolidation runs

I am loving the runs so far so don’t want to spoil it

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to GMa10

Well done on your graduation. As Al says get consolidation in and get to the point where you are happy running 5k and then you could join juju’s magic plan . I’ve just finished it and it really works. Look up in pinned posts. 😎


Another vote for the Magic plan on the Bridge to 10k forum. If it worked for me it’ll work for anyone.


AlMorr has said it all. consolidation runs then ju-ju- 's 10k plan, which so many of us used, and which is huge fun and very well constructed. Congrats on your graduation. Lots of us older runners on here.


As long as you take it steady you can run to 10km and beyond. If you’re a regular walker you’ve got a head start 💪👍😃🏃‍♀️

It’s good to have a plan to focus on, and Ju Ju will get you there Have you watched her weekly videos 🙂. Do go and have a look if not

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